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Bad Boys 2

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/8/06

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Date of Production:

July 2002


Joachim Koehler


Klaus Cholk, Ralf Heinze, Ivan Plopp, Peter Vichern, Michael Gola, Jan Muller, Karsten Moll, Ben Hoffer, Tim Klett, Dennis Peterman.

The Movie:

"Bad Boys # 2" is a German production with no plot to speak of. That's all right since the five scenes contain plenty of hot kissing, sucking, and of course fucking. These attractive (for the most part) German dudes are definitely horny and ready for some action.

The Dudes:

Nine of the ten dudes are attractive and look to be in their early twenties. One dude is a cute Twink and another looks to be in his thirties or possibly early forties. All have very nice slender/muscular builds, the pubes are a variety of full, trimmed and shaved, and the bratwursts are big and uncut.

Scene One: "Sex on the Couch"

Cuties Klaus (short black hair) and Ralf (longish dark brown hair) are kissing and making out on the couch with plenty of tongue action. Off come their shirts as Ralf licks and sucks Klaus' hard lil' nipples. Ralf pulls Klaus' big uncut cock out and sucks the pink knob and shaft.

Klaus in return sucks Ralf's large uncut cock with nice plump head. Ralf gets quite excited and face fucks Klaus' greedy mouth. Ralf fucks Klaus (with condom) in sort of an upside down missionary position. I kept waiting for the couch to turn over but luckily, it didn't. Ralf jerks his cock and shoots his nut on Klaus's stomach as Klaus squirts his load.

Scene Two: "Study Buddies"

Cute Ivan (blondish brown hair) is waiting on a snow-covered road for the bus. Peter (very handsome with dark brown pompadour) arrives with his backpack full of books. Once in Ivan's bedroom, the two attempt to study but that plan is soon thrown out as the two begin to make out.

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Ivan pulls out Peter's large uncut cock and starts sucking away while licking all around the knob and jerking the rigid shaft....working Peter's foreskin up and over his knob. Peter pulls Ivan's hard uncut cock out and sucks him for just a short moment as he has Ivan's hairy butt hole on his mind. Peter rolls on a condom, lubes up, and Ivan sinks down for a ride. The two are soon in a side/missionary position as Peter pistons in and out of Ivan's tight hole. Peter blasts a thick load onto Ivan's stomach as Ivan shoots on his own stomach mixing the two seeds.

Scene Three: "The Date"

Attractive Michael (with brown hair/blonde highlights) is sharing a bottle of wine with hottie Jan (longish dark hair and tatts) at the dining room table. Clumsy Jan spills some wine on his shirt. Michael is more than eager to assist. This "clean up" quickly turns into a heavy kissing session as the two move to another room and onto the sofa.

Additional making out and crotch rubbing ensue as the two start to heat up. Jan unbuckles Michael's belt and pulls out his hard uncut cock. Jan sucks Michael's cock head and extremely veiny shaft. Jan is an expert at teasing Michael's knob by flicking his tongue like he is working a lollipop. Michael returns the favor by sucking Jan's large uncut tool.

They move the sofa out of the way and spread a blanket on the floor. The blanket features a picture of a horse head. There is more cock sucking as the two switch back and forth on their oral duties. Michael fucks Jan's hairy hole (with condom) in the side/missionary position. This is very hot! Michael then switches to doggy style and shoots his large load of love juice all over Jan's back. Jan cums on his own pubes.

Scene Four: "Do It Yourself"

Sexy Karsten (with closely cropped brown hair) is working with some cable on the outside of his apartment. Very handsome Ben (with wavy brown hair) is sitting inside reading a magazine when he hears the racket. Ben goes outside and invites Karsten in for hot coffee, kissin', and plenty of feelin' up.

Ben sucks and licks Karsten's hard nipples and moves his way down to something else hard that Karsten has: a big uncut schlong. Ben "goes to town" sucking on that large cock licking, stroking, and jacking it with great enthusiasm. Karsten sucks on Ben's large cock for a little while and then fucks his hairy hole (with condom) doggy style. Karsten works a big load onto Ben's back as Ben jacks off and shoots a thick load on his stomach.

Scene Five: "More Sex on the Couch"

No foreplay in this scene as it starts with some furious fucking (with condom) as redheaded Twink Tim plows bleach-blonde Dennis' shaved hole doggy style. Dennis then bounces up and down on Tim's large uncut cock. The two switch to a side/missionary position as Tim continues to plug Dennis and then switch again into a frenzied sixty-nine. Not to be mean but frankly, Dennis looks to have been rode hard and hung up wet.

Dennis eats Tim's shaved hole and then finger fucks him with two--followed by--four fingers. Big dildo time! Dennis stretches Tim's hole with a large dildo. Once the sex toy is removed, Tim's hole looks like its gasping and pouting for breath. Bigger dildo time! Dennis stretches Tim's hole even more with a huge dildo. Tim shoots a load on his stomach and there is a nice shot of his cum soaked foreskin. Dennis shoots while Tim licks his nuts.



"Bad boys #2 " is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The camera work by Joachim Koehler features the basic porno angles and provides plenty of nice close-ups and steady shots. The picture quality is the big problem here: very grainy. The editing by Jurgen Bertz is basic and keeps the scenes moving along at a nice pace.


The music by Dagmar (I still love that name!) Stenger again starts out with some cool guitars but quickly moves to a very 1980s synth sound. I half expected Human League to make a guest appearance. Of course, there are plenty of sex sounds as well.


The extras include a scene selection and trailers for additional French Connection releases: Let's Play Doctor Part 1", "Let's Play Doctor Part 2", "Men of Summer" and "Bi Teen Power #1".

Final Thoughts:

"Bad Boys 2" is a definite improvement over "Bad Boys 1". The models are all attractive (with the exception of a certain bleached blond), the sex is a turn on, the camera provides plenty of nice close-ups to get right in on the action. I even liked the cheesy 1980s synth tunes. The dudes seem to be into all the making out, sucking and fucking they are engaging in which is always a plus.

My only complaint is with the picture quality: it is quite grainy which is not good. This is a shame as I would definitely rate the movie higher than "Rent it" if the picture quality was better. So, I highly recommend "Bad Boys 2" as a rental for dudes who dig attractive German men in their early twenties who have large uncut cocks.

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