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Rocco's The Dark Side Of Suzan

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/10/06

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Rocco Siffredi: The Dark Side of Suzan

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Suzan Wenera, Omar Galanti, Jazz Duro, Rocco Siffredi, Sara Twain, Zenza Raggi, Dennis, Cory Everson, Mike Chapman, Gabriel Zero, Ginger Devil, Keira Farrell, Sue; Sharidan, Margarita (last two in the bonus footage only)

Length: 133 minutes

Date of Production: 12/29/2005

Extras: My favorite extra of the entire batch was the 53 minutes of extra sex footage that was edited out of the movie. In some cases, it should've been left in but most of the reasoning for deleting it seemed to be for minor technical matters or redundancy factors. It was appealing to see Sharidan and Margarita added in as extras though. In essence, there was some very good stuff here! I found it particularly interesting to watch Rocco deal with a performer that acted like she didn't want to be there as it showed Rocco turning on his charm like he used to in the olden days of long ago. The next extra was a series of trailers to movies like Rocco Meats Suzie, Rocco Ravishes Ibiza 2, Animal Trainer, and Top of the World. There was also a photogallery, some limited filmographies, a cast list, a biography for Rocco Siffredi, but no cumshot recap from the scenes.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Dark Side of Suzan was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as originally shot by director Rocco Siffredi for distribution by Evil Angel in the USA. The lighting was about average for one of his movies; meaning there was some grain and video noise but not enough to kill the heat of the performers when they had some to offer. The ladies were a bit different this time in terms of having less experience on camera and less of the polished look to them and that may work for some of you better than others (but they were, on average, a lot cuter than Rocco has been using lately). There were some compression artifacts observed but not enough to truly matter and in overall terms, the DVD looked about average for a gonzo. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo audio was the same stereo English offering to come out of Rocco in recent years with little to detract from the heat but nothing to differentiate it either as there was no separation between the channels or significant difference in dynamic range.

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Body of Review: Rocco Siffredi has long been a ladies man par excellence in and out of the porn world. One of his most powerful strengths is how he has been able to convey that attitude towards his directing of various movies, routinely making good scenes better and great scenes blazingly hot. In recent times, Rocco has taken a different turn though, preferring to go for shock value, almost as if he's bored with porn (apparently the rumors of his departure from the industry have either been premature or erroneous) and needs something "extra" to get off to. Well, if you are of this mindset yourself, his latest movie, The Dark Side of Suzan, will sure be a change from typical porn, even Rocco styled porn. The movie details the abuse of a submissive named Suzan Wenera who gets roughed up, messed with, and otherwise seems to enjoy the action about as much as I did in a variety of scenes. Some of the other ladies had much more fun but they were not the meat and potatoes of the movie and had less of an impact on the results. That said, here's a very quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used but the action was decidedly different and an acquired taste:

Scene One: Suzan Wenera, shot as badly as one could possibly imagine in terms of picture quality, was up first in a scene shot at night using night vision equipment. She was in a field with Omar Galanti, Jazz Duro, and Rocco Siffredi, with the appearance of a gang bang where they even used her dirty sanitary napkin as part of the scene. The men were rough with her but it only lasted a few minutes, barely qualifying as a full scene, engaging in all the usual forms of sex.

Scene Two: Sara Twain, an attractive lean brunette handcuffed to an indoor staircase with a black fetish outfit on her body, was up next with Zenza Raggi, Dennis, and Rocco Siffredi. She gave a lot of POV tease on the stairs, showing off her body with the clear intention She seemed to like the light slapping and choking she received, continuing the POV with Rocco before moving upstairs to an outdoor landing for even more blowjob action (the natural light wasn't as helpful as I thought it would be though). The other two men were then given their chance to lick her all over, including her legs & feet, as she gave them some oral in return. Dennis was the lightweight of the scene but Sara and Zenza seemed to have some chemistry going on as they upped the heat a few notches with some rough stuff. She did a lot of anal and oral (including ATM) with them, ending with a couple of pop shots to her face and mouth. It wasn't a great scene all of the time but it started out fairly hot and had enough moments to cancel out the crappier parts.

Scene Three: Suzan Wenera, the gal on the middle of the right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up again, this time without the night vision gear. I didn't like all of her bruises but she had an appeal that fans of redheads will appreciate. The scene included Cory Everson, Mike Chapman, Gabriel Zero, Omar Galanti, Jazz Duro, and Zenza Raggi. They held a party in the backyard of a nice house with Cory going in the house for a little side action. Well, so far so good but then Suzan ends up licking a toilet bowl and getting her head stuffed inside it as they men abuse her (to take advantage of her submissive side as discussed in the dialogue portion of the movie). Of actual appeal was how the movie made use of a little second screen effect to show Cory having fun; an effect I hope gets explored more in the future. The scene showed the group getting carried away in the large bathroom though and there was more abusive action where the guys spit on Suzan and treated her like crap with occasional moments of humor (when guys slam their head on the lowered ceiling, in karmic payback for abusing women, I laugh really hard folks). Seeing Suzan choking Mike was a nice turnabout too since this proved to be a scene that will work for some of you a whole lot better than it worked for me (there was no doubt that a lot of spark and energy was taking place, as well as chemistry but that doesn't mean it automatically becomes stroke material). It eventually ended when Suzan took the facial in the bedroom (they moved around a lot) and Cory (as well as Mr. Clean) licked her face clean.

Scene Four: Suzan Wenera, Ginger Devil, Keira Farrell, Sue, Mike Chapman, Jazz Duro, and Zenza Raggi, were up in the next scene that started with Rocco talking to Ginger in POV fashion. Ginger's tease footage was a nice return to sanity and everyone's favorite dominatrix from English got in some oral action with her on the marble looking table on the patio outside. Suzan joined in, as did Mike with some of the translators (Jana in particular) laughing. The guys then started stroking off as Suzan played dead, giving me the creeps at the virtual necrophilia action. The scene made a slight come back afterwards but the ensuing orgy was almost tame compared to previous action in the movie with the performers all coming across like they were going through the motions. It was hardcore action at its most deviant but the scene lacked anything resembling the charm Rocco showed in the deleted footage extra.

Scene Five: Ginger Devil, the very lean bleach blonde with the shapely ass seen on the upper left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up last in a scene inside by the indoor pool with Jazz Duro and Zenza Raggi. Zenza loved licking her ass and she liked throatfucking herself with Jazz's thick cock but she was actively riding Zenza in not time as he stretched out her pussy. She needed to be positioned and follow orders to move around but I'd like to see more of her after she gets some experience. Still, considering the train wrecks earlier in the movie (almost every other scene had something that completely turned me off), this wasn't a bad scene to enjoy, even if it lacked replay value.

Summary: The Dark Side of Suzan bothered me more than a little for some of the sex acts that took place. I'm of a firm mind that a gal has to enjoy the action or the scene has no stroke value (for me) and rough treatment has to be truly appreciated by the receiver or it weakens the scene further. The bathroom material was lame and the zombie act was the third scene to jump the shark, leaving me to rate this one as a Skip It. I don't blame Rocco for trying something new but I'd have been thankful if he tried to do so in smaller increments rather than all out. If you really like this kind of thing, by all means give it a look but even the front cover seemed to acknowledge that this one was not made for jerking off by saying "You can't stop watching!"

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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