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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 45

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 5/29/06

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Gay Adult Movie
Approx 1hr
CAST: Dean, Boston Paul, Rocky, Broderick, Caleb

The Good Stuff
Straight College Men 45 "Magic Shoot" is from the ultra popular website of the same name. It is straight college guys doing "crazy" things for cash, for the straight guys "crazy"=gay. It is a relatively short video for SCM as there is only one real "action" scene in it. The rest of the movie is just the various straight guys chatting with the director before and after the shoot.

Scene 1

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Broderick and Caleb are in a loft talking to Matt who is the Director/Cameraman of all of the Straight College Men videos. They are told that they are going to experience a magic trick and will most likely not even be who they are when the trick is done. Matt reaches in front of the camera and shows a blue pebble that is "magic". He mixes the pebble in with a handful of normal ones and tells Broderick and Caleb to take of their shirts which they do. The handful of pebbles gets sprinkled on Caleb, the camera zooms in to see where it landed on his body then zooms out after finding the pebble in a belly button. Ala Kazaam we are now in Hawaii and Dean and Broderick have transformed into Boston Paul and Dean. The guys do some snorkeling, you see a fish eat some lettuce, a sea turtle and Dean shows his peter to the camera under water. They find some dice under water and Ka Pow! Now they are in a limo in Las Vegas and it's even more magical because now the studly Rocky is there as well. Matt tells them that they have the night to relax and get drunk because tomorrow is the shoot and they are going to have to work hard. It is now the next day and they play a card game with Matt while drinking and taking shots of booze to get the guys relaxed and loosened up for the scene. After all these guys are straight and don't really like having sex with each other so what barriers alcohol can't break down the allure of cash can. They talk about spending the cash they are gonna get. Rocky says that they are going to make it really good. All three guys promise to do a good job. They all promise to make it really hot, but the guys being guys also talk about fucking chicks to reaffirm their heterosexuality.

The guys are finally all on the bed now. Boston Paul is the first to get naked and he helps the other 2 guys get undressed. Boston Paul has a few extra pounds, almost a bear or cub, he also has the largest cock of the three, its nice and thick and cut. Dean is sexy in a Gotti boy way, in shape body, tan and an decent uncut schlong and shaved balls. Rocky is the most in shape of the three, tall, tan muscular with a nice sized cock as well, he also has an almost hairless crotch. They jack off each other for a bit then they are in a triangle each with their head in someone elses crotch. Lightly licking and sucking on each others cocks. No one ever really gets a full hard on. The thing that they decided on to make the scene uber hot is that Boston decided to lose his ass virginity. Boston is on all fours with Dean taking postion behind him and lubing up his ass. Dean takes his semi hard on and tries to enter Boston. Boston screams out in pain and Dean asks if he is ok and if it was too hard. This continues on for a while, with Dean going from semi hard to flaccid to semi hard again and trying to slip some beef to Boston. He even fingers Bostons asshole for a bit but looks grossed out. Dean and Rocky kiss briefly while Dean tries yet again to get it into Boston. They keep on trying for a bit longer, never actually succeeding in having any pounding action. They eventually give up and we switch to Dean on his stomach on the bed with Rocky jacking up by his head and Boston jacking while standing by his ass. Boston shoots a creamy load in Deans asscrack, Rocky shoots into Deans mouth who then proceeds to gag on the taste. Next is Deans turn, he jacks his uncut cock while Rocky and Boston are waiting with their mouths open. Deans sprays his load into both guys waiting mouths, Boston coughs and gags, while Rocky grins in typical guy fashion as if its the funniest thing that his friend just beat off on his face. The scene ends abruptly with Boston gagging off camera.

It is now the next day and the guys talk about what they did last night after the scene. They don't seem stressed or grossed out by what they did. Rocky talks about screwing a girl, Dean is pissed cuz he can't find a newspaper, and Boston apparently got thrown out of a show. The end.
[Actors: Dean, Rocky, Boston Paul | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: 1 Uncut, 2 Cut | ]


The audio is good, it is your normal everyday quality. The only annoying part was the snorkeling scene as you could hear the equipment banging into the mic. The same goes for the video, its amateurish but clear, Matt the camera guy even admits he forgot the light for his camera so the scene in the Limo is dark. The actual sex scene is well lit though.


Nothing actually on the disc unless you consider the option to read about the video shoot an extra.

32 page catalog with a blurb and photo for videos 1-40

Cdrom preview of 9 other SCM videos

Previews of: Andy and Sonny, Hawaii Day 2, Tanner, Hawaii Day 4

At the End of the Night

Straight College Men 45 Magic Shoot was a tad dissappointing. The magic of the shoot was that it was shot out of sequence. There is only one action scene and none of the guys ever got a boner when it came time to get down to business. The director Matt in his description of the scenes says that it is not a video for everyone, because as any man who has had any form of anal sex knows the first time is often unpleasant. For Boston it apparently was as he was yelling in pain and biting his arm to keep from crying out. So for guys who like to see straight guys pushing their limits and an ass devirginized this would be for you. For me personally it was totally not my cup of tea. Friends I give it a rating of "Rent It".

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