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Twisted as Fuck

Studio: DVSX » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/17/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Twisted As Fuck

DVSX/Ireland Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: Kylie Ireland

Cast: Taryn Thomas, Brian Surewood, Joe Friday, Jenner, Kylie Ireland, Nikki Hunter, Christian, Tory Lane, Sandra Romain, Trinity Post, Joel Lawrence, Julie Knight, James Deen, Eli Cross/Mark Logan, Kelly "Fuckin'" Wells, Alex Sanders

Length: 154 minutes

Date of Production: 2/25/2006 (box); 2/24/2006 (credits)

Extras: The best extra was the 25.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Mike Ladd and Chow Yung Smut. It had a lot of extra sex, the preparations for the scenes and some juicy gossip as well as interesting factoids about those involved with shooting the various scenes. The sense of playfulness among the cast and crew was undeniable and I wonder whether any other filmmakers have such a rapport with the crew as Kylie and friends did here. The next best extra was the series of solo masturbation scenes by the ladies of the cast, though all seven scenes were too short for stroke value and lacked a "play all" feature that might've alleviated this issue. This was followed by a selection of pop shots from the scenes, a photogallery, trailers, a double sided DVD cover (only covers on the second side though) and trailers to shows like Ass Factor, Sick Girls Need Sick Boys, Fine Ass Bitches, Double Parked, Off The Rack.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Twisted As Fuck was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by Kylie Ireland (camera by her significant other Eli Cross) for release by DVSX/Ireland Entertainment. Having seen some fantastic looking porn from this combination (Kylie/Eli) in the past as well as weak looking material, I was curious to see what they'd come up with in this, her first release by DVSX. Well, the rumors surrounding her departure from Platinum X Pictures seem to be true in that they reportedly left as the company was sick of low sales for the nastier material (which they had cut back making some time ago) in favor of more creative control. The scenes here all looked substandard if compared to properly lit, standardized porn but given the nature of the BDSM themes presented; I'd be wrong to suggest that the lighting and special effects weren't done on purpose to elevate the mood of the individual scenes (for better or worse, you'll have to decide whether you can accept the style Eli shot this one under). There was a lot of grain, shadows, video noise, drop outs, and other effects to get in the way of the actual sex but the thematic impact was substantially like I suspect it was supposed to look. The audio was in 2.0 Dolby Digital English, with reasonably average vocals and music that didn't get in the way after the credits rolled.

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Body of Review: Kylie Ireland has long invoked an image of the beautiful woman next door that liked to enjoy the use of her body in a wholesome manner to most viewers in the world. In the last few years she has gone out of her way to change that image for one more suitable to her twisted libido (her sex parties are pretty legendary in the porn world) as she became one of the most hardcore directors at Platinum X Pictures. Well, times change and when sales slump (as well as other considerations mind you), a parting of the ways is sometimes in the best interests for all concerned so Kylie left for a new company to display her visions, DVSX. Her first release for the company is Twisted As Fuck, a series of vignettes featuring BDSM as well as other control aspects of role playing. Keeping in mind that not all companies will sell such titles (Empire has long been on the shy side for this kind of thing) and the limited audience it has (there's nothing erotic about torture to most people), Kylie and partner Eli went all out to share their unfiltered vision as described on the box cover like this: "From the warped mind of Kylie Ireland comes a penetrating journey into the heart of domination and submission, to the intense intersection where pain and pleasure converge. It's a filthy frenzy of bondage, discipline and hardcore sex that's not just twisted, it's Twisted As Fuck! " If you're into such things, this will clearly be the title you've been waiting for as Kylie outdid just about everyone on the market for what was advertised. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used and consent was clearly established in the BTS feature:

Scene One: Transaction: Taryn Thomas, the skinny brunette on the middle of the front DVD cover, was up first in a scene with Brian Surewood, Joe Friday, and Jenner. She played an abductee that Brian was selling to the other two men for cash; taking a piece for himself in lieu of full payment (they were short $100). The visual style of the scene was gritty and poorly lit to add to the nature of the thematic elements, with her playing the role of kidnap victim as well as anything I've seen from a major company in porn. I prefer better lit porn but understand why this one was made to look like it did, even employing split screen effect fairly well before the lighting was upped a couple of notches (though still too low). It didn't take long to see why some of the more squeamish companies online refused to sell this one, even though the BTS feature proved it was all consensual. Regardless, she acquiesced to play along with them and showed how each of her holes was suitable for heated and passionate play. The dirty talk and virtual gangbang was interesting to say the least, even if I couldn't stroke to it myself. Fans of airtight scenes will enjoy this one and I doubt she's made anything quite so depraved as this one, marking it as special for all her fans. Taste testing (PTM and ATM), load swallowing, and abusive sexual tactics were all present here for those into such things.

