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Super Squirters 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/8/06

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Super Squirters 2

Exquisite Multimedia/Venom Digital Media

Genre: Squirting

Director: Jordan Septo

Cast: Flower Tucci, Van Damage, Kat, Steve French, Sergio, Angela Stone, Cheyne Collins, Annie Cruz, Trent Tesoro, Nadia Styles

Length: 134.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/16/2006

Extras: My favorite extra was the 30.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature since it included a lot of time with the performers having sex, walking around nude, and telling Jordan and his hotty female assistant all kinds of things. I would've liked more footage with Flower Tucci but that's largely because I'm a fan. Van Damage had a funny anecdote about homophobia but there were numerous little bits worth checking out. There was a photogallery, a cumshot compilation from the scenes, and trailers to movies like Great Big Asses, Absolute Ass 1, F-ing Teens, Cream Filled 1, and Absolute Ass 5, as well as a cardboard protective sleeve.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Super Squirters 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as originally shot by director Jordan Septo for release by Venom Digital Media, a subsidiary of Exquisite Multimedia. The lighting was solid in every scene here; one of the benefits of shooting in a vanilla location of a couch in a room. This meant he could control the levels of grain and video noise, banishing them as a result. I know some folks prefer having to guess which hole is being plundered in a gonzo shoot but I'm not one of them so kudos for a job well done. The composition of the shots was virtually always favorable to the ladies too, focusing on their strengths rather than minor flaws in most cases, and that added some measure of fun to the scenes here. There were some abrupt edits this time, looking a lot like reload cuts for the ladies to replenish their fluids for the next "squirts", and the flesh tones weren't always as accurate this time. The DVD was mastered well enough and I thought the visual elements worked very nicely generally speaking. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo audio was in English but there were some significant variations in terms of what could be heard and what couldn't. At times, you could see the cast's lips move and barely hear them while other times would have them blaring to the point of distortion. The music wasn't a factor here and the background noises were rare here, keeping the focus on the show at large.

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Body of Review: Jordan Septo is a director who tends to make some very appealing porn by losing the frills and artistic garbage behind in order to focus on the basics. The only downside to such an approach is that when the cast isn't working at their best, the results are more rapidly seen. I know that some of you prefer the masking effect of strobe lights, weird camera angles, and all the glitzy tricks you learn when trying to tuck the hidden secrets of porn under the guise of artistic license but Jordan takes the classical route figuring if something doesn't work this time, he'll work harder the next opportunity he gets. His latest title is called Super Squirters 2, featuring the queen of gush herself, Flower Tucci (who also happens to grace the cover). I'm not a believer in terms of the massive quantities of fluid that pour out of ladies who claim to "squirt" but I know several in the cast have outstanding reputations for providing solid performances and I wanted to see what they could do here. Recent fetish titles on squirting have included Swallow My Squirt 3, Supersquirt 3, and Flower's Squirt Shower 3 (hmmm, a trio of 3's…maybe that means something), proving that the squirting wars in porn have largely been lopsided in favor of Elegant Angel. To me though, Jordan's style is more consistent and relies less on tricks so I wanted to give this one a fair shot. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting no condoms were used, to show you what I found:

Scene One: Flower Tucci, the babe on the front DVD cover and all around superior performer, was up first as she teased and masturbated on the couch in her slutty manner. If you like juicy, phat ass, there really aren't a lot of ladies built for comfort better than her, especially at her skill level. The dirty talk enhanced the action as did her ass jiggling; with the large glass toy proving to be appealing too (I'd have licked it clean out of her). As she masturbated, she was joined by Van Damage, rubbing out her first waterworks before getting down to sucking him off in a passionate manner. The oral gave way to vaginal penetration where she popped again a few times, her doing PTM before she took his modest member into her ass. As she got used to his stubby cock, she rode him faster and harder, doing ATM, popping a few more times, and taking his load to her mouth like a champion. It wasn't her very best scene to date but even a decent Flower scene beats most of her peers on the market.

