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Out In Africa

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/21/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:

Marty Stevens

The Cast:

Tommy Hansen, Ethan Clark, Brandon Manilow, Marc Vidal, Yves Carradine, Joey Amis, Josh Elliot.

The Movie:

If you dig young (age 18+) cute Twinks, then look no further than productions from Bel Ami Studio. Director Marty Stevens has brought seven attractive young men to Africa for lots of site seeing and sex. The film has a nice colorful opening sequence featuring the various African locations visited: a zoo with multi-colored parrots, swans, monkeys, a hilarious ostrich (who gives the camera a pointed look), a boat tip in the ocean and nice camera shots of an island, and wild theme park rides.

The Dudes:

All seven of these handsome models are Eastern European, speak Czech (English subtitles are provided), have beautiful, smooth tanned bodies with nice chests/pecs, pubes, and big uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Hotel room #1. Marc Vidal and Yves Carradine, two dark-haired hotties, are relaxing in their bathing suits on the spacious porch. They decide to get more comfortable on the large bed with some heavy kissing and making out. Their lovemaking is very gentle, playful, and romantic. Lots of tongue play here as these two clearly like each other.

Marc and Yves continue to kiss and slowly rub each other's body leading Marc to lick and suck Yves' chest and nipples. Yves sucks Marc's cock by first concentrating on the head, leading to the shaft and his balls. Marc switches up and works on Yves' cock head slowly sinking down the stalk and finally to his balls. It's soon sixty-nine time as Marc fucks Yves' mouth and Yves is eager to take all Marc has to offer.

Yves rolls a condom down Marc's hard cock as Marc spreads Yves' butt cheeks to reveal a tight, pink shaved rosebud. Marc gently rubs the tight hole and slowly slides his cock in and fucks Yves in a side/missionary style allowing the viewer full view of penetration. They switch to a sort of side/doggy style and Marc fucks Yves with a variety of slow and quick strokes.

Scene Two:

Jokester Tommy Hansen decides to dress in bad drag (lime green wig, fake plastic tits) to pose as the hotel "cleaning lady" and barges in on Marc Vidal, Ethan Clark, and Brandon Manilow. Tommy has picked an excellent time as all three dudes are in bed playing with themselves.

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The three coax Tommy (who has light brown hair) onto the bed "You can't leave with those beautiful tits!" Off comes the wig and tits as all three guys take turns stroking Tommy's hard cock and feeling/licking his body. Marc goes down on Tommy large cock and balls, Tommy strokes Ethan (who has dirty blonde hair) and Brandon's (who has dark brown hair) cocks stroking the foreskins up over the slick knobs as Ethan and Brandon make out.

There are many switch-ups here as the four make out, lick chests/nipples, suck and stroke cocks and balls: Brandon on Marc, Tommy on Brandon, Brandon on Tommy, Ethan on Marc, Marc and Brandon sharing Tommy's cock, Ethan on Tommy. Brandon rubs and teases Tommy's shaved hole.....leading to Brandon lubing up and finger-fucking Tommy. Brandon slides a condom on and fucks Tommy in the side/missionary position while Tommy sucks Marc's cock. Tommy sinks down on Ethan's condom clad cock and goes for a pleasant ride in the country. All four of these guys are clearly having fun and are into each other.

Scene Three:

Brandon is taking a shower stroking his hard cock and spying on Ethan who is in the bathtub. Brandon soon joins in on "tub time" as he strokes Ethan's foreskin up over his cock head and starts sucking. More playful antics ensue as the guys slash and squirt water out of their mouths.

In a romantic move, Brandon lays back in Ethan's arms as Ethan gently kisses Brandon's neck and strokes his hard cock. The guys soon jump out of the tub, towel each other off, and head for the bed. They start making love by kissing and rubbing their bodies together. Brandon sucks Ethan's cock and soon makes out with him while rubbing their hard cocks together.

Brandon teases Ethan's hairy pucker with the tip of his cock leading to Brandon fucking him in the missionary position (with condom). The two horny dudes try a variety of positions including Ethan sinking down on Brandon as Brandon starts to fuck him like a frenzied piston that has gone out of control. Very hot!

Scene Four:

Josh Elliot (brown hair with blonde highlights) and the very handsome Joey Amis (light brown hair) are laying in bed. Joey admits he is jealous of the other guys and wants Josh all to himself. The Two J.'s start the action with some heavy making out and kissing with plenty of tongue action. Joey strokes and sucks Josh's cock with a nice slow mouth leading to additional kissing, chest/nipple licking and sucking.

Josh sucks Joey's big cock and plays with his very hairy balls as he rubs Joey's equally hairy butt hole. The Two J.'s are easily attracted to each other as they are very playful in their lovemaking. Joey strokes their two uncut cocks together allowing the foreskins to slip n' slide. Josh spreads Joey's butt cheeks apart for a wonderful shot of his very tight and hairy lil' ol' hole and low-hanging balls. Sixty-nine time!!

After some cuddling and making out, Josh teases Joey's hole with his cock tip. Josh fucks (with condom) that furry hole like a young man out of control. These guys go through the various positions of lovin' like two playful pups in heat: side/missionary, doggy style (bark!), and missionary. Very very hot!



"Out in Africa" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Marty Stevens, Mark Russos, and Mel Roberts, Jr. is professional (hand-held) providing a sharp, clear, vivid picture and plenty of close-ups to please everyone. The editing by Ron Thomas and Marty Stevens is equally as professional keeping the action at a fast and furious pace. Bel Ami videography and editing is always top of the line.


The film contains original music by B.K. Sun, which features a cool ditty with tribal drumbeats, chants, and chorus. The opening song really enhances the African setting. The sex scenes are all-natural sounds to pick up the throaty noises of horny humpin'.


The extras include: scene selections, options for: "play all oral", "play all anal", play all orgasm", a trailer for "Out In Africa 2", and a nice commercial for Bel Ami's website featuring a number of additional hunks.

Final Thoughts:

As stated in my review for "Tim Hamilton", I love Bel Ami productions. When I watch a Bel Ami movie, I know I'm experiencing the highest quality in male-on-male XXX movies.

Again, "Out in Africa" is no exception as the film contains the highest quality videography, editing, and the best-looking Eastern European Twinks found in all-male erotica. What made this movie such a turn-on for me is that the scenes were all either very romantic and playful or just down right playful and fun. It is very obvious that the guys get along, are really into each other, and have a good ol' time making out, sucking, and fucking each other. I highly recommend the movie for those guys (and perhaps cool gals out there) who love cute Twinks and of course uncut cocks with plentiful foreskins.

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