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Young And Uncut #12

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/6/06

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Date of Production:

June 2005

The Movie:

The title of the movie sums it up just fine: Eastern European twinks (all age 18+) with uncut cocks in various sexual escapades alone and with each other. "Young and Uncut #12" is very basic with no plot, music, and minimal sets.

The Twinks:

Five cute guys with dark brown hair (one guy appears in all scenes), smooth bodies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, pale to olive complexions, and a variety of hairy and shaved butt holes.

Scene One:

A guy with short brown hair and pale skin is relaxing outside on a wooden lawn chair. He exclaims "I get horny" and raises his eyebrows up and down. Those are the only words in English since he is Eastern European.

He pulls his large cock out and starts jacking the foreskin up and over his slick cock head. This guy jerks off with his right hand while rubbing his chest, stomach, and closely trimmed pubes with his left. There are some nice close-ups as this guy jacks and shoots a clear load on his stomach.

Scene Two:

The same guy from Scene One is now wearing a yellow tee shirt and pumping water with a tall/thin friend who is wearing a red tee shirt. Red is tall, pale, and lanky with short brown hair and a pierced eyebrow. The two guys cut up, as the well they are pumping is dry.

Red and Yellow find a deserted outside hideaway filled with old tractor tires and assorted trash. They begin to kiss playfully and rub each other's bodies. Red sucks Yellow's cock working on his cock head and slowly stroking the shaft. Yellow in turn sucks Red's large cock stroking the long shaft and nursing on his bulbous knob.

Yellow fucks Red (with condom) from behind as Red jacks his own cock. Red fucks Yellow (with condom) in the missionary position while Yellow jerks his hard cock capping and uncapping his foreskin up and over his knob. Yellow shoots a clear load on his stomach and Red squirts a nice load on Yellow's pubes. The scene contains some nice close-ups but not nearly enough. There are too many medium camera shots.

Scene Three:

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Yellow from Scenes One and Two is now in the bath cleaning up after his fun with Red. He lathers up, shampoos his hair, rubs his cock a little, rubs his butt crack, and then rinses off with a hand-held showerhead. There is no jacking off or cumming in this scene.

Scene Four:

A very cute dude with longish dark brown hair and olive complexion wearing an orange tee shirt is sitting on a bench in front of a village store. Guy from all previous scenes shows up clean from his bath and now wearing a "Rebel" tee shirt. The two talk for a while (not sure what they are saying) and then head home.

Home is frankly kind of ugly with garishly painted walls, a cheap bookcase, bad drapes, and cheesy looking sofa. Oh well, who is looking at the set anyway? Orange has removed his shirt revealing a nice smooth chest with dark nipples. They are soon rubbing each other's crotches, legs, and kissing. Orange takes the lead by sucking Rebel's cock licking and sucking his foreskin covered knob.

Orange is the first guy in movie who really knows how to suck a cock. He licks and teases Rebel's knob and deep piss slit. Rebel goes down on Orange (who has full dark brown pubes and hairy hole). Rebel seems to have improved on his cock sucking techniques (perhaps from watching Orange) by nursing on Orange's deep red cock head and stroking his shaft. Orange reaches over and strokes Rebel's cock.

Orange rides Rebel's condom covered cock and jerks on his hard dick. There is a little doggy style before Rebel sinks down on Orange's cock (with condom) and bounces around for a bit. Orange is soon fucking Rebel in the missionary position while Rebel strokes his weenie. Rebel shoots a clear load on his stomach and Orange squirts a large load all over Rebel's chest.

Scene Five:

This threesome includes the same guy from Scenes One through Four this time in striped shirt, a cute dude with longish brown hair wearing a blue shirt, and another cute guy with dark hair wearing a yellow shirt. The three dudes start the action by kissing and feeling each other up. Soon, belts are unbuckled and cocks are revealed.

Stripes and Blue make out while Yellow is down below sucking their cocks and balls. Switch up time as Blue takes over sucking the cocks (Yellow has a BIG ol' dick on him) while Yellow and Stripes get into some kissing. Yellow is up next for sucking as he pays lots of attention to Blue's cock and balls.

Yellow fucks Stripes (with condom) doggy style....I'm not sure how Stripes can take that huge thang up tight little shaved hole. Stripes gets his "revenge" by fucking Yellow (with condom) doggy style. Yellow blows his load all over Stripes' butt while Blue and Stripes shoot their loads on a cheap makeshift table.



"Young and Uncut #12 " is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The camera work features the basic porno angles providing medium and close-up shots. The editing is not so good as the camera shots are a bit stagnant making the scenes feel longer than they are. The picture quality is crisp and clear providing a nice view of the action.


The sound is quite poor and I had to pump up the volume to hear anything. The sound improves in Scene Four. There is no music (except a short jazzy lil' ditty during the opening and closing titles) so that leaves plenty of moaning and groaning from the Twinks to fill in.


The extras include scene selection, website information, a photo gallery, and trailers for additional French Connection releases: "Capoeira #13", "Capoeira #24", Let's Play Doctor Part 1", and "Let's Play Doctor Part 2".

Final Thoughts:

"Young and Uncut #12" is an average/descent movie good for one viewing. As mentioned before, the camera work fulfills the basic porno duty and the editing is poor which makes the scenes a bit monotonous at times. The guys are cute with my personal favorites being Orange from Scene Four, Blue from Scene Five, and Yellow from Scene Five. Frankly, I got tired of seeing the same dude in every scene. The guys seem to be into the action just enough to keep the movie from being boring but look to be on autopilot. I recommend as rental for fans of Eastern European twinks with medium to large uncut cocks.

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