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Boob Stravaganza!

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/22/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Boobstravaganza!: Titties Galore!

Digital Sin

Genre: Compilation, Large Breasts

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Brandy Talore, Mark Ashley, Sara Stone, Ben English, Christin Black, Choky Ice, Vendula, George Reno, Lucy, David Perry, Zenza Raggi, Pandora Dreams, Chris Charming, Reine Leone, Alexis Silver, Billy Glide, Carmen Hayes, Mr. Pete, Gianna; Dennis Desire, Dillion Day, George Uhl, (last three in bonus scenes only)

Length: 240 minutes

Date of Production: 2/22/2006 (box); 10/7/2005 (credits)

Extras: The two disc set had a lot of material to offer up in the main set of scenes so the bonus material wasn't as important to providing the value that consumers like to see. The first disc had a bonus scene from Slightly Older Sluts, as discussed below, a photogallery, a fetish menu, some trailers, and a web trailer with company info closing it out. The cover was a double sided one with the bountiful Brandy Talore holding her breasts on the naughty side and gifted Alexis Silver clothed on the second side (to be used by skittish sellers). The second disc had a bonus scene from Super Naturals 3 between Brandy Talore and Chris Charming as described below; with all the same basic extras as the first disc.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Boobstravaganza! had a selection of scenes that were presented in their original aspect ratios as shot by various directors for Digital Sin. Most of the scenes were presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color with the others offered up in a non-anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 letter box. The quality of the scenes varied quite a bit with some outdoor action mixed in with the majority of scenes shot inside. The mystery of lighting mistakes aside, there were few times when I thought the various directors really screwed the pooch in this compilation, marking it as a step forward for the company and fans alike. The grain and video noise varied but there were no compression artifacts and only the harshest critics will take the time to note the specific (and minor) flaws. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English with a mixture of generic music and vocals, most of the scenes not using either to full effect.

Body of Review: I've watched a lot of porn that emphasized breasts in the last twenty years and recent offerings like Big Tit Show, Big Giant Titties, and Big Fucking Tits…, have all led me to think that the industry understands our collective fascination with female chests. Well, the latest compilation of scenes from the vaults of Digital Sin is now out, called Boobstravaganza!. The back of the box says it best with: "We are proud to announce the grand opening of our big boob exhibit, Boobstravaganza! We've got the biggest collection of milk wagons that you have ever laid your eyes on. Brandy Talore, Alexis Silver, Gianna, and other big busted hotties star in the big tit flick that rivals the peaks of Mt. Everest. Featuring over four hours of big bouncing berthas, this is one jug you don't want to miss." In all, it had a lot of tit for the buck for fans so here's a breakdown of the scenes for you with links as appropriate, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Super Naturals 2: D-Tyrone Shuz: "Brandy Talore, the attractive brunette on the front DVD cover, was last in this show and I could see why. She had huge breasts that any straight man would love wrapped around any part of his anatomy and if she also had a few extra pounds on her frame, that was a small price to pay for those puppies. After teasing the camera on the stairs, she went to the bedroom for some oral fun with studly Mark Ashley, a guy who gave as well as he received. She wasn't very active during the boning either, weakening the action for me, but tried to make up for it by being very vocal. With a little bit of encouragement, I could see her becoming very popular but she needs to learn the required skills first (nice titty fuck though)."

-- sponsored by --

Scene Two: Super Naturals 3: D-Tyrone Shuz: Sara Stone, another gal with huge breasts, was up next in a shower scene where she initially wore a pink outfit that barely covered her (and essentially see through when wet). Ben English joined her as she masturbated, sucking on those mammoth mammaries and playing with them like he was entranced. She started jerking him off and after a short blowjob; he was nailing her pretty hard in a standing screw that she seemed to favor. It was a moderately active ride with the contrast between her milky white skin and his darker tan appealing to the eye. The only downside was that the action was a bit mechanical and I'd rather have seen her with someone she had some chemistry with.

