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Dreaming of Snow

Studio: Anarchy Films » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 6/11/06

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Genre: Asian, Compilation

Director: David Aaron Clark

Cast: Shai Lee, Kammy, Kylie Rey, Sabrine Maui, Cris Taliana, Annie Cruz, Heidi Ho, Tami Lynn, Mila Yung, Veronica Lynn

Length: DVD 1 3:26 and DVD 2 3:32

Production Date: 7/14/03, 7/18/03, 8/25/03, 12/23/03, 2/5/04, 2/11/04, 2/25/04, 3/20/04, 3/26/04, 4/01/04, 5/28/04, 6/20/04

Extras: photos, trailers

Audio/Video: The video is presented in full screen color. The picture quality is not great. The picture has a heavy grain, colors look way off which is due to the lighting. Scenes are either too bright or too dark, a reoccurring problem with Mr. Clark. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo and sounds decent.

Scene 1: Tami Lynn, Shai Lee & Mr. Marcus
In this scene, Tami Lynn, a fairly decent looking Asian girl has a bit of sex with Mr. Marcus. Comparably, I must say that she looks a lot better in this feature than in No Swallowing Allowed. Also in this scene, Shai Lee plays the role of a fluffer. She gets Mr. Marcus prepared for the sex scene. Shai's blow job isn't much to get excited about. What's even worse is that she has no make up on. After a blow job, Marcus is ready to go and joins up with Tami. They have some sex, which is energetic. Midway into the action, Tami gets her chance for oral sex. It's some very hot stuff. Tami does her best to stuff Marcus' cock deep into her mouth. The scene also includes some more action for Shai and Marcus, oral and straight sex. It looks like stuff just cut into the scene. I really didn't like this. The action would jump between Shai and Tami, definitely not streamline. Overall, this was a pretty good scene. I really loved Tami's oral bits and the sex was very intense.

Scene from K-Pop

Scene 2: Annie Cruz, Brain Surewood & Sledgehammer
Annie is a really good looking girl, with a great body. Annie joins with Clark to find Sledge and Brian in a cage. It's supposed to give some kind of S&M bondage, female domination appeal. Soon Brian is freed and Annie gives him a great blow job. Next Sledge is freed and Annie is being double plugged. I really enjoyed seeing Annie in action. Throughout the scene, she gave some pretty incredible oral sex and her sexual performance was hot.

Scene from AZN Super Idols

Scene 3: Veronica Lynn
Veronica is a sexy looking Asian girl, with a nice tight body. She looks pretty sexy in this scene. This scene is pure oral action. She first gives Brian a blow job. I enjoyed watching her pretty face get stuffed, but it was far too lax for me to really enjoy it. This first blow job ends with a weak facial.

Scene is from AZN Super Idols 2

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Scene 4: Sabrine Maui, Brian Surewood & ??
Sabrine is a good looking asian chick with a slim figure and small tits. Her most attractive quality is her face. It's just so adorable and looks even better getting a dick stuffed in her face. In this scene she does just that. The action begins with some foreplay. Brain Surewood and some other dude get their hands all over her. It doesn't take long before Sabrin'es pretty face gets stuffed wit their cocks. The oral action is pretty exciting. Sabrine looks great with a big dick stuffed in her face. The sex also offers some enjoyable action. The guys work her hard and she seemed to really enjoy it. The scene ends with a facial and a vaginal creampie.

Scene from Banana Cream Pie 1

Scene 5: Mila Yung, Tyler Knight, Sledge Hammer
Mila is a pretty cute girl. She has a decent body with fairly small breasts. She's wearing a corset with white panties and stockings. This proves to be a bad choice when she's near the window. The overpowering sunlight and the white clothes seem to make her disappear at times. This scene features a lot of action, but it isn't very impressive. Mila makes several attempts to talk dirty, but comes off sounding less than exhilarating. Even more so, she's paired up with two "equipped" black dudes and that proves to be a bit of an issue. She repeatedly asks them to take it easy on her or slow down. The guys do as asked. A lot of the scene is pretty slow, but features a few speedy bits. Overall this scene had a few good moments, but it just didn't have a lot of high paced action.

