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3 On Me POV

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/8/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

3 On Me POV

Vouyer Media

Genre: Gonzo, POV

Director: Vince Vouyer

Cast: Lexi Love, Allie Ray, Charlotte Stokely, Erik Everhard, Violet Marcell, Roxy Deville, Honey, Kyle Stone, Sue Diamond, Codi Star, Tiffany, Vince Vouyer; Jazmine Leih (bonus scene only)

Length: 164 minutes

Date of Production: 3/13/2006 (box); 1/27/2006, 1/31/2006, 2/26/2006, 2/28/2006, 3/13/2006 (credits)

Extras: The first extra on the disc was 11.5 minutes of Behind the Scenes material labeled Cutting Room Floor, consisting of the gals getting ready, some extra sexual material, and the cast having some fun before, during, and after their scenes. Most of it wasn't any more strokable than the movie's scenes but it was well worth watching at least a few times. This was followed by a section called Bonus Core, which amounted to a couple of bonus scenes; the first having Jazmine Leih and the second featuring Charlotte Stokely, Allie Ray. Jazmine's scene started off in the game room where she played pool on a top of the line table that is the same one as I own myself. She gave up playing pool by herself to concentrate on Vince's cock, sucking and fucking him silly until spitting out his load 17+ minutes later onto her chest. The second scene lasted nearly 19 minutes as Vince took care of the duo nicely by providing them a nice fat cock to suck and tease with. There was also a section of photos, a true double sided DVD cover, and a nice cardboard protective sleeve for the DVD case.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: 3 On Me POV was presented in a non-anamorphic widescreen color with an approximate aspect ratio of 1.85:1 as shot by director Vince Vouyer for his new company, Vouyer Media. The lighting was not flat and even like his previous work at Red Light District and Platinum X Pictures but it was still substantially better than that which you'll find in most gonzo porn and a bit more even than the previous releases for the company. There was little grain and the fleshtones were somewhat off in many portions of the show but the fact that it was shot in HD led me to think that there was more detail available for the inevitable conversion to the higher resolution format coming out later this year. The composition of the shots was such that the ladies were made to look as good as Vince could make them, and given his level of skill developed over the years, he showed he still has what it takes. The advertised POV (point of view) camera angle was always maintained, shooting over the right shoulder of Erik and Kyle in the first two scenes). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English but there was no separation between the channels and the vocals were on the low side in all but a few circumstances (at which times they were too loud of course).

Body of Review: Vince Vouyer has long been a horn dog and the truth of the matter is, this is what makes him such a good choice as a director. His sexual vision conveys well onto the small screen and provides a level of sheer desire that many of his peers (particularly jealous peers) have scoffed at for years. While not the most beloved of directors, his works are almost always a cut above what others are shooting at a given time, even though he tends to lack some of the polish others show (balanced out by a sense of raw energy). If a popular director named Jules could shoot this well, he'd be almost as good as he thinks he is though Vince has never struck me as a self promoting type (especially on the backs of his fellow directors) and has long had superior looking gonzo productions. Well, the latest release for his company is 3 On Me POV, a show that had only three scenes but each ending in some lucky guy getting three top of the line hotties sucking and fucking his cock. If that's not enough to get you excited, take a look at the cast and you'll figure out the main selling points pretty quickly. With solid truth in advertising established for the scenes, here's a quick look at them by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used and each scene was very well done:

