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I Love Gina

Studio: Gina Lynn Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/23/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I Love Gina

Exquisite Multimedia

Genre: Vignette

Director: Travis Knight

Cast: Gina Lynn, Jaime Huxley, Jerry, Alexis Malone, Jean Val Jean, Travis Knight, Danielle Derek, Brian Pumper, Dre Stiff

Length: 166.5 minutes

Date of Production: 1/20/2006

Extras: The best extra was the 12 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. There was additional sex footage, some funny goofing around for the camera, with a distinctive emphasis on footage containing Brian Pumper. It was fun and given the length of the movie, the photogallery, trailers, and double sided DVD cover were all just add-ons in this sense.

Condoms: Two

Audio/Video Quality: I Love Gina was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as it was originally shot by director Travis Knight for distribution by Exquisite Multimedia. The lighting was mixed since the close ups didn't have any fill lighting most of the time, elevating the grain a bit more than I care to see, but the fleshtones were almost always accurate and the amount of video noise minimal. The composition of the shots was such that the ladies were made to look very good, enhancing them more than a little bit as Travis improves his craft. There were no compression artifacts or watermarks that I could see, marking this as a step forward for his style to showcase the ladies. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English audio tracks were okay and I could plainly hear the vocals of the cast at all times but the opening music for the scenes sounded in need of repair (for lack of a better term). I dare say that the audio held it back more than the visuals this time, but it was a nice package considering the amount of fuck for the buck.

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Body of Review: Exquisite Multimedia is currently the home of numerous releases by the lovely contract superstar Gina Lynn. As such, they have most of the footage of any replay value these days and this is no small matter given the number of mainstream projects the lady has been in over the years. I've never been a fan of her implants but I recall vividly how fans treated her when she danced in Houston and the lines of fans she had at the 2006 AEE Show reiterated her popularity (even on the days when only the industry insiders were present). Her latest release is I Love Gina, a collection of scenes that included three lengthy ones starring her in them plus another of great value to me. Here's a quick look at them by cast and action, noting that a few condoms were used:

Scene One: Gina Meets the Neighbors: Gina Lynn, Jaime Huxley, and Jerry, were up first in a scenario where Gina pops in on her neighbors after they were already having sex in the studio apartment. Jaime was slobbing Jerry's knob, using mouth and hand to get him very hard (complete with slobber trails all over the place). Her all natural body had the flimsiest of neon green outfits on and she jerked him off as the two kissed for a very long time, leading him to go down on her a bit before porking her doggy style with a condom. She was all too aware of the camera but he was caught up in the moment, especially since she was rocking back to meet his thrusts, with the two showing some energy and chemistry at the time that Gina walked in on them. She had been getting all hot and excited watching the two from down the hall; barely wearing her flimsy blue outfit as she led them to the bed. Her implants looked bigger than I recall them being and she jerked him off after tossing the condom aside for Jamie to blow him cleanly. Gina then joined in on giving and receiving some oral fun with Jerry getting an active vaginal ride while Jamie rimmed the superstar. This continued for a long time when Gina gave Jamie some oral and assisted when her pal was back to getting dicked, ending with a cumswap after Gina pulled off the rubber to inhale the load. I haven't always found Gina the best performer in porn but this was a very good scene by all involved.

Scene Two: New Couple in Town: Alexis Malone, an attractive gal with lightened hair and lean physique, was up next with scruffy Jean Val Jean in the living room. The foreplay included them pawing one another while he was fully clothed and she was in smoking hot blue lingerie. The tease element that struck me as really interesting was how slowly they initiated the sex; using kissing and rubbing more than just "doing it" right away. It was clear that they enjoyed this change of pace for a porn scene and if only the whack music weren't so lame, I think the erotic value would've skyrocketed. The way they pressed their heads together, caressed, and acted like real lovers made me a bit hot too even if the eventual sex was very much like standard porn. The build up was worthy of extended comment though and the oral and vaginal sex merited more than a few viewings too. I'm not going to give a blow by blow description for you other than to say the scene was very skillfully handled and I'll be looking for other times when they've worked together based solely on this scene.

Scene Three: The Honeymoon: Gina Lynn, masturbating on a couch in her red & black corset, was soon joined by real life hubby Travis Knight as he went down on her like a champion. He spent considerable time showing his oral skills and she returned the favor as the two ditched the erotic approach for a straightforward act where they tossed their inhibitions to the wind. They practically attacked one another with Gina demanding he give her the cock when he backed off (probably to keep from busting a nut on her). The rest of the scene continued that way; playful, full of chemistry, and caring but still all out gonzo too as they went through numerous vaginal positions. Gina is like a fine wine, getting better with age (this scene was easily better than anything she made in her first several years in porn), and the eye shot the scene ended with served to reinforce my beliefs.

Scene Four: The Landlord Learns A New Trick: Danielle Derek, a very lean and muscular gal with impossibly large implants, was up next as Gina directed her on the large blue couch. The tease portion of the scene was okay but after the last couple of scenes, I had my doubts as to how it would fare, especially after seeing her boney butt bent over for the camera. Travis Knight joined her to eat her out after Gina got a short lap dance, with Travis fingering her ass before she blew him. It was an okay blowjob and she proceeded to bounce on his lap with that boyish body well enough but she really didn't appeal to me even with the amount of energy she displayed. She then went to a technical DP with a large toy, moving to true anal after that but she seemed very passive during the anal sex (at least until the very end of the scene). The scene ended when he jerked off onto her ass crack but it really was a filler scene for me.

Scene Five: Gina and the Chocolate Factory: Gina Lynn, once again feeling the need to address the race baiters out there, finished up the movie by taking on two black men after some tease by the stairs. Her partners were Brian Pumper and Dre Stiff; handling them both orally as well as vaginally with some solid tease beforehand. Currently, one of the biggest trolling hobbies online seems to be by a small group of folks who think "outing" (for lack of a better term) female performers that haven't done black men (or not enough of them, whatever number is required) is great sport; suggesting such ladies are evil or racist. Just as I don't mind when a gal prefers black men over white, it doesn't bother me when the reverse is true since we're all programmed early on without much conscious thought. That said, she gave a decent performance with them as she playfully sucked them off and fucked them though she wasn't as good as she was in the prior two scenes (maybe they were too large for her to handle quiet as aggressively but it was still a good scene). It ended when they busted their nuts on her face, marking the best Gina Lynn release in awhile (only one title comes to mind: Dark Side).

Summary: I Love Gina will certainly be a must have for fans of Gina Lynn though she wasn't the only gal worth attention in the movie. The levels of fuck for the buck and corresponding technical qualities were a decided improvement too, making me think it was easily worth a rating of Recommended (or better for big fans of the cast). I haven't seen many of Gina's recent titles to know if they are all as solid as this one but I do know she and Travis were in fine form here with only one dud scene in the bunch. Check it out and you'll see what I mean when I say that Exquisite Multimedia has a winner on its hands.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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