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Good Fellows

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/1/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

March 2006

Directed By:

Herve Handsome

The Cast:

Julian Vincenzo, Daren Dune, Jack Black, Drago Lembeck, Michael Kozec, Jose Scott, Joseph Lewis, Geoffrey Garcia, Gamal Simon, Fredy Costa, Irving Hunter, Lucio Maverich, Zeb Kelly.

The Movie:

Hunky Julian Vincenzo is the cigar smoking Boss in charge of some type of underground organization. This organization cheats at high stake poker games, kidnaps hunks, and has various sexual encounters.

The Dudes:

These thirteen handsome Eastern Europeans are in the age range of twenties to thirties, mostly have dark hair (with a couple of blondes in the mix), a variety of body types from muscle bound to tall/slender---all with good builds, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

A poker party is taking place in a smoky bar. The participants of the game are cigar smoking Boss Julian Vincenzo, extremely handsome Gamal Simon, Fredy Costa, Irving Hunter, and Geoffrey Garcia. There seems to be some cheating going on as cards are quickly passed under the table, and certain players give each other the sly eye.

The fix is in and Gamal looses the first game. For some reason unknown to the viewer, Fredy opens his pants revealing white underwear containing an obvious bulge. Fredy pulls out his hard uncut cock and points it in Gamal's direction. Gamal resists at first but is soon sucking Fredy's cock for all it's worth. Gamal nurses on the big cock head and strokes the solid shaft. The other players look on in amusement.

Irving offers up a gold watch to Geoffrey...for a sexual price, naturally. Irving pulls out his long and slender uncut cock and Geoffrey immediately starts servicing him orally. Irving has very cool tattoos covering both his arms. Julian becomes turned on by all the action, sits back, pulls out his own large uncut cock, licks his palm, wets the cock head, and starts jacking off while watching the other four.

The poker game has quickly turned into an all out suck bonanza as Julian joins in by having Gamal suck his cock. Geoffrey switches to sucking Fredy's cock, Gamal pulls out his own uncut cock and starts stroking as the action heats up. Julian slides his condom-covered cock into Gamal's tight shaved hole for some nice long strokes doggy style. Irving takes over fucking Gamal (with condom) missionary style on the table as the other dudes surround him, feel him up, and jack him off. Geoffrey gets in on the receiving end of the fucking as the various guys take their turns. These dudes whip themselves up into a sexual lather and shoot loads all over each other.

Scene Two:

Daren Dune finds himself in a large, seemingly deserted underground garage and plans to spend the night. He comes upon Zeb Kelly who has been sleeping in a box. Daren gets into his sleeping bag and both dudes are off to dreamland.

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Daren wakes up and watches Zeb play with his big uncut cock. Daren makes his way over to help Zeb out by stroking the hard cock capping and uncapping Zeb's foreskin over his slick knob. Daren takes Zeb's cock into his mouth and starts sucking while he pulls on his own hard uncut cock. Zeb reaches over and strokes Daren's cock eventually sucking Daren. There is some face-fucking and kissing as the action heats up.

Daren slides his cock (with condom) into Zeb's tight hole and fucks him doggy style. Zeb jerks his hard cock while being fucked. Daren flips Zeb over for some hot missionary style fucking. Daren fucks Zeb alternating between nice slow strokes and frenzied poking. With loud moans, both dudes shoot groovy loads.

Scene Three:

Julian pulls into the same parking garage in a black SUV along with very hot Lucio Maverich, blonde Michael Kozec, Jose Scott, and kidnapped Drago Lembeck who is wearing a plastic bag over his head. Julian and Lucio lead Drago out of the automobile and start rubbing his body. Michael and Jose look on in anticipation from the back seat.

Julian and Lucio pull Drago's shirt off revealing his beautifully built chest. Jose and Michael high tail it out of the car and soon plenty of uncut cocks are being pulled out, stroked, and sucked all while Julian watched and smokes his stogie. There is plenty of variety of the oral kind: Drago goes down on Lucio, Michael, and Jose quickly switching between the three as if to decide which is the tastiest.

