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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/18/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


Written and Directed By:

Jett Blakk

The Cast:

Bobby Williams, Jason Tiya, Mark Hansford, Kyle Lewis, Joey Milano, Brett Mathews, Ty Hudson, Brandon Irons, with Tina Tyler and Rob Romoni in non sexual roles.

The Movie:

Simply put, "Bonesaw" is an all-male XXX parody of the horror film "Saw". Lee (Bobby Williams) wakes up on a dirty men's room floor not knowing where he is. He notices a house arrest device locked on his ankle. An ominous voice leers over speakers telling Lee he has always made the wrong decisions in his life. The hidden psycho, being generous, informs Lee he will be given "one more chance" to make up for his mistakes.

Pre-Title Sequence:

An attractive gal with cool glasses (Tina Tyler) comes home with an armload of groceries and talking on her cell phone. She notices that the door is unlocked and the apartment is dark. Now, I would hope that most people would not go on in. What do you think she does? Hmmmm.

Scene One:

Lee is instructed by "The Voice" to leave the men's room and finds himself in a large warehouse filled with construction equipment. There also happens to be two butch hunks getting it on near a forklift: Ty Hanson with closely cropped dark hair, cool rockabilly sideburns, muscular build with hairy chest, pubes, and big cut cock. Brandon Irons with medium length blondish brown hair, sexy build, brown pubes and cut cock.

Brandon is eating Ty's spread hairy hole in wonderful close-up as Ty instructs Brandon to "spread my asshole". After a cool rimming session, Brandon starts sucking Ty's big cock. Soon, there is some heavy kissing/make-out and nipple sucking. Ty sucks Brandon's weenie and balls like he is starved for them. Ty starts teasing Brandon's butt pucker with the tip of his tongue as he finally dives in for a full meal. Brandon fucks Ty (with condom) on the forklift. These two horny dudes jack off blowing loads. As an extra treat, Ty eats his thick cum.

Scene Two:

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Lee (Bobby Williams) next encounters a cutie (Brett Mathews) with short dark hair, slender/tight body, lightly hairy chest, closely trimmed pubes, and cut cock....who is locked in a cage. "The Voice" instructs Bobby (short dark hair, nice muscular build, smooth chest/pecs, trimmed pubes, and big cut dick with large knob) that he has fifteen minutes to get "Cage Boy" off or they both get the gassed.

Bobby frantically starts sucking Brett's veiny cock and big knob. Bobby pulls out his own cock as he rubs/jacks the two cocks together while he makes out with Brett. Brett turns around and gives Bobby access to his shaved hole. Rimming and fucking doggie style (with condom) ensue.

Scene Three:

LAPD Detective (Jason Tiya), a butch and beautiful African American dude with a beefy/muscular/smooth chest, full pubes, and huge/fat uncut cock is sitting in his office when another Detective (Mark Hansford), a boyishly handsome guy with gray hair, slender build, full pubes, cut cock, and an accent I cannot quite place (perhaps Irish?), comes in asking about lunch. Jason informs Mark "Well, I was just thinking of a nice fat sausage."

Mark quickly pulls out his cock as Jason gets down on his knees to enjoy lunch. Jason soon pulls out his huge uncut cock and strokes it. Switch up time as Mark is only able to get Jason's tubesteak knob into his mouth as he sucks and jerks it. Mark is also hungry for Jason's big egg-sized balls. Jason is soon rubbing his cock against Mark's hairy crack....finally fucking (with condom) him missionary style. How Mark takes that huge cock up his bum is something I'm still trying to figure out. Hot!

Scene Four:

Bobby enters a room where two studs are handcuffed to a pole: Kyle Lewis sporting a military haircut, tight/muscular build, trimmed pubes, and cut cock--and--Joey Milano with longish dark hair, muscular build, trimmed pubes, and cut cock. "The Voice" finally appears clad in a black hood and creepy silver mask with cupid-shaped blood red lips. Psycho announces that the final "puzzle" is for all three to get off in twenty minutes whilst staying within the circle drawn on the floor.

Bobby quickly unlocks the handcuffs as the three get down to business while Psycho watches wielding a circular saw (not exactly a hard-on inducing situation). Kyle and Joey engage in some kissing/making-out as Bobby sucks their cocks....switching back and forth and finally sucking both at once. Joey and Kyle switch up and start rubbing their wet lips against Bobby's cock and Joey deep throats Bobby. Bobby worships both dude's chests....sucking, gently biting, and nursing on their man-titz. Very hot! This leads to Bobby fucking (with condoms) both Kyle and Joey in a variety of positions. The three frantically start jacking off. Will they get their nuts in time or will they be fucked up by Psycho with his beloved saw?



"Bonesaw" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Director Jett Blakk is professional (hand-held and tripod) providing a sharp, clear picture and plenty of close-ups to please one and all. The editing by Ann Igma (love that name!) keeps the scenes flowing at a steady pace.


The film contains original music by S.E.A. that features a variety of electric guitar for a cool rock sound, synth, techno, and a neat-o jazzy sound. The natural sounds of the cast getting it on is mixed in.


The extras for "Bonesaw" include: behind the scenes footage, bloopers, brain teasers, trailers for Adonis Productions: "Running Wild", "Lust Counseling" "Bed Heads", "Star Crossed", "Inn Over His Head", and "The Works", scene selection, web link information, and "Wrap it Up" PSA featuring the splendid Miss Chi Chi LaRue.

Final Thoughts:

Adonis Productions has released another quality disc with "Bonesaw". The production values are high with professional videography, editing, music, and a variety of handsome dudes that cover an age range of early twenties to mid forties: all sexy. These guys are definitely into the sucking, rimming, and fucking. I can tell these guys love what they are doing.

Since I am a self-proclaimed "horror geek", I love the idea of mixing the horror genre with adult entertainment as Adonis Productions did with "Thirst". The stand out scenes for me are Scene One with "Butch Daddy" (Ty Hudson) and Scene Three with Jason Tiya and Mark Hansford. These guys along with Kyle Lewis are incredibly sexy.

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