Scene One: Roommate/Maid/Girlfriend: Lexi Love, a lovely lean cocksucker with brownish hair and a drive to suck cock, was up first as she sucked off Erik Everhard to settle an argument as the duo got out of the car in the garage. She certainly had a way of winning an argument (note: find a girlfriend that believes in giving more sex to settle an argument as opposed to the alternative, and far more common method women tend to employ) and her aggressive oral style was sloppy but oh so satisfying. She then took him by the cock and led him into the kitchen where he checked out Allie Ray (who was the gal on the top of the front DVD cover wearing a black top and orange shorts) as Lexi continued to blow him. After a bit of teasing, both gals double teamed him until they moved into the lounge chair to give more oral and fuck themselves crazy on him. There was plenty of taste testing too as the gals proved that sharing is caring, continually teasing him as he worked them along with the camera in POV fashion. The dirty talk added to the fun and they were all over each other showing some serious chemistry and passion. This led to Charlotte Stokely joining them in a skimpy pink outfit, soon discarding it as all three of the gals continued the action. In that sense, Erik Everhard was one lucky son of a gun (and he knew it too). The sex continued for a very long time as the gals rode him actively with the kind of energy I love to see (it adds lots of replay value folks), with some minimal toy action added in as the gals switched things around a bit. The coy girlish talk was another enhancing factor here, ending after an hour with Charlotte taking the load into her mouth to cumswap with Lexi who swallowed it down easily.

Scene Two: The Girlfriend: Violet Marcell, an attractive brunette with pretty eyes and a lean figure, was up next as she blew scene partner Kyle Stone to assist him in waking up one morning. The alarm clock sucked in a bad way but she sucked in a great way (I love getting up that way), showing lots of care as she alternated between giving him a sweet blowjob and teasing him in her little black outfit. She then spread her legs on the bed as wide as she could, inducing him to drive his cock deep inside her wet, tight, pussy as she played with her nipples. She actively rode him, even in doggy, and the contrast between his tan and her milky white skin was very appealing. Honey, playing a very tiny maid with a shy streak, was then invited to join them in the kitchen, making the trio a very happy group. Honey came across as far less experienced than Violet but this added a new dimension to the scene as the two gals sucked him off rather well. If you like young gals, Honey will really appeal to you though her outfit concealed her impossibly large titties too. They then went into the other room to screw, with each gal getting in on the cock before they were then joined by another hotty, Roxy Deville (the hotty on the middle of the front DVD cover wearing the pink bikini), who played the girlfriend. This scene proved that Kyle Stone was another seriously lucky guy. Roxy did a little tease too and soon Violet and Roxy took over with Honey sent away. The up side of this was that these two were much more sexually aggressive and knew how to ride his dick very hard as they coaxed one another on further and further. This was some seriously good stuff and ended when he came in Roxy's mouth for some cumswapping into Violet's mouth for swallowing.

Scene Three: Who's Birthday Is It Anyway?: Sue Diamond, a curvy blonde bombshell with a sensuous accent and pretty eyes, was up to start the ending scene of the show with studly Vince Vouyer on the bed. He fingered her and she teased him, soon working a clear pink dildo in her mouth and pussy as part of his birthday present. Fans of gals masturbating know that there really isn't a lot of it on the market these days so this was a welcome addition to the scene, even as Vince joined in to bone her hard and deep. She gave him some PTM and the oral was first class but the ride was even better. The scene was very pleasing to watch as it was but she had arranged for him to have a special treat on his day of birth, with the incredibly hot Codi Star (on the lower front DVD cover in a yellow outfit) and cute Tiffany getting in on the action as they diddled each other on the couch with a large double headed dildo. The sex then included some solid anal work, with Codi looking exceptional as she took his dick actively and as though she enjoyed it. Just watching her cheeks ripple as she bounced back on his rigid member was nearly enough for me to pop without even touching myself, noting that the ladies were all well versed in taste testing too. The scene ended when he jerked out a load to Sue's pussy with her pals licking it up. Three extended and very heated scenes folks!

Summary: 3 On Me POV struck me as a great ride full of fuck for the buck value, a superior cast of hot young women, and production values well above some of the best known directors in porn. These fine qualities were topped off by a few quality extras and levels of enthusiasm, energy, and passion that are typically missing in gonzo porn. For all it had to offer, I thought the DVD was well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. I know some people prefer 8 minute long sex scenes, prefer mannish looking women, or prefer style over a meat & potatoes show like this but there was never any doubt in my mind that director Vince Vouyer struck gold with the combination of factors presented and I'm anxiously waiting to see what he'll offer to top this one, if possible. To sum it up in one word: WHEW!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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