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Meat Wackers #5

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 5/9/06

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Gay Adult Movie
Jalin Fuentes
1:35 approx
CAST: 4Sho, Lil Bit, Ameretto, Butta Cream, CinoG, Fubue, Jay, Lexxus, Peanut, Sebastian, Tiger, Big Red

The Good Stuff
Meat Wackers Vol. 5 is just as the title states, guys wacking their meat for the camera. The guys are all "Thugs" ages ranging from 18 up to late 20's and from Dark complexions to light. All of the guys are either black, Latin or blatino. All the guys were hot and in shape with nice tight bodies and buns. All scenes are solo stroke offs except the first and last. The last scene is considered a bonus scene according to the case. Its bonus is that there is some actual oral action in it.

Scene 1
4sho is a gangsta black guy with a gigantic cock and Lil Bits nickname is rather misleading as he has a huge piece of meat between his legs as well. According to their profiles 4sho is packing 13 inches and Lil bit a nice 10 inches. Lil bit is a hot Latino with hairless chest and beautiful caramel complexion. The scene starts with the guys jacking for still shots being taken. 4Sho's groin is completely shaved where Lil bit is not and 4sho's massive meat is uncut and Lil bit appears cut. The guys stroke for a bit faking the "O face" for the camera before 4sho shoots his load on the floor, the camera man almost misses the shot because he is focusing elsewhere. 4Sho cleans up himself with a towel and leaves and Lil bit jacks off till he cums and the scene ends.
[Actors: 4sho, Lil Bit| Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A| Condoms: N/A | Dicks:1Uncut, 1 cut | ]

Scene 2
Ameretto is one of the handful of young studs on this flick. He has many tattoos and his scene starts on the top of a building posing for still shots. Switch to him being inside and completely naked except for a dew rag and black socks. He is completely shaved and according to his profile 9 inches. He has a bit of a time getting hard, while stroking he yawns at one point and another he checks his cell phone. After jacking for a bit with different things in the background he shoots a decent creamy white load on his abs. Its so white that he even says look at it its white as hell.
[Actors: Ameretto | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dick: Cut |]

Scene 3

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Butta Cream is one of the lighter skinned guys, according to his profile he is sporting 9 cut inches and he has shaved nuts. He is posing for stills on a couch and undressing. He gets down to his boxers and realizes that he forgot to remove the sticker from his new undies so he does it now. Butta Cream has a difficult time getting a hard-on. Poor Butta never really gets hard he has to keep one hand holding the shaft at the base to keep him semi hard and the other hand stroking near the head. He finally cum and literally squeezes the cum out of his dick. He is squeezing his dick so hard you almost expect it to pop.
[Actor: Butta Cream | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dick: Cut | ]

Scene 4
Cino G Just got out of shower and is wrapped up in a towel and says to the camera let me bust a fat nut for you right here. He has no chest hair but does have a pleasure trail. His johnson is uncut, nice and large and he has not shaved his balls or pubes. At one point while jacking he runs his free hand down his chest and it looks like he has on nail polish which I found a little distracting. He sits on the toilet to continue his jacking session he never gets rock hard and at points goes soft. After stroking for a while he gets up and shoots a nice few spurts of cum into the toilet.
[Actor: Cino G | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dick: Uncut | ]