Scene Three: Big Natural Breasts 5: D-Tommy Sy: Christin Black, a lean brunette with a European look and incredibly well structured natural breasts, started off the next scene by working out in the home gym, getting properly sweaty and ready for some passionate sex when she cleaned up in the open show. Fans will like that she applied gobs of lotion to her body that looked much like the smaller amounts of "lotion" I wanted to grace her with. She dried off and I admit to liking the tease more than a little even if the camera work was slightly amateurish. Her partner was Choky Ice, a man that has graced many a foreign porno, and he followed the generic formula of playing with her breasts extensively while she slowly handled his nob. Her oral and titty fuck combination was actually better than expected although she came across like an ice queen more than a few times by the way she let him be the aggressor too readily and passively laid back during the boning portions of the scene. The way she looked off camera at someone as though she were taking instructions could've been edited for better effect but when she was on top, the scene progressed with more flair than usual. Her titty bounce was more pronounced and fans will like the coating her titties took at the end of the scene.

Scene Four: Super Naturals 4: D-Joachim Kessif: Vendula, a brunette cutie that looked almost Indian or Middle Eastern in her red dress, was up next as she played with herself upon coming through a door. The bottle of baby oil in her hand made me hopeful that she was going to provide an oily tease for the camera just when George Reno entered the scene. She sucked him off like she was still learning how (not exactly a professional hummer but she was trying her best by appearances) and the amount of early titty play was minimal but after he snacked on her crack, they did some more of it. He hammered her pussy pretty hard but even in reverse cowgirl, she was too passive for my liking until the very end of the ride where her breasts heaved up and down nicely (and she did some PTM as he fingered her). This led to anal where she barely held on but some of you may enjoy seeing the freshness factor at work here. The scene ended with a pop shot to her breasts that she rubbed in a little bit, ending a thematically correct scene but still a slightly filler oriented bit of work.

Scene Five: Big Natural Breasts 5: D-Tommy Sy: Lucy, a light haired gal built more for comfort than speed, was up next on a couch as she drank her tea and masturbated in her pink lingerie that truly enhanced her form. She had pretty eyes and large breasts, though she also looked off camera as though taking orders. Fans of food fetish material will appreciate that she coated, and orally cleaned off, her nipples with whipped cream, rubbing in some for good measure. She was joined by David Perry and Zenza Raggi, with David being orally abusive as she sucked him off and Zenza went down on her. Zenza didn't wait long before tearing into her puffy pussy though as he began hitting it pretty hard. The men took turns with her by swapping positions, Zenza giving her some PTM off his rod and David driving it home, before they moved onto anal. She seemed more at home with a dick in her ass but David joined them again so that the men were DP'ing her in no time (it looked like it was a home movie here though). The large loads at the end of the scene were deposited on her chest for her to rub in, marking it as a decent scene to enjoy a few times.

Scene Six: Super Naturals 1: D-Tyrone Shuz & Jonni Darkko: Pandora Dreams, a fetching young lass in look-enhancing lingerie, was up next as she teased the camera with her curvy body in a basic living room set up. Her breasts weren't the largest of the crowd but they did manage to look among the perkiest and her face was very appealing to me. She took on Chris Charming with some okay titty fucking and sucking, slobbing only the knob of his meat. She was too passive during the vaginal ride too but I still enjoyed watching her (needing to turn down the volume on subsequent viewings due to the repetitive nature of her moans "oh, oh, oh, yeah"). Chris was into hammering away on her tight pussy and while he may have lacked the rhythm to make her get off, he wasn't bad at boffing her with his meat stick, even giving some PTM before finally turning on her charms for the reverse cowgirl ride. Titty bouncing aside, she had a look I wanted to know better, ending the scene with a titty fuck pop to the mouth.

