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Cum Fart Cocktails #4

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/8/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Cum Fart Cocktails 4

Red Light District

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jake Malone

Cast: Sasha Knox, Kelly "Fuckin" Wells, John Strong, Lee Bang, Lefty Larue, Chris Mountain, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Juan Cuba, Mia Bangg, Melissa Lauren, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano, Mysti May, Bailey, Steve Holmes, Hailey Young, Sierra Sinn, Tory Lane, Staci Thorn; Anna Belle, Jake Malone (last two in the bonus scene only)

Length: 175.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 11/12/2005, 12/11/2005, 12/19/2005, 12/21/2005, 1/28/2006, 3/7/2006

Extras: The best extra for most folks will likely be the nearly 12 minute blowjob by Anna Belle given to director Jake Malone in point of view (POV) style. She showed some decent handling skills, had an aptitude for ball sucking, and didn't shirk away from the semen spewing forth from his member. It wasn't the best such scene like it that I've seen but it was pretty good. I also liked the 16+ minute long Behind the Scenes feature since it showed more sex, lots of nudity and scene preparation, and even gave the gals a chance to shout out to their fans (like Da Burglar for example). If you like any of the ladies, it was another chance to get to know them outside of a noisy convention so give it a look. There was also a photogallery and a double sided DVD cover (advertising on the second side only though) but given the length of the movie, the extras weren't as vital to maintaining value as in shorter flicks.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Cum Fart Cocktails 4 was presented in the standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as most porn is shot these days, by director Jake Malone for Red Light District. The picture was decent and showed some improvement over older releases by Jake with often nice lighting, solid composition of most shots (making the women look more appealing than usual), and good fleshtones, though he still has a way to go to be as technically adept as some of his peers. There was a small, light watermark with the Red Light District logo on the bottom right hand corner of the picture but few people seem to mind it these days considering the amount of fuck for the buck being offered and the understanding that piracy is so prevalent. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English and was generally well done although it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for a gonzo production. I could hear the gals moan, groan, and talk dirty so I was pleased with it but there wasn't any separation between the channels and the dynamic range wasn't all that great either.

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Body of Review: Jake Malone has come a long way since being a mope squad member in that he now directs a number of titles for Red Light District, taking over some of the work those that left the company had established. Jake's biggest claim to fame seems to be how he'll push a gal or cast to doing the most hardcore sex he can get out of them, resulting in some very heated scenes. Those that think gonzo directors turn on a camera and sit back must never have seen this guy in action, though I admit that his track record isn't as consistent as some of his peers. His latest movie is Cum Fart Cocktails 4, the sequel to Cum Fart Cocktails 3, a series where the ladies have hardcore sex then one of them will take an anal creampie (sometimes more than one) for the other gal to swallow straight out of the ass that farts it out. Okay, I know it sounds gross (it is gross!) but aside from that part of the movie, the action was almost always really passionate and depraved, just the way many of you like it. That said, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used in the scenes:

Scene One: Sasha Knox, a cute gal with light brown hair, started off the scene by laying back for nasty Kelly "Fuckin" Wells to go down on (and rim like crazy). Kelly has long established herself as a dominant female in porn but also accepts the passive role from men as long as they give her the hardcore loving she appears to crave. They used various toys to stretch ass, like the cool glass serrated anal toy Kelly took to so readily. Their primary partner was studly John Strong, and they were soon double teaming his cock as though greedily trying to get a load from him early. This led right into Kelly riding him hard anally while Sasha tossed his salad (rimmed his ass). Kelly was loud and proud at the routine, ordering Sasha to do some ATOGM and clean off John's penis but both of them joined in on doing so in no time. He then banged Sasha while she went down on Kelly, reversing the roles a bit as they did some oral. Both ladies were skilled at their craft, showing passion (real or simply performed for the camera), chemistry, and a drive missing in some of the weaker forms of porn these days. Kelly eventually took the anal creampie and shit it directly into Sasha's mouth, and while I thought it was gross, that was the advertised act. This could have been the end of the scene but then a bunch of uncredited Mope Squad members (most likely Lee Bang, Lefty Larue, Chris Mountain, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, and Juan Cuba) were given the opportunity to rub out loads in Kelly's anal gape for Sasha to swallow. Yikes!

Scene Two: Mia Bangg, with dark hair and bond with a blindfold and mouth dildo strapped on so she couldn't talk (just service her partner as a fuck puppet), and beautiful Melissa Lauren; each dressed in great lingerie outside in the courtyard, had some lesbian warm up with Melissa clearly in charge. Mia's ass is great to admire and she was made to crawl into the house where the gals took on both Manuel Ferrara and Michael Stefano. Mia begged for cock from Michael while Melissa blew Manuel, each gal giving some fine head. Manuel was more actively throatfucking his charge but this allowed for a dual dynamic to take place and the fan to enjoy the best of both worlds. The rest of the scene was like this two with the gals opening every hole for some power fucking by the men, doing taste testing (PTM, ATM and the usual variations) in between positions on the couch. I thought it was interesting that Mia got more and more aggressive as the scene progressed but Melissa ruled with her extensive DP footage. In short, the scene ended with the advertised cum fart cocktail and both gals were completely focused on the various sex acts, Mia winning on general points and Melissa providing the more extreme acts slightly better.

