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Take 'em Down #2

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/12/06

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Year of Production:


Directed By:

Jalin Fuentes

The Cast:

Tiger Tyson, Slayer, Juice, Supreme, Camron, Sexy K, Smartass

The Movie:

Pitbull Productions presents "Take 'Em Down 2" starring the very hot and hung Tiger Tyson and six equally horny "Gangsta" type dudes. There is no plot but there are plenty of hot Brothas all lookin' to bust a nut.

Scene One:

Slayer, with full pubes and large uncut cock, and Juice, who sports full pubes and a big ol' cut cock, are walking down a hotel hall. They just happen to be naked and holding towels that barely cover their tight bodies. Once in the privacy of their room, the two start a heavy make-out session with plenty of deep kissing and body caressing.

Slayer starts sucking Juice's hard nipples and slowly works his way down to a big cock. Slayer gently nurses the knob of Juice's cock as Juice rubs and teases his own nipples. The two horny hotties begin making out again as Juice straddles Slayer's chest affording the viewer a nice close-up of his shaved hole and low-hanging balls.

Slayer really gets into eating Juice's tight butt hole taking his time to slowly pleasure the puckered rosebud. This hot butt eating is only a prelude to Slayer fucking Juice with his big uncut cock. Slayer strokes Juice's cock as Juice slides on a condom and starts fucking him doggie style. The doggie style leads to a hot missionary position that lets the viewer see Juice's spread legs, balls, and hole as he fucks Slayer's hairy arse.

Scene Two:

Supreme is playing basketball and injures his ankle. He somehow manages to limp over to Tiger's crib for some "medical attention". Tiger of course has the perfect remedy with his big uncut cock as he slowly rubs it against Supreme's hairy crack.

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Supreme starts playing with Tiger's cock and works the big uncut cock head with his tongue while Tiger plays with Supreme's hairy hole. Eventually, Supreme takes over and fingers his own "one-eyed kitty". Meow! There is a plentiful amount of hot bodies rubbing together and playful wrestling which leads to Tiger fucking Supreme (with condom) doggie and missionary styles.

There are plenty of nice close-ups of Tiger's bubble butt, spread hairy hole, and low hangers as he fucks Supreme---who is moaning with pleasure and most likely a lil' bit of pain---judging from the size of Tiger's cock. As The Divinyls once sang: "There's a fine line between pleasure and pain."

Scene Three:

There is a knock at Tiger's door as Supreme is recovering from the fuck fest. Camron, who happens to own a big uncut cock and full pubes, eagerly joins Supreme in bed. Obviously Supreme is insatiable as he starts sucking Camron's schlong and balls. Camron is soon fucking Supreme doggie style (with condom).

Supreme mewls, whimpers, and pouts as Camron flips him over and gives him a good fucking missionary style. Both brothas are up for some hot and fast fucking as Camron pounds Supreme's hairy bum. Supreme gets a hold of a dildo and start using it on his hungry hole....not really sure why since he has big uncut cock at his disposal.

Scene Four:

Tiger and his wonderful uncut cock are back and ready for action with Sexy K. Sexy K is a tall, handsome dude with long cornrows and an eager mouth. Tiger smoothly fucks Sexy K's mouth with is big weenie. Sexy K takes command and switches between long 'n slow and fast sucking as he slides up and down Tiger's cock...stopping at times to concentrate on the big cock head.

Tiger slides a condom on and fucks Sexy K's ass making Sexy's nice hairy low-hanger's sway back and forth to the rhythm. The viewer is treated to more hot views of Tiger's hairy hole as he fucks Sexy K in the missionary position. These two horny dawgs work each other up to a frenzied sexual lather and shoot their loads.

Scene Five:

Once again, Tiger is on the prowl for some man-on-man lovin'. Naturally, love comes knocking on his door in the form of tall and sexy deliveryman named Smartass. Tiger quickly gets Smartass in bed and has Smartass stroking and sucking his cock and nuts. Tiger shows his appreciation by rubbing Smart's tight body leading to licking, sucking, and gently biting Smart's hard nipples.

Smart's big cut cock is hard as a rock as Tiger teases his hairy hole with his foreskin-covered knob. It's condom time! Tiger lubes up Smart's hole with a bit of finger fucking and then hits the mark with some doggie style and missionary, and quickly shoots a big load all over Smart's chest.



"Take 'Em Down 2" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. As with "Love of the Dick Leave 'Em Open Vol. 1" and "Secrets", the videography reminds me of mid 1960s experimental movies: at times grainy, hand-held, zooms that go out of focus for just a second, jump-cut editing, sometimes a bit clumsy. Again I must say that this may sound bad but it actually isn't. The quality of the videography is never a huge distraction from the action that includes plenty of sharp close-ups, as the camera is right in on the action.


Each scene has instrumental background tunes with a variety of smooth jazzy numbers, techno, and simple keyboard. The natural sounds of these guys getting their rocks off are plentiful.


The extras include chapter stops/scene selection, web site information, and trailers for additional Pitbull Productions "Secrets", "Love of the Dick Volume 1", "In the Heat", "Meatwackers 5", and "T Malone".

Final Thoughts:

"Take 'Em Down 2" is a fun watch because of Tiger Tyson and Supreme. They are two of the hottest dudes I've seen. The sex is plentiful, fast-paced, and a turn-on but the lack of cum shots from some of the guys and some pixel problems are a disappointment. As with "Secrets", "Take 'Em Down 2" is a must-rental for fans of Tiger Tyson, Supreme, and sexy Brothas with big dicks.

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