Scene Seven: Anal Retentive 3: D-Axel Braun: Reine Leone, a brunette with an attractive face and interesting career path, was up next as she claimed to be getting married but still in need of some outside pleasuring. For this, she turned to Ben English, who spent ample time on her ample sample fun bags as the two played on the black leather couch. Her breasts were obviously enhanced but she provided a very warm hummer to him as he stood before her and fucked her face. This led to some solid screwing in her ass, skipping the pussy altogether. She was an aggressive sexual dynamo and rode his cock hard as she came, either real or simply part of the performance, and he tossed out a large load to her upper torso and face to close it out. This was a great scene in most ways.

Scene Eight: Boy Meats Girl 3: D-Axel Braun: Alexis Silver, a light skinned black gal from England with large titties, was up next on the couch with Billy Glide. He went down on her to warm her up as she played with her large all natural breasts. This led to her sucking him off like a champion cocksucker, with the camera spending as much time on her mouth as her swaying titties. They screwed vaginally in several positions, most of which had her actively riding him like she was enjoying herself. The scene ended when he rubbed out a load onto her breasts, spanking them with the rod at the end.

Scene Nine: Dippin' Chocolate: D-Tyrone Shuz: Carmen Hayes, a darker skinned black gal than Alexis, was up next in a sheer white gown and matching thong that accentuated her sweet ass off really well. Her breasts were also built for pleasure with her smile winning me over quickly as lean little Mr. Pete joined her under the porch in the backyard. The lighting was off since the sun was too bright but she still outshined it in the sense that she performed really well once placed on top of the cock. The oral was short and the other technical issues mediocre at best yet she provided a sense of energy and chemistry throughout the scene. He closed it out by popping to her mouth and chest without assistance, marking a technical flawed but fun scene with lots of replay value.

Scene Ten: Craving Big Cocks 9: D-Tyrone Shuz: Rob said: "Gianna is the first gal up. She is a fairly decent looking chick with huge tits. If you are a breast person, then you'll definitely want to see her in this scene. The fun opens with Gianna giving a tease. Next Ben English shows up and they get hot and heavy. The foreplay leads to a blow job. The action has some nice face fucking included. The sex continues the fun and we get some good shots of Gianna's big tits bouncing in action" when he first reviewed the movie last year. I thought he was very observant in that her tease was a whole lot of fun (or is that "hole" lot of fun?) and the black lingerie she wore enhanced her look a lot for me. Ben is known for his rougher edge in scenes but even he took ample time to slowly play with her body, warming her up for a very active vaginal ride. The light from the window pouring in caused some issues with the picture but the chemistry the couple shared was readily observant and ended with him tossing off a huge fricking load to her face.

Bonus Scene 1: Slightly Older Sluts: A bleach blonde, Dennis Desire, with an all natural body was the subject of the scene with Dillion Day and George Uhl providing the meat. It was oral and vaginal only but lasted the better part of 28 minutes with her showing that older gals could give good loving too.

Bonus Scene 2: Super Naturals 3: D-Tyrone Shuz: Brandy Talore, the cuty on the front DVD cover (if you're looking at the naughty cover), wore glasses to project an intellectual look as well as a corset to enhance her form. She started playing with Chris Charming in no time at all, with lots of oral, titty play, and all the variations you could imagine (the titty fuck being the best part for me). It took her a long time to actively ride his cock, and even then she didn't turn on the juice for long, but seeing her breasts flop around was hot. In short, the scene was very much average in terms of quality but as a bonus scene, it served to flesh out the action nicely. The scene ended with a sweet titty fuck pop facial too.

Summary: Boobstravaganza! might not have been the best scenes out of the Digital Sin/New Sensations vaults but it did provide a lot more action for the buck then the typical release on the market. I know that some people "don't get it" when it comes to consumers wanting MORE material for their money but let's face it; in today's competitive marketplace, four hours or more of scenes is better than 90 minutes unless there's something darned special about the shorter flick. If you like seeing large titties (natural or implants), Boobstravaganza! is surely worth a rating of Recommended given the quality of the cast, the style of the action, and the overall package it had to offer consumers on a limited budget. Mark this as another decent compilation for the company as a reward to loyal fans although more extras unique to the two disc package would've improved it a bunch.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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