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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/16/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:

Tina Tyler

The Cast:

Anthony Hardwood, DeShaun, Jean Baptiste, Joey Roy, J.R. Langdon, Marco Duati, Mario Rossi, Nico, Reno, Tyler Knight.

The Movie:

"Handyman" is a solo jack-off movie featuring ten straight adult entertainment dudes who look like they stepped out of the pages of Playgirl magazine. The movie is geared towards straight gals but there is nothing to stop guys who dig the dudes from enjoying as well. Each guy directs his attention and comments to the supposedly female viewer. Director Tina Tyler interviews each guy either before or after jacking off for the viewer.

Scene One: Anthony Hardwood

Handsome Hungarian Anthony looks to be in his thirties, has longish blonde hair, a smooth muscular body/chest, great pecs, very short almost shaved pubes, and an uncut cock that he obviously loves to play with. Anthony is a Personal Trainer who has been in America four years, enjoys scuba diving and running.

Scene Two: DeShaun

Twenty-eight year old Deshaun is hot African American dude with a shaved head, nice tight/muscular body, chest/pecs, very short/trimmed pubes, big cut cock, and plump balls. The scene is very hot as the viewer can clearly hear his lubed hand sliding up and down his cock. This Personal Trainer/DJ works the big cock head with his thumb and forefinger until he shoots a big load.

Scene Three: Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste is a very handsome Black French speaking man with a shaved head, pierced nose, soul patch, muscular and smooth body/chest/pecs, shaved pubes and a big cut cock. The scene is a big turn-on and quite intense as Jean works himself into a frenzy speaking French, rubbing and playing with his balls, and finally pointing his big cock knob at the camera and shoots a big load. Good thing he is already in the shower with the load he shoots.

Scene Four: Joey Roy

Joey Roy is a sexy dude with short brown hair that is starting to gray at the temples. Joey looks to be in his thirties, has a husky/muscular build with a very nice smooth chest/pecs, shaved pubes, and cut cock. This Bostonian is very vocal and explicit in what he wants to do to some lucky gal and what he likes done to him. Joey Ray talks hot 'n dirty and shoots a huge load all over himself. "If you see me at Fridays, buy me a drink." –Joey Roy.

Scene Five: J.R. Langdon

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J.R. is a hot African American dude, thirty-one with shaved head, a great muscular smooth body, chest/pecs, shaved pubes, and big cut cock. J.R. is a glasses-wearing stud that asks the viewer "Would you like to see my body glistening in the sun?" Easy answer: Yes! This ex Marine (Military Police for four years) sits by his backyard pool and in the whirlpool (filmed in his actual back yard) and jacks his big cock leading to a nice load.

Scene Six: Marco Duati

Marco is a handsome Spaniard from Barcelona with medium length dark brown hair, muscular body/chest/pecs, trimmed pubes, and uncut cock. Marco looks to be in his thirties, is married, and has been in the adult entertainment business for five years. Marco speaks lustily in Spanish as he spreads his legs, strokes his cock with two hands, rubs his shaved balls, and works his foreskin back and forth over his slick knob, which produces a nice long string of precum. Marco continues to milk his foreskin until he shoots a load.

Scene Seven: Mario Rossi

Mario is an incredibly handsome guy in his thirties with a sexy receding hairline, very short dark brown hair, nice toned body/chest/pecs, closely trimmed pubes, and huge uncut cock. Mario spreads his legs showing just a hint of his shaved hole, licks his hand and rubs his knob while capping and uncapping his foreskin, creating a large amount of precum as he jerks....shooting a nice big load.

Scene Eight: Nico

Very handsome Romanian (from Transylvania!) Nico has beautiful long dark hair with a goatee, smooth muscular body/chest/pecs, shaved pubes with just a small patch of hair, and uncut cock. This former student/exotic dancer in his twenties is sunbathing by the pool. Nico rubs his chest, arms, shaved balls while jerking his uncut cock working his foreskin up and over his knob which leads to shooting a load all over his six pack abs.

Scene Nine: Reno

Reno is another longhaired hunk (dark brown) with a smooth muscular chest/pecs, shaved pubes/balls, and uncut cock. Reno, thirty-three, sits by the pool and then in the whirlpool as he slaps his hard tool against his stomach, teases his cock knob, slaps his rigid cock against the water (!), spits on his hand, lubes up, and jacks to popping a big ol' load.

Scene Ten: Tyler Knight

Last but certainly not least is very handsome African American Tyler who has curly black hair, sexy muscular smooth chest/pecs, nice dark pubes, and a big cut cock with large knob. Tyler is certainly the most easy-going and smooth talking dude in the movie. Damn! This guy is hot! Tyler describes in detail what he is going to do this the viewer (since straight, he talks about the viewer's pussy and swollen clit). Tyler jacks his big veiny cock to shooting a load.



"Handyman" is shot directly on video and presented in widescreen. The videography by Director Tina Tyler is professional (smooth, hand-held). There are plenty of crisp close-ups as these ten dudes pleasure themselves. The editing by Domina X keeps the scenes flowing at a timely pace. None of the scenes are too long. The picture is sharp and clean allowing the viewer to enjoy the entire intense jack off action these guys are providing.


The disc has excellent clear sound as the viewer can hear each lube-soaked stroke of the cock. This is a big turn-on. Each sequence is accompanied by instrumental background music ranging from dark techno, to lighter techno/dance, acoustic guitar, and basic smooth new age/jazz.


The extras for "Handyman" include scene selection option, photo gallery, trailers for straight titles: 'Super Whores #4". "Man Hammer #3", "Pole Position Lexpov #2", "Super Whores #3" (featuring a "sassy" gal with plenty of attitude: "Fuck Me! What the fuck!?!" She reminds me of Neely O'Hara), "Black Reign #4", "Lex Steele #4", web access information, and a cum shots only option.

Final Thoughts:

"Handyman" is one of the hottest solo jack off movies I've ever seen. Director/Videographer Tina Tyler has created a top-notch high quality movie. Ms. Tyler geared this movie to straight women to enjoy; however, gay and bi dudes can enjoy the film just as much.

Ms. Tyler should be commended for directing such a hot n' horny solo movie. All-male filmmakers should take note and follow Ms. Tyler's lead. The videography and lightning are both excellent; Domina X's editing is spot-on using some quirky/fun techniques at times.

I highly recommend "Handyman" to straight women who may be reading this review as well as all of us dudes who dig dudes. A very entertaining, hot viewing experience of high standards. My personal favorites are: Jean Baptiste, Mario Rossi, Nico, and Tyler Knight.....but ALL the dudes are sexy.

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