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Down The Hatch #19

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/13/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Down The Hatch 19


Genre: Gonzo, Swallowing

Director: Chico Wang

Cast: Jamie Elle, Sasha Knox, Tony T., Brian Surewood, Talon, Alicia Angel, Tia Tanaka, James Deen, Jessi Summers, Cody Lane, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Sasha Knox, Steve French, Joachim Kessef, Faceblaster, Manuel Laybor, Dick Nasty, Tony Swan, Bei Jing Bang, Mike Hash, Joe Blow, Michael Android, Hung Lo, Steve James, Minion

Length: 204.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/29/2006 to 5/7/2006

Extras: The only extras were a photogallery, a cumshot recap, and a true double sided cover with the usual cardboard slipcase that Diabolic provides. Given the length of the movie, the extras weren't that important to me.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Down The Hatch 19 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Chico Wang for distribution by Diabolic Digital. The lighting was almost always optimal on the bodies, limiting the grain, video noise, and shadows other productions seem unable to get rid of far too often; but the crotches were not lit as well as they should have been. The composition of the shots wasn't always flattering to the ladies but at least there was rarely any doubt about what was going on and where it was going. There were no compression artifacts and the visuals were generally handled pretty well here. The audio was presented with two choices; either with or without a musical score but both in 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English. The music was best left off in my opinion but the vocals; while plain as could be, could be heard in almost all cases.

Body of Review: Chico Wang is one of the leading directors of the hardcore "abuse porn" (where women are paid extra to take as much abuse as possible) that has long been a trademark of Diabolic. Whether or not you enjoy stroking off to such porn is of little concern to me, after all, we all have different kinks and it is not my place to say what should, and shouldn't get you off. I don't like slapping women nor do I get off to choking them or otherwise pushing their limits with domination tricks since I'm secure with who I am. That said, Chico makes some interestingly perverse material that some can't stomach, much of it handled better (on a technical level at least) than releases by his peers in the field. Today's review is of such a title, called Down The Hatch 19, where the back cover said: "Open the flood gates. The whores from Down The Hatch 19, are ready for gallons of goo! These sluts love nothing more, then to get there tonsils tossed in a tasty treat of man muck. With over sixty loads to suck and slurp, these sperm sippers swallow eagerly waiting for more. Double penetrations, blow bangs, face fucking and ass-stuffing are just a few tricks, these tricks have up their sleeves to get the goo. So if you need a little ball draining, this is the fuck flick for you. Enjoy!" The cover was accurate and the ladies seemed to be enjoying the action on some level in almost all cases, satisfying whatever deep, dark needs they have developed in their relatively short lives. If you like truly twisted abuse porn, you can't find much better than this in terms of technical values, youthful women, and energetic action. Here's a quick look at the scenes of the show, noting that the women had few limits and swallowed a great many loads with ease to earn their pay, with no condoms in sight:

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Scene .5: Jamie Elle, a very cute hotty with a girlish demeanor I've found endearing of late, carried on in a silly manner before having the first partial scene. She began the action by admitting to enjoying the action for money with several guys surrounding her, tapping her head with their cocks, and then getting a blowbang. The action was largely limited to her taking loads into her mouth and swallowing, but that probably suits those of you still reading the body of the review.

Scene One: Sasha Knox, a very cute gal with light hair, a pretty face, an all natural body and curvy ass, was up in the first full scene of the movie alongside meat puppets Tony T., Brian Surewood, and Talon. The initial interview was borderline silly between her and Chico, leading her to take all the abuse they could pile onto her. They drilled her pussy and mouth at first but within moments were using her ass too (including DP footage). The choking and slapping were not a large factor of the scene as in some of the others but the airtight action will appeal to some of you more than me. There was some PTM and ATM with her sporting a "deer in the headlights" look to her that was scary at times but well within the normal parameters of modern gonzo porn. It ended when she swallowed the loads down her hatch, proving to be exactly what was advertised.

Scene 1.5: Alicia Angel, the hotty on the front DVD cover, had the next partial scene where she spent several minutes downing some loads but not getting to work them over from some geeky losers. The highlight was her loud cum-burp.

Scene Two: Tia Tanaka, a cute Asian gal with a hot body, was up next in a full scene with effeminate James Deen in the living room. If I were as scrawny as he was here, I'd probably need to abuse her as much as he did, exploring her mouth and pussy to the limits, with the usual smacking around and other circus act sex you'd expect of the movie given my earlier comments. She was beaming the whole time and rode cock as actively as any of her peers in the other scenes, ending up swallowing his small load like it was nothing.

