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Naughty Book Worms Vol. 3

Studio: Naughty America » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/13/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Naughty Book Worms Volume 3, part of the Naughty America series distributed by Pure Play Media, is targeted to a pretty specific segment those who like natural girls in glasses (each of the girls keeps her glasses on for her entire scene) and who also enjoy the fantasy of a teacher coercing a student into sex in order to boost grades or win favor. We all heard stories in high school or in college, most of which turned out to be bullshit, about how so-and-so had slept with one of her teachers to pass, and this disc takes that premise and turns it into a document of those exploits.

Chapter 1 Kelly Kline: When her teacher wakes her up from sleeping on her desk and tells her that it's Saturday, cute little Kelly, a nicely built brunette with long hair, realizes that she'd better act fast and do what she's told if she wants to pass the class. Her professor talks her into sucking his dick and she obliges him, reluctantly at first but then more willingly. After she sucks him off he gets her up on the desk with her legs spread and her skirt up so that he can eat her pussy and use his fingers on her and in her. He spreads her legs and fucks her while she's on her side, and there's some pussy to mouth play before she bends over the desk and takes him in her snatch doggy style. After that he lies on his back and she climbs up top to ride him reverse cowgirl style, and after some more pussy to mouth she gets on her knees and asks him to come on her face (which he does).

Chapter 2 Addison Rose: Addison is a great looking girl with a pretty face, a great body, and nice reddish brown hair. Her teacher is scolding her for her bad attitude, which has gotten out of hand since she became president of the student union. After they talk he decides he'll forgive her transgressions is she'll go down on him and while it takes some talking into, finally she agrees and she sucks his cock, still fully clothed. She takes off her pants and then her panties at his request so that he can go down on her. After he's gotten her wet he slides it in missionary style while she's spread on his desk. Her top and bra come off and she plays with her nice perky tits for him while he fucks her. She gets on top of the desk so that he can fuck her doggy style, and then they move into the reverse cowgirl position. She rides him for a bit and once she's good and ready she gets on her knees in front of him to take his wad in her face.

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Chapter 3 Veronica Stone: A nice looking girl with long, dyed red hair and a prominent nose (she looks a bit like Sharon Mitchell), Veronica is begging her teacher to let her pass despite the fact that she knows her grades aren't up to snuff. It seems she's had some difficulty in her personal life lately. Her instructor opts to pass her if she goes down on him and so she takes off her top and sucks on his cock, pretending that she's never done it before and continually asking him if she's doing okay (a nice touch in the context of the premise!). After that he gets her pants off, though he knee socks stay on, so that he can eat her hairy plot while she's spread on the desk. He fucks her missionary style and she works her clit as he pounds her, and then he fucks her while holding her in the air before he puts her back on the desk and fucks her pussy while she lays on her side (she briefly puts her finger in her ass at this point). She bends over completely and takes him inside her doggy style, and then he briefly fucks her missionary style one last time before she gets on her knees in front of him and fingers herself while he unloads on her face and her glasses.

Chapter 4 Kaci Starr: Kaci is way too cute with her chin length dark hair and her glasses, and she's wonderfully curvy in all the right ways and all the right places. She's got a bit of a nerdy voice but she really is a pretty girl and she's perfect for the part. She talks to her teacher who tells her she's failing and he decides he'll help her out in the grades department if she'll help him out in the blowjob department. She strokes his cock, her clothes still on, and then she blows him, slowly at first and then more aggressively as he gets hard and she gets into it. Her top and then her bra come off, and he plays with her large tits for a bit before pulling up her skirt and massaging her ass cheeks. Once she's naked he spreads her legs on the desk and licks her snatch, fingering her at the same time. He fucks her right there on the desk, missionary style, and then he moves her onto her side without taking his cock out to switch things up a bit. She squats on the chair with her pussy poking out over top so that he can fuck her doggy style, and then she too gets on her knees so that he can come all over her face and her glasses.

Chapter 5 Michelle Christian: Michelle comes in and starts yelling at her teacher, her shoulder length natural red hair, her freckles, and her glasses making her look rather foxy. She's failed her class but he figures if she helps him out with some cock sucking, he might be able to do something for her. She gives him head while fully clothed, pauses briefly to take off her top and bra, and then sucks him off some more. He takes off her clothes and squeezes her ass before spreading her on the desk and eating her out. He fucks her missionary style for a bit and then she gives him head again, before climbing up on top of him and riding him cowgirl style. She rides him and then turns around and rides him some more, and once again she gets down on her knees and takes it in the face.

As you can tell from the over view, the sex in this collection varies only slightly from scene to scene the five scenes follow almost the exact same formula from start to finish without much in the way of kink or alteration to spice things up. While normally this would make for a lame release, in the context of the fantasy that Naughty America is catering to with this disc, it works. Odds are that if a female student were fucking her teacher in the classroom, which is the principal behind this disc, that there wouldn't be crazed anal action or sex toy play, instead it'd be a blowjob followed by some vaginal fucking. Rather than go for circus act sex, the producers have instead opted for realism. This will probably not work for some viewers out there who have become immune to how hot natural sex can be sometimes, and those looking for extreme content will want to pass on this one. That being said, each of the five girls on this disc is gorgeous, natural, and quite fun to watch which gives this one some value if you fall within the target audience.



This film looks like it was shot on video and sadly, parts of it are a little over lit. While the clarity is ok when the lights are up and at a distance, there are some scenes where once the penetration starts things get a bit too washed out, making things a little tricky to make out. Other than that, this looks ok, but this is an issue at times and needs to be mentioned. Aside from that, this is an average looking disc, not much better or worse than the thousands of other titles out there on the market.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 was shot in English and that's how it hits DVD. The dialogue that opens each of the five scenes is pretty clear, and there aren't any problems with hiss or distortion. Once the fucking starts there isn't much said but the few times that dialogue is exchanged there weren't any problems understanding what was said.


Aside from chapter selection and a weblink, this disc is one hundred percent bare bones, which is a damn shame as it would have been nice to learn more about the cuties that appear in this production.

Final Thoughts:

Well, the reality of the situation is this the sex in Naughty Book Worms is unoriginal and repetitive. It's not that it's bad, it's just that it's pretty much vanilla flavored fucking. That being said, if you dig young girls in glasses and get off on the student/teacher fantasy that this plays up on, you'll enjoy the release. The girls are all sexy and natural and as pedestrian as the fucking is, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves which raises things up a bit more than the otherwise would have scored. Recommended if this fits your kink, a decent rental for everyone else.

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