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Hard Studies

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/5/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:

Kristofer Weston

The Cast:

Brian Hansen, Josh Weston, Park Wiley, Alex Chandler, Danny Roddick, Brock Hatcher, Hank Dutch, Diego De La Hoya, Ken Browning, Alex Cobel, and Adam Dexter.

The Movie:

Cute Aussie Brian Hanson is in the U.S. to attend University. Brain's roommate Park Wiley seems to be getting all the ass in town. Brian would rather wait to meet the man of his dreams. According to Brian, his perfect man would be like one of the COLT models.

The Dudes:

Buckshot Productions has brought together a very nice variety of hunks with an age range from early twenties to late forties. These dudes all have wonderful muscular bodies with some being slender while others very husky and buffed out. The chests range from smooth to hairy, pubes are a mix of full/trimmed/shaved, and the cocks are uncut and cut.

Scene One:

Brian arrives home from school to the loud noises of his roommate having sex in the bedroom. Brian attempts to study but the sex noises prove too much for him. He clicks on some internet porn and all thoughts of studying fly out the window.

Brian finds some porn he likes, unbuttons his shirt revealing a very nice smooth chest, and starts to rub his crotch. He soon pulls out his fat cut cock and starts stroking. Brian is almost caught at one point as his roomie races out of the bedroom looking for condoms. With roomie back in the bedroom, Brian quickly jacks out a load.

Scene Two:

Brian's roommate Park Wiley is busy in the bedroom with muscular Josh Weston. Park and Josh are really going at it in a sexual wrestling match of very heavy making out/kissing, jacking cocks, rubbing bodies, and loud moaning. Josh straddles Park revealing his tight shaved hole while feeding his cock to Park's hungry mouth. Park really chows down on Josh's cut cock.

This horny twosome soon finds themselves in a hot sixty-nine as Park eats Josh's butt hole and Josh sucks Park's cut cock. Josh fucks Park's hairy hole (with condom) doggy style and then Park sinks down on Josh's cock for some very wild and intense fucking. The bed resembles more of a trampoline as the guys literally bounce up and down frantically fucking.

Park munches down on Josh's butt again and then fucks him (with condom) in the missionary position. Very hot! Park strokes Josh's cock to climax as he shoots/squirts all over the place. Park quickly pulls out and squirts a large load.

Scene Three:

Brian meets Park at the bar for some drinks. Park tries to talk Brian into having a more adventurous sex life. Brian reiterates that he is very picky about choosing dudes and he wants to wait. Park, who is not so choosy, heads to the "back room" of the bar in search of some lovin'.

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Three dudes are getting it on in the "back room" when Park enters: husky/muscular Ken Browning (who has great hard pointy nipples), muscle-bound Diego De La Hoya (with a big uncut cock and large cock knob), and dark n' handsome/muscular Alex Cobel (with sexy beard stubble and very cool tattoos). The three dudes are already heavily into making out and sucking cock. Park watches from the sidelines and strokes his hard cock.

Before long, the sex is too tempting for Park as he joins in for a four-way. The dudes go through a smorgasbord of heavy making out/kissing, cock sucking, jerking off, nipple sucking, butt eating, and fucking (with condoms). Ken, Diego, and Alex are all wearing leather cock rings and combat boots. The four work themselves into a sexual frenzy that leads to some rather large loads being shot on each other. The scene is very intense/hot.

Scene Four:

Alex Chandler (very handsome with shaved head making him look like the hunky dude from "Smallville") is having his large cut cock sucked by cute Danny Roddick. Alex is on the telephone to Brian inviting him over to join in. Brian declines and Alex concentrates on having his big ol' weenie sucked on the balcony of his apartment.

Danny (very cute with dark hair) is very intent on sucking Alex as he suckles the cock head, strokes the shaft, and deep throats. Danny comes up for some air as the two engage in some heavy making out/kissing and rubbing their hard cocks together. They quickly move the action into the apartment and onto a chase lounge.

Alex lifts Danny's legs exposing his lightly hairy hole as Alex starts to lick and suck the hole with gusto. Alex is soon finger fucking Danny and sucking his large cut cock. Alex teases Danny by rubbing his hard cock and balls against his hungry hole and butt crack. Alex fucks Danny (with condom) in the missionary position and then switches to the side/missionary style. Danny rides Alex's cock as his own hard cock slaps and wags back and forth to the rhythm of the fucking. Danny shoots a load on Alex's chest as Alex shoots on Danny's bubble butt.

