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Naturally Stacked #2

Studio: Pulse Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/9/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Naturally Stacked 2

Pulse Pictures

Genre: Large Breasts

Director: Bryan Xin

Cast: Alexis Silver, Sascha, Carly Kaleb, Christian, Bebe Boobs, Sara Stone, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Brandy Talore, Marcos Leon, Lain Oi, Talon, Anthony Hardwood

Length: 195 minutes

Date of Production: 10/9/2005

Extras: The extras were all included on the second disc to assist with picture quality and this allowed for some solid bonus features. The best extra by most standards was the bonus scene between Lain Oi, Talon, and Anthony Hardwood that lasted 36 minutes long in the bedroom. It wasn't a great scene but it had a lot to like and Lain was very active during the scene which I slightly described below. There was also an interesting 20.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Sun Chen that added some value, especially because it had some extra tease footage on it. There were also trailers to movies like Cheek Freaks 2, Obedience School, Short & Sleazy, and Black Up In Ya; a photogallery, and a comic book style DVD case with multiple sides that weren't strictly advertisements for other shows.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Naturally Stacked 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as originally shot by director Bryan Xin for distribution by Pulse Pictures. This one looked much like Cheek Freaks 1 due to the way the lighting was handled in the scenes, with the colors being somewhat too saturated at times and a fair amount of grain/video noise. There were some moments where the lighting coming from the windows poured through to saturate the fleshtones further of the ladies but it wasn't as common as some of Bryan's earlier releases at DVSX. In any case, the composition of the shots was such that Bryan often made the ladies look better than usual and this helped balance out the weaker lighting in some ways to provide a still decent visual look but not up to his more recent standards. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English and while the music was generic and the vocals were typically hollow, they were about standard for the gonzo format.

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Body of Review: Bryan Xin has seemingly come a long way in recent years as a director with a vision and the skills to convey that vision on the small screen more often than not. While most gonzo and vignette directors stick strictly with a single formula that has worked for them in the past, Bryan has routinely attempted to expand his repertoire, sometimes succeeding more than a little bit against overwhelming odds. His latest release is the double disc set for Naturally Stacked 2, a show that focuses on attractive women with large breasts that like to tease, please and drop down to their knees before providing solid scenes. If this sounds like what you're looking for, here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Alexis Silver, a gal with a healthy set of curves and an endearing gap between her front teeth (much like Belladonna and Governor Schwarzenegger), was up first as she playfully teased the camera with a major emphasis on her ample cleavage. Her DSLs were nice too but she was clearly banking on her fun bags getting all the attention until scene partner Sascha joined her on the couch. He poured some baby oil on her chest that she spread around well enough to make me sport wood, then getting her to show off her other assets too. He was initially infatuated with her breasts, for good reason of course, and they did some solid titty fucking between the times she sucked him off. They screwed vaginally and while the first position was nothing special, when they went into a reverse cowgirl she started bouncing on his rod like it was sent from Heaven above. The breast jiggling was hot! They then did a few more decent positions before he dropped a load onto her face but she didn't swallow. Still, she was a lot better than I thought she'd be and if she trimmed those nails, I'd jump in the sack with her myself.

Scene Two: Carly Kaleb, the very cute gal on the lower middle of the front DVD cover, was up next in some skimpy lingerie that barely covered her lean body and large breasts. I liked her ass too but she struck me as a girl next door type that many of you will find appealing. Maybe it was the rune necklace she wore around her neck (possibly the one to ward off negative reviews) but even her overbite seemed to work in her favor as she shook her tig old bitties about in her corset-sized bra. Her tease led to some lotion being squirted onto her chest, which she worked into those ample tits so very well. Her partner for the scene was Christian and he acted like her nipples were a tuning dial on the radio initially but gave her some oral on them just the same. The two showed more chemistry at the onset of the scene than the first couple and Carly was just as good a cocksucker as Alexis too. It was a slow, sultry bit of head that she alternated between titty fucking and her baby fat made her look all the more appealing to me (I know some people prefer girlish or even boyish figures but I'm not one of them). When she took off her panties, she also revealed some bush so fans of hair will have an extra reason to enjoy her performance. They screwed vaginally with the best part being a moderately active ride on his cock that showed her ample behind bouncing as she bounced on his cock and he spanked it. As far as I'm concerned, as long as I have a face, she has a place to sit given her charms. It ended when he rubbed out a load to her mouth that she massaged into her chest and was a scene full of replay value.

