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Ass Eaters Anonymous

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/4/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

March 2004 through September 2005

The Cast:

Bryan, Cipher, Trevor, Marc, Jay, Ben, Doug, Matt, Michigan, Quzzo, Havier, Crash, and Cowboy.

The Movie:

This Amateur Straight Guys Production is no-frills amateur filmmaking. There is no plot. There are however, motel rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms filled with horny dudes ready for some jack off, cock sucking, and as the film's title says: ass eating.

The Dudes:

These thirteen horny dudes are definitely not an unlucky number: they make up a nice variety of early twenties (eleven of 'em) to early thirties and forties (two), tall/slender bodies, muscular types, Bear types, and a Daddy dude. Most have short dark hair with a couple of blondish-light-brown haired guys, some goatees, smooth chests, full/timed/shaved pubes, tattoos, and all the cocks are cut but one.

Scene One:

Three young hotties(all age 18+)Bryan, Cipher, and Trevor are piled onto a Las Vegas hotel room bed. Also in the room are three additional horny dudes (two Bears and a Daddy), and an attractive goodtime gal named Wynona (in a non-sexual appearance who has generously offered up her Snoopy panties to one of the dudes. Hmmm. I wonder which one?

Cipher (a college type cutie with brown hair and a goatee) pulls back the covers revealing his hard cock and brown pubes. Bryan quickly follows by showing off his large cock (with brown pubes), and hunk Trevor leads up the rear exposing his hard cock with shaved pubes. All three start to jack off while watching a straight porno. A fully clothed bear starts sucking Bryan's cock while Cipher goes down on Trevor's large cock. Bear cub continues to suck Bryan while fingering Cipher's hairy hole/rubbing his butt crack. Bryan replaces Bear's fingers in Cipher's crack and butt hole.

Bryan sucks Cipher's cock while Trevor strokes Bryan. This action quickly turns into a hot sixty-nine between Bryan and Cipher. The two bears and handsome daddy dude take over as they suck these three horny dudes and then spreading butt cheeks: eating, licking, sucking, tongue-fucking, and finger fucking Bryan, Cipher, and Trevor into a frenzy. "I'm fuckin' him with my tongue!"

Bryan boasts that he has "pucker power" (he also has a very hairy hole) while Wynonna (on other bed and off camera) states to one of the bear cubs "you gotta go reclaim your territory". Trevor sucks Bryan's cock while Cipher sucks Trevor. This is very hot! Bryan and Trevor shoot loads on Cipher's stomach followed by Cipher getting his nut. The two bears and Daddy dude lap up all the cum from Cipher's stomach like hungry dogs.

Scene Two:

Marc (a hunk who looks like a college football player and who has great nipples) is sitting on the sofa with Bear Jay watching straight porn. Marc makes a comment about some chick's tits and Jay replies that he does not pay attention to gals. Marc is obviously a virgin to male-male action and seems quite shy. Luckily, Jay is full of good humor/experience and quickly puts him at ease.

Jay rubs Marc's hard cock through his kaki pants and quickly pulls it out. Marc has been blessed with a nice large/plump cock with a pink knob. Jay strokes it to full hardness and then chows down. Jay buries his face between Marc's bubble butt cheeks and really goes to town lapping Marc's butt hole followed by some rubbing and finger fucking.

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Jay pulls out his own cut cock and wags it for the camera. Jay continues to eat and finger-fuck Marc's hole and then replaces his fingers with a vibrator. Marc is unsure at first but is soon fucking himself with the sex toy. Marc jacks his cock off with both hands as Jay eats his squirting load.

Scene Three:

Ben (a cutie wearing a blue do-rag, sexy goatee) and daddy dude Doug (an attractive gray-haired guy with goatee) are lying on a bed together watching a straight porno movie. Doug lifts Ben's "wife beater" and starts playing with his smooth chest and hard nipples.

Ben pulls out his hard cock and starts to stroke it. Doug is more than happy to suck it. Ben has a big purple cock head that Doug cannot get enough of....but there are plenty of things Doug cannot get enough of such as Ben's tight hairy hole. Doug worships Ben's hole in about every position imaginable...a few had me scratching my head in wonderment.

Doug fucks Ben missionary style (I did not spot a condom which is a big Bozo No No in my book), doggy style, and a hot side/missionary position. Ben frantically face fucks Doug who loves every damn minute of it (who can blame him?) finally cumming on Doug's tongue.

Scene Four:

Matt (my personal favorite: a cute college type hunk with blondish brown hair) is jerking is cock under plaid boxer shorts while watching a.....guess what? Matt soon drops his boxers revealing a large cock, low hanging balls, and brown pubes. Daddy Doug is at it again (lucky fucker! I'm jealous!) by moving up behind Matt and massaging his shoulders.

Matt lays back in Doug's capable arms as Doug rubs/explores Matt's chest and stomach while Matt continues to stroke his hard cock. Doug gently rubs Matt's balls and gooch (area between balls and butt hole) while Matt becomes quite turned on. Doug applies some lube to his hand and starts jerking Matt off.

