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Lewd Conduct #27 (Penny Flame)

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/12/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Lewd Conduct 27


Genre: Gonzo

Director: Chico Wang

Cast: Joanna Angel, James Deen, Penny Flame, Jay Ashley, Jenna Presley, Brian Surewood, Jessica Jammer, Joel Lawrence, Steve French, Joachim Kessef, Jeanie Marie, Adrianna Nicole, Delilah Strong, Brooke Haven, Talon
Non-sex role by: The Minion

Length: 185.5 minutes

Date of Production: 12/26/2005 to 3/2/2006

Extras: The extras included a true double sided DVD cover, a cumshot recap, and a photogallery but that's it. There was no Behind the Scenes feature as advertised on the back cover, any such footage being incorporated into the movie itself.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lewd Conduct 27 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Chico Wang for distribution by Diabolic Digital. The lighting was almost always optimal on the bodies, limiting the grain, video noise, and shadows other productions seem unable to get rid of far too often; but the crotches were not lit as well as they should have been. The composition of the shots wasn't always flattering to the ladies but at least there was rarely any doubt about what was going on and where it was going. There were no compression artifacts and the visuals were generally handled pretty well here. The audio was presented with two choices; either with or without a musical score but both in 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English. The music was best left off in my opinion but the vocals; while plain as could be, could be heard in almost all cases.

Body of Review: Chico Wang is one of those porn directors that most people seem to accept is either a secondary persona made up for porn or one truly sick individual in terms of what he likes to direct in porn. His statements towards women are nothing short of misogynistic but regardless of whether he's next on any federal "hit lists" for prosecutors to look into or not, I have to admit that he pushes the limits of the ladies as far as they are willing to go and does so in a technically superior manner to the Max Hardcore, Rob Black, Jeff Stewart type of direction for such forms of porn. His latest release is Lewd Conduct 27, a series of scenes where the ladies do all sorts of nasty things for money, most of them appearing to like it though one leaving halfway through her scene. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that neither Chico nor his Minion had observable sex on camera, elevating the appeal factor substantially and that no condoms were used:

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Scene One: Joanna Angel, acting whiney in her black lingerie and sitting on her bed as lit by candlelight (with two puppies playing beside her), begged for milk as she described a child molester scenario. The lighting came on when she was on the couch and James Deen began boning her ass since her pussy was "worthless". She'd cry out "fuck me like a whore" and call him "daddy" as he choked and slapped her, giving the scene that kind of Chico Wang creepiness as expected. She did ATM and they repeated the process with various objects in and on her mouth (her panties, duct tape) with him spitting on her along the way. She cried as he abused her and even though it was clearly a situation she was comfortable with (it's called acting folks), I was not impressed as he pushed her sexual limits. He came on a nearby chair and smeared her face into it, with her licking the seat clean at the end and laughing about it. Joanna: "I'd like to add a disclaimer, it's all play, don't try this at home" as she looked rather ragged.

Scene Two: Penny Flame, describing her first time with sex (she was 12 years old, he used a condom and even went down on her) while lying naked on the couch, seemed distracted until Jay Ashley came over to lick her twice and then begin plowing her pussy. She did PTM and was enthusiastic, providing a more straightforward scene as she actively rode his cock (and ground her hips in a manner that would get me off in a couple of pumps). They screwed some more when he began licking the sols of her feet to her delight, and she slapped his balls to calm him down. He came on her face and this scene was far more enjoyable (not to mention strokable) for me with significant replay value.

Scene Three: Jenna Presley, the hotty on the front DVD cover, was handed a metal vibrator to get off with and Chico directed her to eat it as they teased one another (she seemed to dislike being called "Teagan" though that would definitely be a couple of steps up for her). She was joined by Brian Surewood and Jay Ashley, sucking them off playfully as Jay tried to dominate her (he didn't appear to have the command presence to do so though). The men then took active roles in working over her mouth and pussy, using taste testing and a number of variations that seemed a little clumsy. There was some foot fucking but the scene ended with a couple of standard mouth pops that she swallowed. This was another scene with some great replay value.