Scene Three: Bebe Boobs, a girl next door stripper type with a nice rack, was given a small picture on the front cover down on the lower left hand corner to show you what she looks like. Her tease had a different dynamic to it, coming across more like a professional with substantial experience both before and after the lotion rub portion of the fun. Her partner for the action was Sascha but he didn't get any until after she started masturbating with a cool looking glass dildo (I wish there was a discount given to those of us who watched the movie). It wasn't an inspired solo routine but it served to show she could take anything he could offer and before I knew it, he was fingering, kissing, and otherwise playing with her on the couch. This led to her sucking him off like a seasoned veteran and a titty fuck on her milky white breasts. She was an active ride when on top of him though some of you will enjoy her more with her ass in the air and face down on the couch, depending on what you find appealing. The rest of the scene showed her to be too passive, weakening the value (especially the replay value) of the action. She proved up front she had the right qualities to make the scene work but something affected her midway through and I hope to see more of her in action to see if this was just a fluke.

Scene Four: Sara Stone, one of the gals with the best breasts in the west, was up next as she bathed in a tub to get all ready for her scene. She is definitely on my short list for attractive women with large breasts and after some fine tease, she worked with Arnold Schwartzenpecker. Of interest to me was the underwater camera action (it needed better lighting but it had that in common with a bunch of the scenes too) as well as the enthusiastic manner in which she dropped to her knees for the blowjob portion of the action. Savoring the cock is always a good way to get a higher rating, just as using your breasts for a fun titty fuck never hurt either. She also proved to be an energetic rider of cock in several positions as she pushed back to meet his meat, appearing to have an itch to scratch. Her hip grinding and titty bouncing during the vaginal was also very nice to watch, lending some serious replay value to the scene too. It ended when he blew a huge load onto her breasts, far larger than I'm used to seeing in fact. I hated her make up but liked her style with the scene working very nicely for me.

Scene Five: Brandy Talore, the extremely cute hotty featured on the front DVD cover, was up last as she teased the camera with all the right moves. To be fair, she's way too cute to suggest she's only of interest to fans of large breasts but I can't deny that as pretty as those brown eyes of hers are, I still kept going back to those hooters. After the tease (I wanted to see some baby oil but felt ripped off), she started sucking off Christian on the couch. He, in turn, couldn't resist playing with her nipples and breasts although more of a titty fuck would've been nice before they began boning vaginally. They screwed for a bit and they did thankfully go back to do more titty fucking with him ultimately jerking off her breasts. This was not the end of the scene though, since Marcos Leon made an appearance (she cleaned off Christian's jizz first) for her to suck energetically. They screwed but didn't do as much titty play and while she was a fairly good ride, this second bout wasn't as good as the first. In his favor, he unleashed a massive load onto her chest, almost as if he hadn't had sex in a couple of weeks.

Bonus Scene: Lain Oi, an interesting gal dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit, was the subject of the bonus scene with Talon and Anthony Hardwood after she teased in the bedroom. There was a lot of fucking and sucking throughout the scene, with solid tease footage too. The reason this was a bonus scene almost certainly had to do with the size of her breasts being smaller than the theme though I really thought she gave a great performance.

Summary: Naturally Stacked 2 had only one scene that I thought was average with the rest being exactly what was advertised. The ladies all had real breasts, all showed some enthusiasm and even chemistry in most cases, and the tease added into the mix made me believe I'll look for the first volume of the series based solely on what I saw here. The extras were really good and the levels of fuck for the buck substantially better than anticipated, even though the production values were a bit off. Given the entire package provided here, flaws and all mind you, I think most fans of large breasts will agree that this was a DVD set worth a rating of Highly Recommended. It would've been nice to have a few more extras filling out the second disc and better lighting but I have to hand it to the director for showcasing some of the best breasts in the jizz biz really well.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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