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Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/7/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Belladonna continues to not so much push the envelope as tear the damn thing wide open with her continuing line of Fetish Fanatic two disc sets being distributed by Evil Angel. While the first two were off the wall circus act fucking from start to finish, this one goes even further, throwing fruit, vegetables, and a transvestite into the mix! Here's who fucks who (and what) and how!

Chapter 1 – Belladonna And Delilah Strong: This first scene starts off with Belladonna eating Delilah's pussy and fingering her clit while she sits spread wide open for her in the bathroom. After she eats her pussy and her ass, she hands Delilah a banana and licks her clit as Delilah fucks her own pussy with the fruit. Bella peels it and eats it from her pussy, and then she spreads her legs so that Delilah can work on her pussy and ass with her mouth and tongue. Bella rolls over on her side and takes a banana up her ass, which finds its way into her mouth a couple of times too before Delilah spits on her twat and fucks her cunt with a carrot. At this point, she's DP'd by food! Bella gets down on all fours and finger fucks herself while Delilah uses the carrot on her asshole, which is then spread wide open for some gap shot photography. The kiss and then suck each other's tits before Belladonna takes a cucumber and crams it into Delilah's pretty pink box. She rubs her tongue all over her friend's cunt while she fingers herself and squirts all over the tile floor. After the cucumber games are done Delilah takes a carrot up her asshole, before using a cob of corn inside her pussy (again getting DP'd by food!). After that, Belladonna bends over and takes a lime up her ass, pulling it in and out with her muscles and letting Delilah play with it a bit, catching it in her mouth. After that it's Delilah's turn to take the lime and she does, right into her cunt. From there Bella brings out what this writer can only assume is a gourd of some sort, or maybe a strange squash. At any rate, it's a long vegetable, at least a foot and a half in length, and it finds its way right into Delilah's cunt and Belladonna's mouth. After that Belladonna takes it in her pussy and then in her ass, before the girls kiss each other and end the scene.

Chapter 2 – Katja Kassin And Nikki Loren: Katja's ass is under glass when this one starts, and then she spits onto her nipples for the camera. Nikki comes into the frame and the kiss before squishing their naked bottoms against the glass pane and sucking on each other's tits. They move upstairs and Nikki gets on all fours so that Katja can eat her pussy and asshole from behind while using her fingers on her. She sucks on her toes and then flips her onto her back so she can rub her cunt and eat her some more. Nikki pulls her legs up over her shoulders so that her playmate can fuck her pussy with a glass dildo, which soon finds its way into her ass as well. The girls move into a sixty-nine and finger fuck one another in the back door, and then Katja gets on all fours and takes the same dildo up her ass. There's some more oral for Katja who sits her ass right down on Nikki's face, as well as some spanking before they go back to some more sixty-nine action. They tongue kiss and then Katja takes a different, larger glass dildo up her ass, which she seems to really get off on as she bucks her hips into it pretty aggressively. From there Nikki assume the position and takes a big pink vibrator into her ass, rubbing her pussy frantically as she gets fucked. The girls bring out a double ended dong and suck it before fucking one another in the cunt and the mouth with the toy, ending the scene.

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Chapter 3 – Belladonna, Gianna And Sarah Stone: Gianna and Sarah do a strip tease for Belladonna showing off their big tits and curvy bodies for her. Belladonna soon joins them on the pole and takes off their tops so that they can suck each other's nipples while she rubs them. They girls smother one another with their tits and lay on top of each other before Belladonna sits down on the couch at which point they come over and cram their tits into her face and force her to lick and suck them. She makes the girls rub one another and then breaks out a massive black double-ended dong that they proceed to suck on. They titty fuck the toy and suck it some more before Belladonna makes them go down on one another and use the toy to rub off on. They eat one another's pussies, while Belladonna spanks them with her riding crop before getting in on some of the muff diving action herself. She then lubes up a big fuck toy and proceeds to slide it into Sarah's cunt as Gianna rubs her to a climax. Gianna takes the toy in her cunt and sits down on it, before Sarah gives it head and cleans her juices right off of it. They slide it into Sarah's cunt and Belladonna sucks on her tits while she rides it, then the two big titted beauties get on all fours so that Belladonna can fuck both of them from behind with dildos at the same time. The girls suck the toys clean and finish up the scene lapping at the fake cocks.

