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Mansize #7 - The Cockfather

Studio: Private » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/29/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

March 2006

Directed By:

Csaba Borbely

The Cast:

Ken Spencer, Evan Rochelle, Helmut Muller, Gino Francesco, Glenn Santoro, Flavio McAlistar, Rogerio Mateo, Marco Sanchez, Breno Lopez, Mario McCabe, Gerry Preston, Austin Rogers.

The Movie:

The "Cockfather" (Helmut Muller) has invited eleven wealthy collectors of vintage automobiles to his estate for the weekend. Each gentleman is dressed in a top hat and tails of various colors. Unknown to the guests, Helmut has an ulterior motive of a sex party and blackmail to obtain additional cars for his collection.

The Dudes:

These twelve handsome guys are mostly Hungarian with two being Brazilian. All have short dark hair; a nice variety of tall/slender and shorter/muscular bodies, mostly smooth chests, hairy legs, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and all but one of the cocks are uncut.

Scene One:

Evan is polishing his car in the large garage when Ken walks in and starts waxing his own auto….but definitely has polishing of another kind in mind. Evan seems to be a bit of a snob as the two exchange words. Ken takes over and Evan is soon sucking Ken's large uncut cock.

Evan strokes and sucks Ken's cock while jacking his own uncut cock. Nice cock sucking by Evan as he licks Ken's large cock knob and strokes the cock with a nice twisting motion. Pants are soon off and shirts are opened. Helmut enters the garage and spies on the two getting off.

Helmut releases his hard uncut cock from the confines of his pants and joins Ken and Evan. Evan immediately strokes Helmut's cock working the foreskin up and over his slick cock head. The horny trio engages in a three-way suck fest as each mouth and cock switch up for a nice variety of sucking.

Evan fucks Helmut (with condom) in a side/missionary position while Ken sucks Helmut and strokes his own cock. Evan has a very nice hairy butt crack. Switching positions, Helmut is now riding Ken's cock while sucking Evan. Ken is really going to town on Helmut's tight hole as he fucks with gusto. All three shoot nice loads….especially Ken who really squirts.

Scene Two:

Place: the same garage filled with cool vintage cars such as De Soto and Ford. Tall/slender Austin Rogers sucks cute Gerry Preston's uncut cock (Gerry has nice full dark brown pubes) while Austin jerks his own uncut sausage. Handsome Glenn Santoro joins in and sucks Austin's cock while jerking his own uncut weenie.

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Another cock sucking festival starts as the three guys sample each other's tasty Hungarian meat: Glenn sucks Austin, Austin sucks Gerry, Austin chows down on Glenn, Gerry sucks Austin and then face fucks Glenn.

The three pile into one the expensive autos to start fucking. Austin jacks off in the front seat as Gerry fucks Glenn (with condom) in the back seat. Glenn straddles Gerry as Gerry fucks like piston. There are a variety of positions as Gerry fucks Glenn doggy style; Austin takes over fucking Glenn doggy style. Austin and Gerry switch back and forth fucking Glenn. All three jerk their uncut cocks to full climax....squirting man juice all over the place.

Scene Three:

Sexy Brazilian Breno Lopez (shaved head, beautiful tight/muscular body) is giving Mario McCabe the fucking (with condom) of his life doggy style over the hood of one automobile. No lead in or "howdy doo" here: the scene starts with this intense fucking.

Mario's tight hole is shaved but he has a nice hairy area between his hole and balls (gooch), trimmed pubes, tall/slender build, nice plump balls and uncut cock that stays hard during the pounding Breno is giving him. The two switch to a side/missionary position as they engage in some kissing/making out. Breno jerks Mario's cock while fucking him and makes him shoot a nice load.

Breno lies on his back while sucking Mario's hard cock (obviously Mario has another load in him). Breno starts finger-fucking Mario while Mario is fucking his face. More kissing and making out ensue as these two over-sexed dudes shoot their loads.

Scene Four:

Marco Sanchez finds out of Helmut's true intentions of a sex party/blackmail scheme and announces that he is leaving. Well, hot Brazilian Gino is having nothing of the kind. He "escorts" Marco into the garage followed by very sexy Rogerio Mateo who is clutching the champagne bottle he has been guzzling from.

Marco is soon sucking Gino's uncut cock and stroking Rogerio's very large uncut tool. For someone who was apposed to a sex party, Marco is really jacking and sucking Gino's cock while stroking his own cut cock with no qualms. Marco switches to sucking Rogerio's cock: nursing, licking, and stroking the foreskin up and over Rogerio's slick cock knob. Gino watches and strokes is own cock. Marco switches back and forth from one cock to the other.

All three are now completely naked (except for shoes and socks...for some reason, all these guys leave their shoes and socks on). Gino sucks Rogerio while Marco sucks Gino; Gino fucks Marco (with condom) missionary position while Rogerio feeds Marco his huge schlong. Switch up to the side/missionary position for more fucking. Marco straddles Rogerio and goes for a ride. Rogerio moves Marco into a doggy style and fucks him while Marco sucks Gino.

Scene Five:

Flavio is retrieving some personal items from his car and soon has Helmut sucking his big uncut cock. Helmut's sucking style is nice and slow as he concentrates on Flavio's cock head. Flavio slowly grinds his hips fucking Helmut's face.

Now nude (except for those damn socks and shoes), Flavio, with hairy legs spread, allows Helmut full access for sucking his cock. Flavio rubs and plays with his balls while being pleasured orally. Flavio begins to slowly finger fuck Helmut's tight shaved hole. First with two fingers and then switching to three. Very hot! This leads to Flavio fucking Helmut (with condom) doggy style with fast and frenzied strokes. When Flavio switches to the missionary position, there is a great shot of his hairy, low-hanging balls swinging. The two end in a side/missionary position where both Hungarian hotties dump their nuts.



"The Cockfather" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography by Zsolt Teszari and Roberto consists of basic shots/angles but provides a steady camera, plenty of close-ups, and a very sharp/clear picture quality. The well-placed lighting assists in providing the crisp quality. The editing by Gabriel is equally nice proving scenes that move along at a descent pace.


The music is credited to Jaquza. Oddly, the opening music sounds oriental (nice instrumental song) but seem out of place in a Hungarian movie about vintage automobile collectors. The remaining music is non-intrusive and simple instrumental. Of course, there are plenty of Hungarian and Brazilian moans to fill the audio.


The extras include scene selection, language selection of: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian. The subtitle selection is Dutch, Portuguese, and Greek.

Cast profiles and trailers for "Soccer Boy", "Working Day", "Internet Sex", "Jailhouse Cock", and "Jailhouse Cock 2" round out the disc's extras.

Final Thoughts:

"The Cockfather" was a turn-on to watch. Each model is handsome in his own way. There are a nice variety of ages represented here from early twenties to one handsome dude who looks to be in his mid forties. Nice variety of body types: tight/muscular, tall/slender, and of course plenty of big uncut cocks.

The disc's quality is high with a nice sharp picture in widescreen with clear sound. My only complaint is although the models are all very sexy and the action is hot, they seem almost like sex robots. They never show any real emotion except for the basic sexual ones of moaning and when they cum. That said, the sex is still very much a turn on.

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