Scene Two: Harsh Mistress: Kylie Ireland, the hot performer turned director featured on the right hand side of the front DVD cover, was all bundled up in leather web netting as domineering Nikki Hunter (lower left hand corner of the cover), entered the dungeon to take control of her and bound Christian. Bondage fans will know how little material is currently available catering to their kink that has decent production values since some of the prosecution scared companies refuse to push the limits of good taste any more. Kylie and Christian were beaten a little before being forced to orally service each other and Nikki. This led to some vaginal screwing of Nikki (with Kylie on PTOGM clean up) before Kylie did anal on the swinging cage. Nikki was verbally abusive to the point that she kept full control at all times, even when she allowed Christian to screw her own ass (her more active riding was pretty powerful with Kylie again on clean up detail, though bound from refusing). The scene ended with Kylie swapping the load slightly. Whew!

Scene Three: Miss Diagnosis: Tory Lane, the hotty on the upper left hand side of the front DVD cover in the pink PVC nurses outfit, was up next in a medical scenario where brunette Sandra Romain was subjected to some light torture as she was bound to the leather chair, complete with catheter. Tory ran a spur-like device along Sandra's body, biting her nipples and otherwise inflicting pain to compliment the pleasure. Fans of medical devices being inserted into a gal will no doubt appreciate the speculum, rubber gloves, and dildos at least as much as when Sandra turned the tables on her to subject her to some heated play. I'm not going to say it was erotic but it was cut from a different cloth than most gonzo porn is these days, and the animalistic yelling did manage to achieve the goal of something decidedly unique.

Scene Four: Suitcase Pimp: Trinity Post, an attractive gal with nice curves, was up next with pervert Joel Lawrence in another scene relying on heavy bondage. She was completely enclosed in plastic wrap except for a small mouth gag to provide air. While I find that kind of thing creepy to start with, the color tones of the show were such that it was made even creepier, looking almost like an experimental film from the late 1960's as a result. Joel dominated her to the point where he cut her out of the plastic wrap and forced her to jam increasing numbers of fingers inside her ass, licking them clean before he jammed something else in there; his cock. All three of her holes received his meat and he eventually went down on her before rewrapping her and rubbing out a load to her face.

Scene Five: Edge Play: Julie Knight, caged and bound in Kylie's dungeon, was up next in a scene where she was spanked and played with by Eli Cross/Mark Logan. The torture continued as he put on a ball gag and spanked her pussy, running a knife along her body before continuing to spank her on the wooden horse. This continued with some objects up her ample ass and after she was much reddened from paddling and caning, James Deen came in for the actual sex. The oral, vaginal and anal screwing was all preferable to me over the BDSM parts of the scene though James wasn't exactly easy on her either. I know she enjoys this kind of thing but the point of porn is supposed to be what the fans want so those of you expecting vanilla porn might want to reconsider the movie given how over the top it got on a regular basis. The scene ended when she shat out the anal creampie into his hand and cleaned it off orally.

Scene Six: Toilet Trained: Kelly "Fuckin'" Wells, a skinny gal with light hair, was up last as she was made to service Alex Sanders in the public restroom. She was dragged across the floor and put on the toilet, sucking him off before taking his rod deep inside her ass. The stark lighting was not visually appealing though by this point in the movie I was pretty numb from the effects of the domination themes. The piss poor lighting during some of the later anal insertion was almost certainly done on purpose but that didn't change my mind that it made the scene any better (the ultimate goal of lighting in porn to me is making the scene work better). With plenty of ATM and other variations on the themes presented, she was the slave of Alex's whims, making the scene what was advertised if not what I wanted to see.

Summary: Twisted As Fuck was exactly what was advertised so I had a lot of difficulty coming up with a fair rating for the DVD. There was certainly a solid selection of extras and the amount of twisted fuck for the buck was off the scale but replay value for me was minimal and even sitting through the initial screening took a lot of patience on my part. I've watched Max Hardcore release daintier movies than this and even now I think taking the middle road is a problematic venture so I gave it a Recommended to fans of BDSM (if not a Collector's Rating) rather than the rental or skip status most of you will consider it worthy of. The idea of porn is to get you off and only the most jaded of souls will find this stuff stroke worthy though I have long been acquainted with folks this seemed destined for. In short, this was not for most of you reading this as much as the thrill seekers and fans of circus act sex, hopefully it stays below the radar of most prosecutors given the amount of edgy material contained on the DVD.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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