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Custom Rims (Arena Entertainment)

Studio: Arena Entertainment » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/29/06

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Date of Production:

April 2005

Directed By:

Cristian Ferrero

The Cast:

Rock, Diego Leal, Leo Walls, Bruno Ferraz, Jr. Steley, Victor Rangel, Sandro Bulock, Vitor Mantine.

The Movie:

I'm not sure how the title "Custom Rims" comes into play since there is absolutely no rimming in the film and the plot does not involve an auto body shop. In fact, there is no plot to speak of. The roles of Top and Bottom are strictly adhered to.

The Dudes:

These eight South American dudes all look to be in their twenties, a nice variety of muscular/well built bodies and more average/everyday builds. All of the dudes have dark hair (except one blonde), full/trimmed/shaved pubes and uncut cocks.

At least two guys have eyebrows that have been waxed/shaped giving them sort of a feminine look that I personally found distracting. Guys! Leave the eyebrow shaping alone! As long as you don't have one big eyebrow, you are fine!

Since there are no opening or closing credit photographs to match the names with the dudes, I'll be using short descriptions to differentiate between the models.

Scene One:

Dude with black shorts, average build, and tattoos is matched up with a muscular guy who has a smooth chest, great pecs, sunglasses, and Speedo. I will be calling them Tattoo (not from "Fantasy Island") and Speedo for hereon.

Tattoo starts the action by slowly kissing and licking Speedo's chest and hard nipples. Tattoo moves down and sucks Speedo's big uncut cock and low-hanging balls. While Tattoo is busy sucking, Speedo starts playing with his own balls, reaches over and rubs Tattoo's butt crack. Speedo is very hot as he continuously talks in Spanish (no subtitles available).

Speedo fucks Tattoo (with condom) doggy style. There is a great shot from behind of Speedo's hairy butt hole and low-hanging balls slapping as he fucks Tattoo. The fucking is a variety of long, slow strokes to fast and furious pounding. Speedo has a beautiful muscular butt, thighs, and hairy legs. Tattoo sinks down on Speedo's cock and rides him in a slow circular motion as well as the up and down piston style. The two switch to a side/missionary style for their final position. Both dudes shoot loads with Speedo squirting a nice big one.

Scene Two:

-- sponsored by --

Two cute twinks are outside: one with a buzz cut and one with longer hair. I will call them Buzz and Twink from hereon. Twink pulls out his hard uncut cock and Buzz starts to stroke the shaft and foreskin. The two then engage in some kissing while Buzz continues to stroke Twink's cock. Buzz takes his busy mouth down to Twink's chest and finally to his cock. Twink's cock is now fully hard with his foreskin pulled back revealing a large cock knob.

More kissing and heavy body rubbing ensue as Buzz really chows down on Twink's cock. The cock sucking lasts for some time, as Buzz wants to make sure he has explored every inch. Twink fucks Buzz (with condom) doggy style. Later into the fucking, Buzz rides Twink's cock with the same circular grinding motions and piston style from Scene One. Buzz sits on Twink's cock again only this time facing him as he takes a ride. Soon the two are in a missionary position on a log (does not look comfortable). Twink shoots a big load all over Buzz's back. Sadly, Buzz does not cum.

Scene Three:

Dude with a red tee shirt, black Elvis type hair with cool sideburns and a cute blonde guy with nice chest/pecs and sunglasses meet up outside. I will refer to them as Elvis and Blonde. Elvis rubs Blonde's hard cock through his shorts, unzips to reveal a big uncut cock. Elvis is quickly on his knees sucking that big cock and balls while Blonde moans with pleasure. Elvis teases the cock knob and piss slit with the tip of his tongue all along sliding the foreskin back and forth.

Blonde fucks Elvis (with condom) hound dog style. There is a nice shot from behind of Elvis' long uncut cock swinging back and forth as he is being fucked. Elvis sinks down on Blonde's cock and takes a ride with that same circular motion that seems popular in this movie. There is a cool shot of Blonde's balls and hairy crack as he fucks Elvis. The two soon switch to the missionary position followed by the side/missionary style. Blonde squirts a nice nut all over Elvis's back. Elvis does not cum.

Scene Four:

Cute dude wearing an "onbox" tee shirt is partnered with an incredibly hot dude with plenty of muscles, nice chest/pecs, and tattoos. I will call them OB (for the "onbox" tee shirt) and Muscles. OB starts things off by sucking Muscles' chest and hard nipples...soon working down to sucking a fat uncut cock with big cock knob. Muscles fucks OB's mouth with his big schlong. OB sucks the balls as Muscles strokes his own cock rubbing his foreskin up over his cock head.

OB is really into sucking Muscles' cock as he licks and sucks the big knob making loud sucking and popping noises in the process. Muscles obviously enjoys the oral attention as he continues the face-fucking. Muscles fucks OB (with condom) doggy style on a sofa while OB strokes his own uncut cock. OB sinks down and rides Muscles' cock while facing him. The two switch positions one last time into a side/missionary. Both dudes shoot loads.



"Custom Rims" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Felipe Dugberto consists of very basic shots/angles but provides a steady camera, plenty of close-ups, and a very sharp/clear picture quality. There is some trouble with the editing by Jurandir as the pacing and changes in camera shots is quite slow leading to scenes that become monotonous as times.


There is some metal-type music played during the menu but no music in the actual movie. There are plenty of clear natural sounds of balls slapping, wet mouths sucking, moans of pleasure, and groans as the guys get their nuts.


The extras include scene selection, trailers for South American Pictures movies "Boys at Play", "Midnight Hour", "Macho Men", and "Men in Action". There are additional trailers for other titles available from Arena Entertainment: "Sex Psycho", "Desires of Men", "Boiling Point", and "Young Husbands on the Down Low". There is also a photograph gallery and website information.

Final Thoughts:

"Custom Rims" was pretty much just an okay watch with Scene Four being the best (due to the very handsome and muscular dude who is featured on the cover art). The models are all attractive (even though the ones with the waxed eyebrows were a distraction to me).

My problems lie with the editing. As mentioned, the shots are too stationary to the point of making the scenes dull and monotonous. The lighting in the indoor scenes is fine but the outdoor scenes contain many shadows obscuring some of the action. Also, gnats and flies continuously flying around the guys "privates" during the outdoor scenes was a big turn off. One last complaint: not all of the models cum.

I recommend a rental for "Custom Rims" because the guys are indeed attractive (I love South American dudes), the sex can be hot when not monotonous, the picture and sound quality is crisp and clear, and the cocks are nice and uncut. Just remember, even through the title is "Custom Rims" is there absolutely no rimming in the movie.

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