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My First Interracial #1

Studio: Mercenary Pictures » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 6/3/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Jason Sechrest
Over 2 hours
CAST: Caleb Carter, Flex Deon Blake, Bobby Williams, Jason Tiya, Nick Capra, Trey Kane, Lexx Parker, Park Wiley, Jake Samms

The Good Stuff
My First Interracial is the first film put out by Lexington Steele's Mercenary Pictures gay movie line called Black Viking. It is also the first film directed by Jason Sechrest who is known for his chatfest website about porn. You see that Jason is very excited to be shooting this film right before the first scene as he chats with the first star. All of the behind the scenes footage of Jason explaining each scene is shot by porn legend Tina Tyler. Several of the scenes are shot in the style of gonzo porn with extreme, gagging, deepthroat sucking. The remaining scenes are just hot black on white sex.

Scene 1
Caleb Carter, Flex Deon Blake Caleb Carter is chatting with Jason about this actually being his first time being with a black man. Once he sees who he is going to be doing the scene with he seems a little frightened. Flex is a big gorgeous dark muscular man with both nipples pierced and a thick, long cock. When Flex is first shown he has a large PA piercing in his cock which is removed for the scene with Caleb. Caleb admits he is a little trepidacious but also excited. Flex comes in and immediately makes Caleb gobble his cock in various positions face fucking him enough to make Caleb gag numerous times. Lex even picks Caleb up and holds him upside down to suck him off. The majority of this scene takes place on a set of stairs which adds to the scene as I describe later. Caleb is looking worn out after the oral but both guys laugh. Lex shows off Caleb's asshole to the camera and spits on it. Caleb is on his knees while Lex smacks and squeezes Caleb's asshole saying how beautiful and juicy it looks. More gagging blowjobs with Lexs cock covered in saliva. Caleb gags so much his eyes are watering, he gives the camera the finger. Lex fucks Caleb's mouth long and deep. Lex talks to the camera a lot about how sizzling the action is. Lex gets rough with Caleb and smacks him around and literally mouth fucks and drags Caleb up the stairs, Caleb gagging the whole way. Caleb brags that he's the best bottom this side of the Hudson. Lex has had enough of Caleb's bragging so he decides to partake of Caleb's ass by fucking him like a wheelbarrow. They bang their way through various positions, missionary, doggie, cowboy, spoon finally ending with Caleb in missionary and jacking while Lex slams him hard. Caleb cums a load on his abs before we see Lex now jacking while on the couch. He shoots a bit onto his hand which he then rubs onto Caleb. Lex who loves talking to the camera says,"This was like climbing the stairway to heaven, it's amazing what you can do on the stairs."

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[Actors: Caleb Carter, Flex Deon Blake | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions:Wheelbarrow, Missionary, Spoon, Doggie, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

Scene 2
Sechrest is excited to have Nick Capra who is a hot Italian looking guy. Nick is on the couch and Trey comes in. Trey is a gorgeous bald headed black guy with an amazing body and equally impressive schlong. Nick immediately starts sucking off Trey and the guys do this for a while, swapping back and forth slobbering on each other meat sticks. Nick shows his asshole to the camera then Trey does the same. Nick cant resist the sight of Treys puffy sphincter and just has to get a taste so he licks and fingers it before fucking Trey in an almost doggie/cowboy position. After Trey gets a little cock he has a raging hard on where before he was a little limp. Nick takes that hard black cock in missionary before both guys are now on their backs jacking. Nick rains jizz everywhere and even tastes some of his own before Trey jacks and sprays some jizz on Nicks face.
[Actors: Nick Capra, Trey Kane | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking, Rimming, Fingering |Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut |]

Scene 3
Sechrest is chatting with the guys, Bobby Williams a former Falcon exclusive admits that this will be his first on film interracial sex scene. Bobby was chosen because this is going to be another flip flop scene and he is good at giving and receiving dicking. Sechrest asks Bobby if he is concerned about the size of Jasons meant. He says his only concern is that he wont have enough time with it. Jason Tiya admits it will only be his third time bottoming ever. The action starts right after that with Jason whipping out his cock and Bobby worshiping it with his mouth. Jason is completely hairless Bobby has a cute almost frat-boy look to him. They briefly kiss a first for this movie before more cock sucking by Bobby. Jason shows Bobbys willing asshole to the camera and sticks his finger right in. They briefly 69 before Jason is on his knees and Bobby is on all fours infront of him. Jason is teasing Bobby by slapping his log of a cock on Bobbys waiting hole. Bobby wants it and wants it bad so he starts grinding back trying to get some cock in his ass. Penetration finally happens with Bobby getting it missionary. Jason pulls out and you see Bobbys fucked hole. Swap with Bobby entering Jason doggie before Jason climbs on for a hot big cock bouncing cowboy ride. This ain't no easy ride as he really slams up and down on Bobbys cut cock. The money shots take place starting with Bobby on his back and Jason straddling him chest and blowing his load on Bobbys face. Bobby jacks and his whole body starts quivering before he sprays seed everywhere including Jasons face. The scene ends with Jason winking at the camera with his cummy face.
[Actor: Bobby Williams, Jason Tiya | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking, Fingering | Positions: 69, Missionary, Doggie, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