Scene Two: Kat, a youthful gal with a boyish body, was up second as she rubbed herself and talked dirty in front of a large couch. Her make up was way too garish and the lingerie practically fell off her lithe form but she was soon joined by hairy Steve French (I swear he could've been a stunt double for Chewbacca) and Sergio (whose face looked like he had a serious accident). As Steve played with her ass, Sergio got some oral loving from her, with the camera getting a bit of both ends to give fans lots to think (and stroke) about. Sergio began porking her pussy in doggy as she rimmed Steve, with the men swapping spots for Steve to bone her behind. She wasn't as active in riding the cock this time, at least until the cowgirl position, but the scene was much like many of her others in that regard. The men then DP'd her as she yelled out demanding more; with some foot fetish and squirting (her second time was stronger, coming in at just before the movie's one hour mark). The scene ended when they coated her face and throat completely (well as completely as these two guys could do), leaving her as much a mess as the floor she pissed on.

Scene Three: Angela Stone, a blonde gal calling herself a "dirty little slut", began her scene by apparently reading lines off a page given the wooden performance, while dressed in her black bikini outfit on the matching leather couch. She didn't have much chance to tease or masturbate because Cheyne Collins walked in on her with his dick in her face and she responded naturally by sucking him off. Unfortunately, she had all the enthusiasm of a street walker looking to finish a guy off quickly and the entire scene proved to be along the same lines. She fucked him hard enough in her pussy but it looked like some not so subtle edits took place between "squirts" (the color tempo changed after the first one for example…oops!). On a bright note, she was more active than many in the business so even if she seemed to be going through the motions, at least she didn't lie back and passively take the pounding. The scene ended as expected with a facial, him popping her first stream into her eye. To me, it was a filler scene all the way but fans may see it differently (as well as those who like watching a man kiss the cum soaked lips of the gal).

Scene Four: Annie Cruz, a cute little Asian gal with an all natural body and an ability to turn on the waterworks as well as any other gal in porn, was up next on the couch in a short masturbation scene before Trent Tesoro joined her. He diddled her to a watery orgasm (far too quickly, you decide though) and she reciprocated by sucking him off in a very skillful manner. He used her mouth as a cock socket, jerking off into the open hole, before she took charge of the sloppy oral she has long been favored to give. I'll admit that I've been slow to warm to her look in the past but her skillful approach to sex and wanton demeanor have since got me getting onto her bandwagon (slowly mind you) and she took a rapid pounding before turning on the waterworks a second time. By the time she was through, she must've dumped the entire contents of her initially full bladder but in Trent's favor, he was tearing into her with her responding very vocally. I'll say this much, if she had been retaining water before the scene, she was dry as a bone by the end of it given the level of fluid leaving her body. It ended when he launched a large load into her mouth with the scene pretty good even for a nonbeliever like me.

Scene Five: Nadia Styles, a very fetching lass with the prettiest face of the movie and the lean type of body so many seem to favor these days, was up last with a striped bikini on the love seat. She told the camera what she was going to do and Van Damage walked in on her to make it happen. Her oral was given in the savoring style that many men favor, sucking the tip and licking the whole area with an attentiveness second to none. The deepthroating would've been more interesting on a larger, longer cock (sorry Van) but she was at home with his girth and enjoyed his penetrative standing doggy stance. She did some PTM and while she had some very rough edges, her potential for active fun was high. The downside to mentioning her potential was that she wasn't displaying much of it, even when she yelled out and squealed. The good news is that at least her watery orgasms seemed more realistic than the pints of fluid flying in the other scenes and while I can't say the scene was an unqualified success, I can say that I'm looking forward to seeing more of her in action.

Summary: Super Squirters 2 had a couple of decent scenes but the squirting came across as fake or at least less believable than ever and even the skills of director Jordan Septo weren't enough to make this one any better than a Rent It for me. One of the problems with so-called gimmick porn is that you walk a very fine line where the trick has to be believed in order to appeal to fans. The technical flaws weren't libido killing for me but the lack of spark or passion (not to mention chemistry) of several of the cast were what lowered the rating irretrievably. Just as Jordan's strength tends to provide a superior canvass for ladies doing a great job, his weakness is that he can't cover up for their lower quality performances either. I still think he has some great skills but some of the cast simply let him down this time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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