Scene 2.5: Jessi Summers, in a wet t-shirt she got from being tossed in the swimming pool (taken out of order as it was displayed elsewhere), blew a loser on the back lawn. He could've been a close relative of Chewbacca given the bushy hair all over his body and I'm willing to be he could land an endorsement at an electrolysis clinic in exchange for their services (or, given his hairy condition, at least get a big discount). It was a full blowjob and she did a fine job before swallowing.

Scene 2.6: Cody Lane, a cute gal with beautiful eyes, gave a speech about wanting little fishies swimming in her stomach before this partial scene of her swallowing multiple loads outside by the utility shed.

Scene Three: Jamie Elle, the cutie that opened the show, was finally given a full scene here as she crawled into the living room to meet with the awaiting cocks of Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Tony T., and Brian Surewood, after a short interview on the back lawn. I liked how she crawled into the house since it accentuated her fine ass. Her skills were as sweet to watch as ever and while I didn't get hard watching some of the rougher aspects of the action, she clearly seemed to be a sensation slut who liked the abuse more than a little bit. She did anal and DP, sucked cock clean, and kept up the vocals when her mouth wasn't full with dick. The scene was very long and showcased her as best she could be for this type of action, though I certainly prefer seeing her treated better.

Scene 3.5: Sasha Knox, still looking cute and now masturbating on the floor, was given numerous anonymous loads to swallow after she gargled with them. There was no abuse here, just the guys walking over to make a deposit.

Scene Four: Jessi Summers, another teenage looking gal though this one with a fleshy ass worth checking out, started out the next scene by making out with Tony T. on the couch. He was aggressively handling her and she did not always seem into it but she did show occasional signs of appreciating how he worked over her three holes. Tony is a mixed bag for me given that I don't care for his vocals but he kept them under control even as he ramped up the action with her, giving quite a disgusting show to those into the rough stuff he claims to be a crown prince of (with Max Hardcore as the obvious King of the pile). He did not stop at one load, drilling her again and again as he gave her plenty to swallow. The anal action was largely him (and her) fingering it but she claimed to enjoy it at the end.

Scene 4.5: Tia Tanaka, claiming to have a stomachache, wanted to get some semen to coat her upset tummy. The abuse factor was low here too and she handled the semen well.

Scene Five: Cody Lane, the cute Kentuckian brunette with beautiful eyes, opened up the following full scene by discussing her early background as a child abuse victim, dealing with anal rape by a stepfather. If that's not an erection killer, nothing will be for you though she claims to have learned to enjoy anal sex in the process. The scene was with Talon who gave her a lot of rough sex but while all the bases were covered, I felt the need for a shower (not a cold one either) after the opening story. This was probably the roughest scene of the batch and fans of such sex can revel in the replay value far more than I'd be able to.

Scene 5.5: Jessi Summers, initially getting wheeled into the pool (in a wheelchair) to show off her great breasts and t-shirt that said it looked better wet, had one of the short swallow-only scenes as she described her experiences swallowing loads at 12 years old by various men. It struck me as a made up story but she did do her job well here.

Scene 5.6: Tia Tanaka, up this time with well endowed black man Joachim Kessef on a couch, did the oral deed yet again.

Scene Six: Alicia Angel, the cover gal for the movie who did a fine job earlier, was up last with Steve French and Tony T. in the living room. They were as rough as expected and did each of her three holes (mouth, pussy, and ass) but as much as they throttled her soundly, she claimed to love this type of action and they went with it to push her as far as she'd let them. It was energetic, enthusiastic, and showed some actual chemistry between the trio though the role playing nature of the entire show was betrayed when she vomited and they stopped to make sure she was okay. That certainly helped me come to terms with the material better than I had with some earlier scenes and while she took everything they offered, it proved yet again the showmanship of Chico that so many people (myself included) have railed about as being just that; a show. He may well be a misogynist bastard but she never gave the impression that she was not in control of what she'd do. They DP'd her and she farted (whatever she said, I still thought it was her) with no sexual trick unturned here before she swallowed their loads.

Summary: Down The Hatch 19 is not going to be for everyone and those who prefer the lighter forms of sex found in porn should run away from it. Director Chico Wang makes no apologies for catering to the hardcore loyalist fan of Diabolic and not the fair weather fans that routinely buy titles from companies that skirt the fringes of gonzo by offering up relatively vanilla sex. While you can still find harsher sex on DVD, I have yet to see a better value (this one ran almost three and a half hours with decent technical values) on the edgier material it provides. Personally, I limit my exposure to rough sex since it can make a guy jaded but the DVD will be one I can say is Recommended for the rough sex lovers out there as prime stroke material. All others need not apply but this has long been the case with titles by Diabolic Digital, no matter what you may have heard elsewhere.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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