Chapter 4 – Lexi Love And Roxy Deville: The two girls are wearing open toed shoes and sitting on the couch playing with each other's toys. Roxy gets Lexi's shoe off first and starts sucking on her toes, and then Lexi returns the favor. They go back and fourth enjoying each other's feet and legs for a bit, before Lexi takes Roxy's top off and starts sucking on her nipples. She rubs her feet on Roxy's tits and puts them in her mouth while they each suck each other's toes at the same time. Soon Roxy's panties are off and her pussy is being eaten out while Lexi works her fingers in between her toes for the camera. After Roxy's been finger fucked and had her gash eaten out, she takes out a black dildo and makes Lexi fuck her more with the toy. She rubs her feet on it as she gets fucked by it, while Lexi rubs her nipples on her toes. After that Lexi finally gets to bend over to have her pussy worked on by Roxy's tongue, which also spends some quality time with her toes as well. Her pussy is eaten and fingered for a bit before a different black dildo comes into play and finds its way into her mouth and then her beaver, Roxy sucking her toes all the while. She gets on her back with her legs spread so that Roxy can have full access to her fun zone, and then the girls take out a pink double-ended dong and start to play with it. They put it in each other's mouths and then get down on all fours to take it in their pussies ass-to-ass style. They roll over and get on their backs and fuck themselves silly with the toy bringing it all to a very wet climax.

Chapter 5 – Belladonna And Vanity: The final scene, and the only one on the second disc, finds Belladonna making out with a tranny named Vanity. She eats Vanity's ass for a bit and then gives her head before sucking her feet. Belladonna deep throats Vanity really aggressively and from a few different angles for quite some time before fingering her ass. Once the oral is over with Belladonna puts on a strap on and fucks Vanity up the ass with it and while this is going on Vanity strokes her cock and Belladonna manages to bend over far enough to blow her at the same time. Vanity sucks Bella's strap on before getting down on all fours for more ass fucking, stroking her cock all the while. Bella gives her head and fingers her own ass for a bit, and then gets on all fours so that Vanity can give her oral before fucking her in the asshole while she fingers herself. Belladonna has Vanity sit back on the couch and rides her cock reverse cowgirl style up the ass, and then sucks her off again.



This shot on digital video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.33.1 fullframe presentation. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident throughout in the darker scenes. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on (though some of the camera work in a couple of spots is quite shaky), and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything looks as good as you'd realistically expect it to.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. There is no background music used anywhere during the feature aside from the opening credits and the levels do tend to fluctuate quite a bit from scene to shining scene but aside from that there isn't much to whine about here. The audio is fine.


The first disc in the set isn't exactly loaded with extras as the feature itself runs pretty long at over three hours, but there is a cast list here, and some web-links. Yeehaw.

The second disc contains a behind the scenes documentary that runs for over two hours and ten minutes in length. There's a lot of footage from the various scenes in here, some quite hardcore, and a lot of candid footage of the girls getting primed for their scenes. There are some fun interviews with the girls who are surprisingly relaxed as they talk about their experiences, and there's a pretty funny conversation with Belladonna in here about what should or should not find it's way into her ass in the bedroom. There's a lot of steamy footage in here of the girls trying out a few different things that didn't make it into the final cut of the feature as well as some nice footage of them warming up together. It's also interesting to see Bella's off camera reactions while Vanity goes down on her – apparently she's pretty damn good at it.

Monica Sweetheart (Solo Bonus Scene): Also hidden away on the second disc is a hot masturbation scene with Monica Sweetheart. Here's how it works… She starts this scene off by smoking a cigarette and blowing the smoke right into the camera lens. The lens focuses in on her feet, which she plays with and shows off for the camera. After that she gives a footjob to a dildo, before taking it into her mouth and then smacking her tits with it. Her skirt comes up and her nylons come down as she presents her ass for the viewer, and after she fingers her cornhole for a bit she finds a flesh colored fuck toy to cram on in there. After that she takes out a double-ended hot pink dildo and fucks herself in the ass with that toy, before she rolls over and gives on end a footjob while working the other end into her ass at the same time. There's some ass to mouth and pussy to mouth with ol' pinky before he goes away and is replaced by a metal silver butt plug of some sort that she squeezes on in there. She spreads her legs with the plug up her ass so that she can spread and finger her box, stopping to pull the plug in and out of her asshole from time to time.

Rounding out the extras on the disc are a few photo galleries, a cast list, filmographies, web-links and trailers for Belladonna's Fucking Girls 3, and Fetish Fanatic 2.

Final Thoughts:

The tranny factor might put some people off this release but it's definitely handled better and sexier than most tend to be. The rest of the scenes are flat out hot and really well done, featuring a great cast of gorgeous girls in some legitimately daring sex. The kinks in this one are pretty specific and not for all tastes but anyone who appreciates what Belladonna has been doing really ought to enjoy Fetish Fanatic 3. Highly recommended.

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