Scene from K Pop

Scene 6: Kylie Rey, Tyler Knight
Kylie is a cute Asian gal. There is one thing I really love about this girl, her ass. In this scene, Kylie gets to play a door-to-door sales girl. She's trying to raise money for her school, selling chocolate at 300 bucks a pop! Well, David invites her in, she makes a chocolate sundae and eats it. Watching someone eat isn't really exciting, but damn, now I wish I had some ice cream. The scene opens with some oral sex. It starts off fairly light, but gets really exciting. Kylie let's Tyler fuck her face and she does a wonderful job swallowing him down. The action gets slightly messy, as spit continually drips from her chin. The rest of the action has Kylie getting railed by Tyler. The sex goes at great pace and the action looks hot. The scene ends with an internal cum shot. Tyler then takes a spoon of ice cream and scoops up his cum and gives Kylie a taste. Overall, with a great oral bit and some good sex made for a great scene.

Scene from Banana Cream Pie 3

Scene 7: Kylie Rey, Kammy
This scene is the girl/girl action that comes right before the boy/girl scene with Mr. Marcus talked about in the next scene review.

Scene from AZN Super Idols

Scene 8: Kylie Rey, Kammy, Mr. Marcus
In this scene, Marcus joins up with two innocent looking Asian girls. Kylie doesn't really get in the action much, she just provides a helping hand. The main event is really Marcus and Kammy together. Kammy is wearing a pair of wings, blouse, and a plaid skirt. She looks pretty weird with the wings, but once they're off she looks a lot better. The oral sex isn't extremely hot, but there are some really good close-ups of the action. The sex has some pretty heated content, but isn't nearly as good as the oral sex. The biggest problem I had with this scene was that Kammy just didn't look really good throughout the scene.

Scene from AZN Super Idols

Scene 9: Cris Taliana, Brian Surewood, Mr. Marcus
Cris, another star of No Swallowing Allowed, is one of those girls that makes mens' jaws drop. She's an extremely gorgeous gal, with a young and tight body and small breasts. In this scene, she has over an hour and a half of screen time. We get a chance to listen to her complain about her cell phone service, do back flips, smoke cigarettes, and other stuff. Once this opening is over, Cris and Brian get into action. They open with a blow job. Cris does a very good job here. She conducts with the blow job with and without her hands and allows Brian to fuck her face. After some great oral, they engage in sex. Marcus shows up a little later and joins in the action. During the action, there's a few attempts at double vaginal, but the guys are just too big for Cris's tight spot. So they end up cutting it out. Throughout the sex scene, Cris is excited and energetic. She seems to be having a really good time! The action is very good, with a pretty much nonstop scene. Overall, this was a pretty hot scene. Cris is a very vivacious character. I think David Aaron Clark said best himself, something along the lines that he wouldn't have a movie without Cris. Her scene really made this a worthy film.

Scene from K Pop

Scene 10: Heidi Ho, Brain Surewood, Mr. Marcus, Tyler Knight
Heidi has a very friendly personality. She's a fairly attractive gal. In this scene she joins 3 guys to live out one of her fanatasies. Obviously, it's having sex with 3 guys. They open with a lot of oral sex, none of which is very exciting. However, there are a few oral bits when her face is being fucked that the action looks great. The rest of the scene is sex, with all kinds of nastiness being conducted. The scene ends with a facial, anal cream pie, and vaginal cream pie. Pretty much, she has all of her holes smeared with sperm. I really didn't find this scene that exciting. Heidi is cute, but she just wasn't giving off a watch-me-have-sex vibe in her scene.

Scene from Banana Cream Pie 3

Scene 11: Annie Cruz & David Aaron Clark
Annie returns once again for an oral only scene. Clark sits in the captain's chair and Annie gives him a blow job in point of view. It's fairly enjoyable, but not extremely hot. The action felt a little too slow. The scene ends with Annie covering her chest with chocolate sauce. I didn't really find that exciting, but it might turn you on.

Scene from AZN Super Idols

Concluding Words: Dreaming of Snow is a compilation of various David Aaron Clark's scenes (11, but really 10) which all come from AZN Super Idols, AZN Super Idols 2, Banana Cream Pie 1, Banana Cream Pie 3 and K-Pop. This compilation releases is good if you are not familar with Clark's work (if you are, chances are you already have all of these scenes on DVD). I personally am not a huge fan of Clark's filming styles and tend not to pay attention to his work. I'd rent this before buying.

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