Scene Three: Mysti May, a spitfire cutie that has really been giving me wood of late, and busty babe Bailey, were up next as they played together in the courtyard. Mysti's fishnet pantyhose enhanced her already shapely ass while Bailey's neon blue and black corset and matching thong provided some equal vicarious thrills. The combination of the ladies together nearly gave me chills for the playful mannerisms they employed and both seemed to appreciate the chance to work with Steve Holmes and Michael Stefano when they went inside to the "Couch O' Porn". Mysti worked Steve while Bailey worked Michael, impaling their throats on dick just as they prepared to do the same with other bodily orifices. Mysti was her usual gregarious self, yelling out loud repeatedly as she rode the hard cock so enthusiastically while Bailey simply provided an incredible bit of active riding that was quieter but included plenty of hip grinding action to enhance the moment. Bailey had a fuller ass but both of them were undeniably appealing on many levels so a comparison would never cover the completely different package each brought to the scene. Each did some great anal and vaginal, coaxing each other on like they were on the bonus plan. I wasn't keen on Mysti's waterworks being left on the camera lens but each of the quartet seemed to get off (the gals a few times). I may not care for the advertised cum farts but the rest of the scene was replete with all the penetration, oral, and assorted tricks you'd expect of the group. Bailey's DAP (double anal penetration) was the most extreme part of the show (her DP's were fine for me though) and the scene ended with Mysti sucking semen out of her friend's ass willingly. In all, they were more than "cute like buttons" as Mysti suggested, making me want to see more of the two together. Wow! (if Jake truly wanted to dream up a more perverted scenario, I have one for him: both gals move in with me and have a great life of depravity)

Scene Four: Hailey Young and Sierra Sinn, a couple of very lean (some would say skinny) ladies that love to spend time online chatting (cough), were up next as they described how much they wanted to work together. Both had pretty eyes and Hailey told Jake that she was new to the forms of extreme sex about to take place. They went inside, warmed up with one another on the couch, and then proceeded to eat clam like seasoned veterans. Manuel Ferrara and Michael Stefano joined them and the penetrative sex, including both vaginal and anal, started in all earnestness. While they initially partnered up, they did not stick with one man, preferring to sample the best of both worlds. There was some DP footage but it lacked the kind of chemistry I prefer to see, relying on sheer mechanical drive instead. Sierra was the more extreme sexually of the two gals but Hailey sucked semen out of her friend's anal cavity (the farting was grosser than usual thanks to some air in her backside; read between the lines). They did all that was expected of them and while it wasn't the best scene of the bunch, they were seemingly happy to work together as stated in the beginning of the scene.

Scene Five: Tory Lane, the incredibly hot lady standing on the front DVD cover, was up last with submissive cutie Staci Thorn (seen eating Tory's ass on the cover). They engaged in some heated lesbian play by the pool by doing a 69 in their skimpy lingerie with the anal beads clearly in evidence. I've been a fan of Tory for awhile now but both were appealing to me in how they seemed to play so passionately. Tory dominated her pal by attaching a metal leash to her collar and doing some face sitting on the couch, leading to nipple torture and passionate kissing. I got a sense of passion between them that could have been an act but if so, they'd both be up for mainstream roles in terms of convincing an audience as to just about anything they wanted to. It wasn't too long before the tag team wonder twins, John Strong and Michael Stefano, entered the picture and continued what the gals started, banging both of the gals vaginally as though seeing who could drive it home deeper and faster. The gals were active throughout the action with Tory doing first anal and coming across like she was the most enthusiastic with her vocals going off the charts. She did ATM without a second thought and showed Staci how to really liven up the scene. Both gals did DP's and the scene ended as advertised with the ejaculate pouring out of Tory's ass into Staci's mouth and a final kiss between the gals for good luck. Whew!

Scene Six: Anna Belle, a curvy black gal wearing an outfit that looked appealing on her, was given a chance to work with the mighty deviant Jake Malone in a 12 minute blowjob bonus scene. Jake made the best of it and I have to tip my hat to him for how he held out while she actively licked and sucked his rod and balls. Whatever kidding I do about him, he has superior control to yours truly and I kind of wish she was given a full workout in the movie itself rather than the limited hummer action here.

Summary: Cum Fart Cocktails 4 proved to be another solid hit from Jake Malone and got extra points for truth in advertising. The amount of fuck for the buck, replay value, and pure energy/chemistry from the cast was enough to warrant a rating of Highly Recommended and the extras weren't a bad addition either for fans of the ladies. In the broadest sense of the concept, the circus act sex may not appeal to many of you but the ladies were consenting adults who seemed to enjoy the action and if that's what consumers want to see, I'm not going to argue with them. Look for Mysti May, Bailey, Tory Lane and others giving their best to the show, with Jake providing a lot of skill in getting the most out of them.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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