Scene 5
Fubue to my tastes is probably one of the best looking guys from the film if not the best looking. He is handsome with a nice cafe au lait complexion cornrowed hair and an awesome body and perfect bubble but plus a killer smile. He also seems the most comfortable with himself and being in front of the camera. His scene starts with him talking about wanting to be a model but being to short and various other personal things. If the are true he seems like a decent guy. Fubues scene is like 3 scenes melded into one as he is seen taking off his clothes in 2 different set ups wearing 2 different sets of clothes. He gets naked and shows his cock for the camera which is nice and big and all natural pubes. Next up he shows his ass for the camera spreading his cheeks and fingering his asshole a bit. Fubue actually gets fully hard not like the other guys so far. After stroking his cock in the same rhythm for a while he cums. His cum just kind of flows out not really shooting anywhere. He does cum a decent amount though and for added enjoyment he rubs in onto his chest and nipples and even sucks some off of his fingers ending with a nice grin for the camera.
[Actor: Fubue | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 6
As with all the other guys in this flick Jay is undressing while posing for still shots. Jay is 18, has peach fuzz on his chest trimmed pubes and big shaved balls. His dick appears cut. His scene is possibly set in a kitchen as all of his posing is done over a black marble counter top. Still shots are taken for his entire scene. After several minutes of him posing he is laying down on the counter and jacking for his money shot. The camera man again is too focused on his face and misses the actual shot. He shoots his minor load on his stomach.
[Actor: Jay | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 7
Lexxus is a very light skinned possibly blatino. He is posing in front of a blue backdrop in urban wear while slowly undressing. He has shaved balls and his tool is uncut. He strokes while taking various positions even for a bit on a stepladder before he is laying on his back on the backdrop and jacking seriously. He shoots another minimalist load before shaking his cock and kissing at the camera.
[Actor: Lexxus | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dick: Uncut | ]

Scene 8
Peanut has 9 uncut inches between his legs. To start the scene he invites us to watch him bust this fat nut. He is on a couch slowly undressing for the camera. He has chest fuzz almost as if its trimmed and has trimmed pubes and shaved balls. Peanuts strokes for a while before he cums if you can even call it that. The amount of jizz that comes out is not even enough to drip off the head of his cock, its very sad.
[Actor: Peanut | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dick: Uncut | ]

Scene 9
Sebastian looks the youngest of all the thugs. He is only just 18 according to his profile so for you guys who like young guys Sebastian is for you. You can tell he is young by the way he is smiling and bouncing on the bed while he is still fully clothed. He undresses while still shots are being taken and then oils up his chest and groin before oiling up his ass as well. He is now at the end of the bed and the camera is focusing on something else and again misses the cumshot. You come back to Sebastian with cum on his hand. He apparently was drinking a beer which he now pours onto his body while laying on the bed.
[Actor: Sebastian | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dick:Cut | ]

Scene 10
Tiger and Big Red start off the scene already naked and in bed. Big Red is a good looking young black guy and Tiger looks Latino and a little older. Tigers has a 10.5 inch schlong according to his profile and Big Red I would say is a good 7 inches. Tiger appears cut where Big Red is uncut. Big Red is licking Tigers nipple as the scene starts getting right into sucking on Tiger's big rod. Big Red puts on a little whip cream and sucks it off before we have several minutes of long deep slow sucking. After the sucking the guys are laying down and jacking on the bed next to each other. Big Red shoots a creamy white load before Tiger jacks a bit more and sprays some cum on his own abs.
[Actor: Tiger, Big Red | Sex Acts: Oral, Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: 1Cut, 1Uncut | ]



The audio for Meat Wackers 5 was good, the music was done in an almost R&B sound. It fit in well with the subject matter of the film since it was good looking black men. It did become repetitive at points but otherwise it was ok. Video quality was ok as well. Some camera work was wobbly and when the camera man went in for close ups the film often became grainy.


Nothing really worth mentioning

Trailers: T Malone Big Booty GangBang, Love of the Dick, Tiger Tyson In the Heat, Take 'em Down 2, Tiger Tyson Secrets

View profiles: Profiles of the the guys stroking for the camera

Spratrix: Cumshot compilation taken from movie.


At the End of the Night

Meat Wackers 5 is as the title states. Stroke flicks aren't really my cup of tea but since this one was supposed to be studly black guys I wanted to give it a try. It was a little disappointing. Where the guys were all good looking and some even had monstrous cocks, they hardly ever got hard and the cumshots were extremely unsatisfying. The bios that are written about the guys were sometimes more interesting than the guys themselves. There were some spelling errors in the bios and names spelled 2 different ways which for $49.95 you would hope they would have taken the time to spell check. Maybe I am expecting too much from an apparently smallish studio. Anywho the guys were hot enough especially Fubue to not give this one a Skip It rating. Friends it gets my rating of rent it.....barely.

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