Doug teases and finger-fuck's Matt's very hairy hole while Matt continues to jack off. Again, Doug gets a horny hunk into all sorts of butt munching positions. Sadly, there are no really good close-ups of Matt's hole (odd since all other scenes have plenty of close-ups). Matt shoots a nice large load.

Scene Five:

Michigan (another cute college type with short dark spiked hair and goatee stubble) is lying on bed watching a straight porno. "Hi. I'm Michigan and I just love getting' my dick sucked!" Michigan also exclaims while watching the porno that he wants to watch "this little bitch get her pussy licked." Michigan soon pulls down his shorts showing off a large cock and dark brown pubes.

Daddy Doug is back once again (lucky bastard! Ha!). Doug sucks Michigan's rigid member, as Michigan is very vocal in his pleasure: lots of sighs, moans, and "suck my cock". Michigan fucks Doug's ever-willing face and Doug deep throats that big ol' cock with plenty of moxie. Doug licks and sucks on Michigan's cock and balls like a madman.

Doug fingers Michigan's tight hairy asshole and Michigan fucking loves it! More loud moans and sighs ensue. Michigan spreads his butt cheeks allowing Doug full access. Doug switches back and forth between Michigan's cock and hole. "Swallow that cock, dude!" There is a very hot camera shot of Michigan's hard cock and exposed hairy butt hole as Doug digs in. "You suck good dick!" Michigan jacks off and shoots a load all over Doug's face and mouth.

Scene Six:

Quzzo (with short dark hair, nice build, smooth chest, brown pubes) and Marc (the cute college football player type from Scene Two) are engaging in some boyish horseplay in the swimming pool. Marc does some sort of imitation of a dolphin (which is really just jumping from one section of the pool to the other).

Quzzo and Marc towel off and head to the house to watch a "you know what". Marc is first to hit the sofa and start stroking his cock. Quzzo joins him and starts playing with his own hard cock. Marc is busy working his cock with two hands (very hot!) as Quzzo start to suck him. Quzzo hikes Marc's legs up exposing his tight hairy pucker (again, very hot!) and starts licking it. Marc is vocal in his sighs and repeated "yeah, oh yeah" as Quzzo continues to eat that butt. Marc shoots a load on his stomach and Quzzo follow by jacking off and shooting on Marc's leg.

Scene Seven:

Havier (dark spiked hair, small soul patch, and smooth chest), Cowboy (closely cropped dark hair, pierced nipples, and uncut cock), and Crash (short dark hair, tattoos) are in a hotel room. Camera guy: "I have three horny straight boys here. Three horny boys on Sunday afternoon. What's ya gonna do?" Suggestions such as eating a "salad....or two", "a kielbasa" are thrown around.

While Cowboy and Crash are a bit shy at first (rubbing their cocks through jockey shorts) Havier has no problem stroking his big cock, smiling/sticking out his tongue, and swinging his dick in a circular motion. Cowboy sinks down on his haunches and sucks Havier and Crash's cocks. The camera zooms in for a nice close-up of Cowboy's hairy butt hole.

Crash joins Cowboy down below and sucks Havier's cock. Crash and Cowboy team up to double suck Havier. While Crash is still suckin' cock, Cowboy's tongue is busy movin' on down in search of Havier's balls and hole. Three-way butt munch! : Crash eats Cowboy's ass while Cowboy pigs out on Havier's hole. All three shoot loads while Cowboy blows off in Crash's mouth.



"Ass Eaters Anonymous" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography consists of basic XXX shots with plenty of close-ups so that the viewer can practically count the hairs on these numerous tight butt holes. The camera is hand-held and steady providing a sharp n' clear picture. The editing is basic and keeps the scenes moving at a nice pace.


There is no music in the movie but plenty of hilarious quotes as the camera operator talks to the dudes and loads of sex sounds as these dudes jack, suck, and have their holes eaten. Unfortunately, there are plenty of moans from some gal in the off-screen porno movies these guys are watching. Still, the banter and dude-moans are definitely worth putting up with the moans of "Missy X".


There are no extras on the disc: simply a scene selection option.

Final Thoughts:

As Shaye St. John would say: "Gawd!" "Ass Eaters Anonymous" is one fucking HOT watch! This is basic amateur man-on-man erotica at its best: no frills, no plot, and basic sets. The dudes are all very cute n' sexy, Daddy Doug is handsome, Bear Jay is cool, and the action is non stop. Some of the dudes definitely have their gaze fixed on the porn they are watching....but what the hell. I always say: "anything that gets you through the night." These dudes are in no way in denial of what they are doing. They are all playful and seem to be very good-natured about the whole thang.

I highly recommend "Ass Eaters Anonymous" to fans of amateur erotica, cute young dudes (all 18+)and a veritable buffet of butt eating.

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