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Fly Spice: The Virgin Flight

Studio: Spice Studios » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/7/06

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Fly Spice: The Virgin Flight

Spice Studios

Genre: Vignette

Director: Bud Lee & Jim Malibu

Cast: Avy Scott, Randy Spears, Britney Manson, Nick Manning, Brea Bennett, Sophia, Tiffany Taylor, Billy Glide, Syren, Nick East, Rusty Nails
Non-sex roles: Kylie Ireland, scores of others (none of them were credited sadly enough)

Length: 101 minutes

Dates of Production: 12/5/2005 (credits); 12/12/2005, 12/15/2005 to 12/19/2005 (box)

Extras: The best extra was clearly the 29 minute long Behind the Scenes feature (for both this and the second volume of the series). It was directed by Bud Lee who started off by telling the viewer that the set used was a "big, big Hollywood set" with a montage of the ladies before some clips of the action and interviews. Bud was gracious enough to mention other companies, spending time discussing Brea Bennett's contract with Clue Jenna; a change from most in the industry who specifically exclude any talk of competitors. Bud commented in regards to his goal for the movie ("to turn you on") and there was additional nudity to enjoy throughout the feature. There was also a set of trailers, a photogallery, and a scene index though those did little for me.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Fly Spice: The Virgin Flight was presented in a non-anamorphic widescreen color presentation with an approximate aspect ratio of 1.85:1 as shot by Bud Lee & Jim Malibu for release by Spice Studios. The lighting was appealing to the eye and reduced the grain a fair amount, though causing some over saturated fleshtones at times. The composition of the shots enhanced the look of the ladies more than a little, and the directors certainly had a lot to work with here, though I would have liked longer scenes overall. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English. The mix of vocals and music was uneven to say the least, with the music cutting in and out as well as varying in volume a lot more than I think was intended. When it was kept low and in the background, it was a light bit of fluff but when it overpowered the ladies' vocals, it dragged down the heat of the scenes more than a little bit (and breaking up at times too). The audio was therefore one area that future productions need to work on the most (though producing the movies in anamorphic widescreen seems like a good idea too).

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Body of Review: Bud Lee is a man that has been in porn far longer than most, carving his niche out over generations (in porn terms) by catering to the couples market. He saw a renaissance of sorts when working on the Adam & Eve/Simon Wolf titles in the early 2000's with the release of A Witch's Tail that launched the latter company's efforts (which sadly fell by the wayside when Bud left them). I've long had a soft spot for his work, even the lesser titles, since he came into the field shortly after I started watching porn, trying to provide an alternative to the then standard fuck flicks (using music, various editing techniques, and a creative outlook that would have labeled him an "alt-porn" director for his time). Now that he's been at Playboy for awhile, he oversaw the takeover between them and Cinema Play to form Spice Studios. His first directorial effort for the company (co-captained with veteran director Jim Malibu) is Fly Spice: The Virgin Flight. Porn has made scores of airline related and sex in flight titles over the last 40 years, a recent effort being Fly Jenna, but this was a pleasant little outing for those not jaded and needing circus act sex to get off on. This is slated to be a series where the start up airline offers all sorts of extra services, primarily sex in flight. Here's a quick look at the action by cast, noting that some condoms were used but they weren't overly intrusive:

Scene One: Avy Scott, the attractive gal displayed on the front DVD cover (second from the left), was up first as she showed off her uniform (also pictured on the cover) to Randy Spears in the kitchen. He was right that it made her look hot and I said as much to the gals the company had signing for them during the 2006 AEE Show. The oral was pleasant and she made great use of her breasts to titty fuck him before he returned the favor and started getting her worked up. He played with her breasts, her feet, and her pussy as he prepared her for the boning she wanted from him on the countertop. She bounced on his condom coated dick with a lot of energy and he held on for dear life as she milked out his load one pump at a time. She was less active during the anal penetration but the way her breasts bounced as she rode him was especially nice to look at. It ended with the standard pop shot to her open mouth, coating her face a little too much (with the cutaway, I wasn't sure how much of the pop was semen) but she seemed to have fun.

