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Cum On My Tattoo

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Those pretty little 'alt porn' starlets over at Burning Angel keep putting out consistently interesting releases, whether they be through VCA and/or Hustler, or, as in the case of Re-Penetrator and this disc under review here, on their own. This release, Cum On My Tattoo features the girls working with a few different guys this time as opposed to primarily Tommy Pistol and James Deen as has been the norm, and for the most part it works. Tattoo fetishists out there in porno viewing land ought to enjoy this one, with a caveat applied to the video quality (but more on that later)

Chapter 1 Pixie Pearl And Tommy Pistol: When this scene starts off, pretty little Pixie is paddling her pussy on the couch all by her lonesome. Tommy, being the good sport that he is, finds her there and decides to eat her pussy. He doesn't need to ask permission, he just does it because Goddammit he's Tommy Pistol and that's how he plays the game. After eating her out and fingering her twat but good, Tommy pulls out his wang so that Pixie can give him a rock solid blowjob (at this point we get to check out her full sized back piece). Once the oral foreplay is over and done with she gets on top of him and rides him cowgirl style before he gets her on her side, eats he pussy out some more, and proceeds to fuck her again. From there she rolls over and he fucks her from behind, stopping to like her cunt and ass a bit before going back in one more time and then pulling out to unload on her back and, well, coming on her tattoo.

Chapter 2 Joanna Angel And Mr. Marcus: These two must have enjoyed working together in Joanna's Angels 2 Alt Throttle because they're back at it again! Joanna shows off her tattoos for the camera before we switch to the bedroom where these two are into some heavy making out on the bed. Marcus sucks on her tits before taking off her panties and finger fucking her and eating her out. He stands up and sits down so that she can kneel before him and suck his prick, gagging and spitting on it and jerking it with her hands. After that they get down to business as she decides to get down on all fours in front of him so that he can fuck her doggy style. There's some pussy to mouth and then they switch up and she rides him reverse cowgirl. After that he gets her on her side and pounds away at her snatch some more and pinching her nipples, which evidently inspires her to get up on top of him again and ride him cowgirl style. He gets her on her side again and much to her delight he slides it into her asshole, but he's not in there too long before he's good to go and he pulls out to goop on her shoulder tattoo.

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Chapter 3 Pinky Lee And Tommy Pistol: Tommy and Pinky start off fully clothed, making out in the living room. She drops his pants and gives him a blowjob and then she bends over with one leg up in the air so that he can use his mouth and his fingers on her pussy and her ass. After that he eats her out while she sits with her legs spread and then some more while she's on all fours. He fucks her doggy style, and then she gets on top of him to ride him reverse cowgirl style for a bit. He fucks her sideways and then she stands up and bends over so that he can hold her up by her hands while he fucks her from behind (a neat trick). After that he pulls out and jerks it onto the tattoo on the inside of her upper left arm.

Chapter 4 Kylee Kross And James Deen: Kylee, one of the sexist girls in the Burning Angel stable or starlets, is fingering herself alone on the couch when the scene starts. Deen comes in with his cock in his hands and she goes right for it, deep throating him and gagging on his member. From there she bends over the chair and he pounds away at her pierced and shaved pussy, breaking from time to time to put it back in her mouth for some cleaning. She rolls onto her side so that she can rub her clit while he fucks her box, after which she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style. She blows him some more then gets on her back and he spits on her forehead (odd) before pounding her missionary style. After that she leans over the chair to get fucked doggy style while he slams her head into the cushion, which is apparently all he needs to climax because right after that he pulls out and unloads on her neck tattoo and into her ear! That's gonna be a bitch to clean up, cause that shit dries fast and gets really crusty. Hopefully there were Q-tips on set.

Chapter 5 Joanna Angel, Kylee Kross And Rob Rotten: The final scene starts off with Joanna and Kylee engaged in some hot girl on girl foreplay, sucking each other's tits and rubbing each other up and down. Joanna sits down with her legs spread and Kylee pushes her bullet belt out of the way far enough so that she can get in there and muff dive. This gets pretty intense, then Rob comes in and as Kylee is eating Joanna, Joanna is sucking Rob's prick. Kylee joins in and soon there's some double blowjob fun, which stops after a good few minutes so that Rob can fuck Joanna from behind while she eats Kylee's pussy. After that Kylee rides Rob reverse cowgirl style while he eats Joanna's cunt, and then Joanna gets on top of Kylee so that Rob can go from one snatch to the next before pulling out and making a deposit on Kylee's neck tattoo while Joanna holds her in place, conveniently getting some goop on the ink that adorns her forearm.



Unfortunately the video quality on this release leaves a little to be desired. Almost all of the footage is shot to give the production a sort of 'hidden camera' angle that gives us a voyeuristic look at the action. Also as a result of this truly bizarre technique is the fact that the whole frame isn't used, instead, we see some sort of self applied round matte in the corners of the picture. While this isn't a bad idea in principal it's made worse by the fact that much of the image is just way too dark. You can compensate for this a bit by adjusting the brightness on your monitor if you're so inclined but it's still annoying and it also results in some less than ideal angles. There are also some ugly compression artifacts present in the darker areas of the frame. This disc should have looked better than it does.


Thankfully the Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans and yelps and yells. There is no background music used anywhere during the feature aside from the opening credits and the levels do tend to fluctuate quite a bit from scene to shining scene but aside from that there isn't much to whine about here. The audio is fine and the soundtrack, courtesy of Buckcherry in a few spots, sounds quite nice.


There are two supplements menus. The first is Tattoo Shit and when you select it you'll find three features, the first of which is Live Tattoo Footage. This is just shy of six minutes worth of footage following Joanna and Kylee at an NYC studio while Kylee is getting some work done on her leg. The next option is entitled Cum On My Tattoo and this is three minutes worth of cum shot recaps, nothing too exciting that you don't see in the main feature. The third option here is a Tattoo Gallery that is twenty three images of the girls in action set to music in a slideshow format.

The other sub-menu is Extra Shit and when you poke around in there you'll find a decent behind the scenes documentary that runs for an all too brief minute and a half but which features some fun candid footage of the performers in action. Trailers are included here for Moan Jett And The Cocksuckers, Re-Penetrator, XXXorcist, Burning Angle.com The Movie and Rotten Crosses, and there's a weblink in here as well. Animated menus and chapter stops round out an okay selection of extra features.

Final Thoughts:

It's a damn shame that the footage was shot the way that it was, because the sex is steamy and the rest of the package is definitely solid. Fans of the Burning Angel girls will want this one as will tattoo freaks, and the content is good enough that Cum On My Tattoo warrants a recommendation, but here's hoping that they do a better job with the visuals on their next endeavor.

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