Scene Five:

It's Butch Daddy Time with two of the hottest dudes in the movie: Brock Hatcher (with wonderful husky/buffed out body, shaved head, goatee, hairy chest, tattoos, and uncut cock) and Hank Dutch (with very short brown hair, facial hair, very muscular body, hard eraser tip nipples, hairy chest, plenty of tattoos, and an uncut cock of his own). Brock and Hank are engaged in some very hot kissing and making out. Hank sucks and twists Brock's hard nipples as he makes his way down to a stiff cock.

Brock sucks Hank's cock and balls and makes his way to Hank's hairy butt hole with his flicking tongue. Brock finger fucks Hank and is soon fucking him (with condom) doggy style. Hank obviously loves getting fucked as he has a huge grin on his face as he grunts and moans encouraging Brock to fuck harder.

Hank fucks Brock doggy style (with condom) as Brock pinches his own man-tits. Guys, this is some very hot n' heavy fucking! Brock shoots a very large load all across Hank's hairy chest and Hank shoots a thick load on his stomach and arms. There is a nice close-up of Brock's cum slick foreskin covering his cock head.

Scene Six:

Brian is in the gym running on a treadmill when COLT Man Adam Dexter (a beautiful and very tall/muscular African American dude) walks in, lifts some weights and starts cruising Brian heavily. Timid Brian is unsure if Adam is interested even though Adam has done just about everything but pull out his cock right there in the open.

Adam leaves for the locker room with Brian following. Adam seems to have disappeared and crestfallen Brian sits on a bench in his white jockstrap. Adam appears wearing only a towel and the two start engaging in conversation. Before long, Adam takes Brian's hand and places it on his muscular pecs. Brain slowly touches Adam's body as the two start to kiss.

Brian sucks Adams huge cut cock by sucking the cock knob and slowly stroking the veiny shaft. Adam squeezes his large balls as Brian gladly sucks and licks them. The kissing turns very passionate. Adam spreads Brian's cute bubble butt revealing a tight, shaved, pink butt hole. Adam sucks and fingers Brian's hole as the locker room is filled with sighs, moans, and grunts.

Adam is much larger/taller than Brian (who has a very hot, shorter gymnast's build) and can easily lift him into some interesting positions as he fucks him (with condom). The positions resemble various balancing acts in a sex circus. Adam carries a bucking Brian around while fucking him. This is a huge turn-on! Adam fucks Brian missionary style as Brian furiously jacks off and shoots all over his stomach. Adam works his big cock to climax and cums all over Brian's stomach.



"Hard Studies " is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Mr. Pam is professional and steady with plenty of close-ups, and a very sharp/clear picture quality. The editing by Max Phillips (who is also credited with additional camera work) is equally professional and keeps the action and each scene moving at a perfect pace.


The music by Sergio Montana is a cool variety of soothing techno/new age, and harder acidy guitars depending on the tone of each scene. The Butch Daddies in Scene Five get some cool cranked up guitars. The music is mixed with the natural sounds of these hot dudes doing what they love to do most.


The extras include a scene selection option, cast photograph gallery (photos by Mick Hicks, Big Hud, and Greg Lenzman), Cum Shot Reel, studio contact information, and plenty of trailers for additional Buckshot Productions: "Big Rigs" (check out my review!)"Beyond Perfect", "Leather Bound", "Buckleroos Part I", and "Buckleroos Part II".

Final Thoughts:

"Hard Studies" is another example of top-notch all-male erotica. Buckshot's production quality is high with an excellent clear/sharp picture, camera shots, editing, lighting, and music. The models offer up a very nice age range and are all handsome and muscular. My personal favorites are Brian Hansen (I'm crazy for this hot lil' Aussie), Alex Chandler with his sexy shaved head, and Butch Daddy Brock Hatcher. The movie is a huge turn-on as these dudes really love what they are doing. There are no bored faces here. The sex is quite intense.

I highly recommend "Hard Studies" to dudes (and possibly some gals out there) who want a top quality movie featuring a cast of very muscular dudes ranging in ages from early twenties to late forties and all hot as hell.

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