Scene Two: Britney Manson, a gal with light colored hair and a desire to suck cock, was up next with pilot Nick Manning as she disrobed her dress to work his shaft in and out of her mouth. The oral was okay but nothing special compared to some of the other ladies, appearing a little camera shy to me as he roughly held her hair and began with his usual tirade of verbal abuse. Admittedly, this did seem to get her to pick up the pace a little with a bit of titty fucking and more sucking in this blowjob only scene.

Scene Three: Brea Bennett, playing a passenger singled out by new security/flight attendant Britney Manson, was brought back to the holding area in a fenced in part of the terminal to more thoroughly search her. The blonde on blonde lesbian action was pretty decent as they explored each other's body, with the scene focusing on oral and rubbing as the two went at it. The gals were almost always performing rather than truly appearing to get off but I'd be wrong to say I didn't like looking at them (Brea looked especially good to me). It wasn't a very long scene but fans of lipstick lesbians will appreciate it as being similar to what Vivid offers at this time.

Scene Four: Sophia, the hotty featured on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, pretty Tiffany Taylor (her eyes always appeal to me), and Billy Glide, were up in a threesome in the following scene. It looked more like Kylie Ireland's dungeon downtown than a flight suite as suggested (brick walls, cages, candles and the like; confirmed during the BTS feature with her bookcases and pictures on the walls) but Billy didn't seem to care since they were double teaming his cock orally so very nicely. He reciprocated aggressively and both gals took a boning really well. Sophia was the more active rider of the two and there was some taste testing with Tiffany taking the major load to her chest like half a bottle of lotion. It was playful and showed some chemistry, making it a decent scene to enjoy.

Scene Five: Syren, the brunette on the front DVD cover, was serving up co-pilot Nick East a sample of her wares after bringing Nick some food. Nick was a happy camper as he went down on her in the galley, leading straight into a session of safe vaginal sex. The condom disappeared and he was soon getting a hummer where she used a corkscrew technique (both hands too) in order to get him rock hard as she slobbed his knob. They went back to screwing and he soon launched a load to her eye. The music stopped midway through the scene for some reason, leading me to believe that a bit of it turned way down might've been better than either the too loud version or the silence.

Scene Six: Avy Scott, still looking like a million bucks in her uniform, was up next in the first class section with Rusty Nails. The way her ass hung out was hot and he didn't miss a step as he massaged her mammaries and pussy while she stripped down to her lingerie. Her oral was better than his and the active cock ride she gave showed a lot of skill as she safely rode his penis in the seat. He jerked off to her face and she seemed happy with the action, if a bit more mechanical than usual (I got the impression that he pissed her off somehow off camera).

Scene Seven: Sophia, up in the cockpit this time (how appropriate a term is that?!?), gave Nick "it's good to be king" Manning, a sample of the kind of skill she was offering passengers. The music was overbearing here and while she was a fine cocksucker, drowning out her vocals for generic porn music struck me as a very bad idea. He then went down on her and bit her nipples before the two boned in two passive vaginal positions and a much more active anal in reverse cowgirl (followed by some anal cowgirl but not much). The pop shot to her face was okay and the movie ended with a "to be continued" message.

Summary: Fly Spice: The Virgin Flight was a bit lighter on the action than I tend to prefer and the rough edges of the technical matters still need to be worked out (too many cooks and all) but the future looks very bright for Spice Studios given their initial offering. I still thought it was worth a rating of Rent It, but I know that many of you not into longer scenes and wanting something to watch in order to get turned on for a bout of real sex with a live partner will probably find this one far more appealing than those of you looking strictly for a stroke flick to knock one out. Bud has the skill to helm the company's production efforts and I suspect he'll be taking a more active role in quality control in future titles (which was my biggest gripe about Cinema Play a few years back; lack of quality control) but this was a nice way to open the door with a solid concept.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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