Scene 4
Sechrest deepthroats a orange cream bar for Tina Tyler who says she would be impressed, if she couldn't do that herself. He is excited that they have Lex Parker and are going to do a double penetration scene. Lex is a skinny twink with bleach blonde hair and a pierced tongue. For Lex this is his 1st on camera scene with a black guy or should I say 2 black guys. Lucky for him he is going to be doing it with Flex Deon Blake and Jason Tiya, the 2 monster cocked gorgeous black guys from previous scenes. Lex gets right to business with sucking the huge black beasts with abandon. Flex making him gag and on his black beauty. Unfortunately just as Lex gets both cocks in his mouth for some real mouth stretching, gag making action my screener skipped to the next scene. :( So, like me you guys will have to get the real DVD to find out what happens. Even with just the brief action I give this scene 3 stars.
[Actor: Flex Deon Blake, Jason Tiya, Lex Parker | Sex Acts: Oral, Unknown | Positions: Unknown | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

Scene 5
As usual Sechrest is excited about this scene as well. He loves the fact that Park has nice big round ass for a white guy. He also likes how cute and sexy Jake Samms looks. This scene starts with Park on the bed when Jake walks in and tells Park to start sucking his cock. Park eagerly does and goes to town on Jakes black sausage. Park has a nice normal in-shape body, he is not ripped like the other guys or twinkish like Lex or Caleb which adds to his appeal. Jake is light skinned with a ripped body and big black cock. There are some nice closeups of Park with his mouth full of black cock. Park wants to taste some of Jakes man hole so he rimms that sweet pucker for a while before he is on his back getting slammed by Jake while jacking his own cock. Jake then slams his big black boner into Park doggie style with Park moaning for the whole thing. Jake pulls out and cums on Parks ass. Parks now well-fucked hole and cummy cheeks are given their own closeup before he is jacking while laying on his back spraying a shower of man milk all over his abdomen.
[Actor: Jake Samms, Park Wiley | Sex Acts: Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Missionary, Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]




The sound quality was good and everything was clearly heard, from the chatting with Sechrest and Tyler to the guys and their "dirty talk" to the sex sounds. The background music did its thing as well and was just that....background music. Video quality was good as well only minor lighting problems, a few scenes there were shadows as the camera man got in front of the lighting.


Run of the mill extras.

Fetish Menus: You can select Oral, Doggie, Missionary, Cumshots then select the scene that you want to see your selection from.

Trailers: Blowhardz, Handyman, You'd Never Know which is a shemale video.

Photo Gallery: 23 stills

Web Access: Link to Lexington Steeles website.

At the End of the Night

My First Interracial was a black on white bonanza. For the most part this is the first time the white guys have been with black guys on film. For Caleb this is his first time with a black guy period. Sechrests directorial debut was done extremely well. He picked hot guys and got them to show some hot man on man action. All of the behind the scenes interaction between him and Tina Tyler was very amusing as well. You can really see that Sechrest is excited about each and every scene. The actual "meat" of the movie was hot, some of it I even found sizzlingly hot much to my surprise. I didn't think that I would enjoy gonzo style porn, but the scene with Flex and Caleb got my temperatures rising. I usually like porn where I know both guys are enjoying it and you can tell, but their scene where Caleb is used like a sex toy was probably the best of the movie. Flex can come use me any time. The black guys in this flick all had gigantic tools and knew how to use them. There were 2 flip flop or versatile scenes to make this film even more enjoyable. The only negative I can come up with is that unfortunately for me my screener copy skipped Scene 4, which looked like it would have been as hot as Scene 1 with another appearance by Flex. In summary the guys were smoking, the cocks were glorious and the sex was outrageous so friends I give this one my rating of "Recommended"

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