Scene Four: Jessica Jammer, a skinny bleach blonde in what was called a "canned scene" because things went sour midway through, was up next as she sucked off Joel Lawrence, Steve French, Joachim Kessef, and Jay Ashley in a "mini-gangbang as she called it though it was initially a blowbang as the circled about her for some claustrophobic oral. They started banging her pussy as well with Jeanie Marie sitting in the background eating her lollipop). She didn't look very happy as the scene progressed; passively letting them do as they pleased including a lame DPP (double pussy penetration), anal, and other tricks (initially passing on rimming hairy Steve). The DP was short but Joachim was too large for her ass, her yelling "ow" as he was too big for her. She yelled "no" and started clenching her ass so they couldn't do her easily, with the scene ending then. That was certainly different for porn (usually such footage would be cut instead of having her in BTS footage saying she didn't "multitask well".

Scene Five: Jeanie Marie, a "sharing is caring" type of gal with a skinny, all natural body, was diplomatic about what happened to Jessica and went to work as her replacement with Joel Lawrence, Steve French, Joachim Kessef, and Jay Ashley. She liked to eat man ass, giving each a turn before returning to cock, playfully working them over in a much better fashion than Jessica did. She then started taking their spew into her mouth, mocking Jessica by saying that now she was the "princess". She swallowed and that was it.

Scene Six: Adrianna Nicole, a curvier bleach blonde with a large ass tattoo, had garish make up and joked with Chico (he claimed to be gay and had gonorrhea, after which she wouldn't fuck him) and stretched herself out with a large dildo before enjoying a scene with James Deen, Joachim Kessef, and Joel Lawrence. She seemed to prefer making out with Joachim as Joel banged her anally though she was good about showing some caring for all the men. All three of her holes were tapped at the same time (called airtight) and they switched places from time to time; with the funniest position being doggy as James tapped her ass and Joel came in behind him for the vaginal. I haven't seen that one a lot before and James left rather than risk Joel giving him a bone of his own (they were laughing about it for some time and so was I). She did PTM and ATM before accepting the mouth deposits they offered her, with some minimal titty fucking to ice the cake.

Scene Seven: Delilah Strong, a very cute gal who started off the scene by telling Chico she wanted to be fucked hard (going into great detail about nasty forms of sex that she wanted), focused her efforts on Joel Lawrence rather than take on half the team as others tried to do. Her neon pink plaid skirt enhanced her look and she took to blowing him like a fish to water, Joel giving her the fishhook as she deepthroated him soundly. There was a lot of dirty talk taking place as he slapped and choked her in the living room, her kneeling on the floor to start. He then had her on the couch, bent over for an ass reddening spanking, driving his cock deep inside her pussy to drive her crazy. They boned vaginally for a while and then went to anal until it was time for her to suck him clean (ATM) and swallow his load. The scene proved to be solidly made with her pushing the limits of good taste but not going overboard.

Scene Eight: Penny Flame, in a shorter scene where she acted higher than usual (as a foreigner; changing her point of origin from France to England) sucked the man ass of cock shy James Deen as he wore a Santa Claus hat that was far too big for his tiny head. She then blew him and it was a short but sweet scene for the two of them as they obviously seemed to like each other.

Scene Nine: Brooke Haven, a busty gal with great curves, showed them off in the great lighting of the backyard on a sunny day, wore a skimpy neon pink outfit as she applied baby oil to her body and worked along dildo into her ass (it looked like glass) before sucking it clean. The scene cut away and she was then in bed getting anally plundered by Talon while sucking off Jay Ashley inside the house. They took turns screwing her and did a DP (with ATM and other taste testing) with her calling them daddy. She was active in the scene and seemed to work them hard throughout the action. She didn't swallow most of their semen, preferring to let it coat her face and upper torso instead, comparing the taste to horse glue; apparently a staple in Chico's personal diet. In short, the movie ended far better than it began.

Summary: Lewd Conduct 27 started off in a manner that left me quite cold in terms of enjoyment but apparently that is the kind of scene that draws attention to the series and is a needed component in a crowded marketplace. While it was lacking for me, it may prove a highlight for others, though I'd argue that both scenes by Penny Flame were superior in terms of the dynamic created. The majority of other scenes were all good or better too so while I was on the fence about the rating (especially due to that first scene and relative lack of extras), I opted for a Highly Recommended due to the levels of fuck for the buck and variety of ladies in the scenes. Most of them were appealing on multiple levels and weren't shy about enjoying the sex while giving solid performances, even if a few of them were strictly following some kind of virtual playbook in their heads as they did so. If you like lighter forms of sex, you've probably skipped the review since Diabolic isn't a company you'd be interested in in the first place but it really was a good flick compared to what was advertised.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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