Julio fucks Drago's hairy hole (with condom) doggy style as Michael sucks Lucio and Julian slaps Michael's bum. Julian continues to walk around smoking his cigar and slapping butts until the sex becomes too much for him and he pulls his uncut cock out and start stroking. Michael is next in line to try some of Drago's butt (with condom) doggy style while Lucio is fucking Drago's mouth. Julian shoots his load all over Jose's shoulder, Lucio pulls up the rear and fucks Drago (with condom) while Michael jerks off and shoots his load on Drago's face and chest. Jose and Lucio shoot loads on Drago's chest with Lucio's load being nice n' big.

Scene Four:

Julian is working out at the gym in front of a large mirror. He's pumping up and admiring his beautiful chest with some of the best man-nipples I've ever seen. Lucio enters the gym along with Jack Black (not the wild-eyed comic but a hottie with a flat-top), Daren (from Scene Three), and Joseph Lewis.

Julian gives each guy the "once over", instructs them to take off their shirts, feels 'em up, and sets his sights on Jack. Julian kisses Jack moving down to lick and suck his chest. He then signals Lucio to take a powder along with Daren and Joseph. Jack quickly chows down on Julian's cock and Julian playfully slaps his hard, wet cock against Jack's smooth chest.

Jack pulls out his large uncut cock sporting a nice foreskin overhang and starts stroking. Julian takes over by sucking Jack's shaft and foreskin. Very nice close-ups as Julian sucks Jack's big weenie. Julian fucks Jack's hairy hole (with condom) doggy style with great gusto. Jack strokes his own big cock while being fucked and then switches to sliding down on Julian's schlong and going for a pleasure ride. Both shoot nice loads.

Scene Five:

Daren and Joseph are into some heavy kissing/makeout action as Lucio watches and strokes his large uncut cock. Daren is soon stroking Joseph's uncut member....icking the cockhead and stroking Joseph's shaft. Daren pulls out his cock and starts stroking to the rhythm in which he is sucking Joseph.

Joseph is quite eager to get at Daren's cock and starts sucking him like a vacuum cleaner. Of course, Lucio has to get in on the action and starts fucking Joseph's hairy hole (with condom) doggy style while sucking Daren's cock. Lucio soon changes positions into the side/missionary while Daren face-fucks Joseph. Talk about having both holes crammed full!

Joseph sinks down on Daren's cock (with condom) for a bouncy ride as he suck Lucio's cock. Daren then switches positions and fucks Joseph in the traditional missionary position. I just love traditions....especially when they involve a hunk like Joseph who had nice full dark brown pubes and a hairy pucker. Joseph gets a good ol' nut bath on his stomach as he and his two dudes all shoot healthy loads.



"Good Fellows" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Herve Bodilis consists of basic xxx shots as well as some interesting angles. The camera is steady with plenty of close-ups, and a very sharp/clear picture quality. The lighting is excellent and somewhat unusual as it includes blues, yellows, reds, greens, and oranges appearing very deep and rich. The editing by Director Herve Handsome is professional and keeps the action and each scene moving at a perfect pace.


The music by Rock hard is a cool variety of dark trans/techno during the opening credits and more soothing instrumental during some of the scenes. There are plenty of natural sounds as these horny guys moan and gasp with pleasure.


The extras include scene selection, behind the scenes footage, and an extensive photo gallery.

Final Thoughts:

"Good Fellows" was one heck of a fun watch...and a big turn-on. Scene Five was my personal favorite with Julian, Joseph, Gamal, and Zeb being my favorite models. The production values are good, the models are handsome, the sex is hot, the picture quality is excellent, and I loved the interesting use of various colored lighting. The lightening was definitely different from other movies I've seen and was very cool.

I highly recommend "Good Fellows" to fans of handsome Eastern European men, big uncut cocks, and all-male adult erotica of high quality.

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