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Control 3

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Control 3 (Naomi)

Digital Playground

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Kelsey Michaels, Scott Nails, Alektra Blue, Nikki Benz, Michelle Maylene, Valery, Ashley Roberts, Naomi, Chris Charming, Holly Wellin, Jenaveve Jolie, Tommy Gunn

Length: 177 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/2/2004 to 2/1/2006

Extras: The best extra of the bunch was easily the bonus scene between Jenaveve Jolie and Tommy Gunn that lasted about 27 minutes long. If you like sultry but playful Latinas, you simply can't go wrong with any of her recent work, this scene included. After making fun of Robbie's blushing complex and stating her age (she had just turned twenty so it was shot awhile back) as well as talking about her poor choice in marriage. In a word; YUM! There was also a photogallery, cum shot recap, slide show and trailers to movies like Control 1, Control 2, Hard Candy 1, Pulse POV, Pirates, Virtual Sex: Teagan Presley, Virtual Sex: Jesse Jane, Virtual Sex: Nikki Hunter, and Virtual Sex: Sophia Santi.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Control 3 was presented in 1.85: anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Robby D. for his own company, Handheld Pictures, for distribution by Digital Playground. The visual elements of the movie were consciously designed to look as they did with a slightly rough look to support the thematic concept of the show. The flesh tones were accurate (though occasionally saturated), the composition of the shots well done, and all the lighting suited the ladies in their respective scenes. The DVD was mastering allowed for no compression artifacts to be observed and no video noise popped up, completing a very nice visual presentation that worked all around. The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround with a minimalist leaning that seemed unique in most ways. Absent was the fancy, and typically lame, porn music many of Robby's peers rely on to mask various audio flaws. Also absent was a lot of talking in most of the scenes, relying on the visual elements alone to carry the weight (and heat) of the scenes. My impression of the talented director has long been that he favors the visual aspects of directing almost to the exclusion of the auditory experience, still his greatest weakness holding him back at this time (for all my kidding with him this year, anyone who actually reads my reviews will know that I hold his skills in the highest of regard; certainly higher than the majority of his peers in the business). In all though, the manner in which he put the visuals and audio together were a nice change from the over produced material he makes with "Celeste".

Body of Review: Earlier this year, I described Control 1 like this: "Robby D. has long wanted to direct a series where he had complete freedom to do as he pleased rather than serve whatever master he was working for at a given time. If you look closely at his Action Sports Sex series back at Vivid, you'll notice a bit of anarchist in his work, and an attitude slipped in on a regular basis that went largely unnoticed by his bosses. As time went on, he was more open about how he did this but he always longed to make porn that he himself would find perfect for his needs rather than the generic, canned porn he was sick of renting at the local smut shop. In recent years, his bosses have given him more freedom to do as he liked but it was always within certain constraints and those who know the creative mind also know that constraints, however far away and reasonable, will gnaw at them like crazy." With this was born the series where Robby, under his own production company, Handheld Pictures, could literally write his own ticket as to what he made."

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I followed up that review with a look at the sequel, Control 2, by saying it "continues his journey at bringing fans a newer sort of gonzo experience (hopefully one that will be imitated all over the place as the industry tends to do). The claustrophobic scenes of some gals had any sense of control taken away from them is back as is the tease footage which, combined with the voyeuristic camera work, make for some excellent moments. I hope he continues to expand the theory that variety is the spice of life since we're probably all familiar with performers that were great with some sex acts but lame in others, allowing them to break free of a formula driven scheme as the mechanics of the porn industry have fallen into (there are gals that can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch but are lousy lays otherwise just as there are some that have advanced gag reflexes that prevent them from blowing anyone like they enjoy it as two examples-why saddle them with sex acts they can't properly handle?)."

Well, now I come to the third in the series, Control 3, which in many ways is the volume of any series that tells you where the mindset is going to lead the rest of the series. The newness factor has worn off and the initial energy used to get the ball rolling has then been supplanted by the pure desire of the director to see what he has left to explore, with all the little tweaks made from fan responses, reviews, or industry buzz to improve the show. Robby D. has long been established as the kind of guy who listens to what fans want yet stands up to those who would critique him mercilessly on points that he has little interest in so I was sure this labor of love would be a great show, to the point where I had to go to great lengths to secure my initial copy of the movie (insider joke). What I found was another winning combination of styles where Robby fused various elements, in largely successful ways, to make something that takes on the gonzo world at its best and leads his peers to the conclusion that there really is room for innovation, despite what you may have heard by self proclaimed experts. Here's the result of his work by cast and action, noting that the sheer amount of sex going on made for a solid value:

Scene One: Kelsey Michaels, the cute gal on the front DVD cover, was up first as she walked along the streets and stopped to eat a donut with her teddy bear while reported missing (the missing person poster on the phone booth was a stroke of genius; one of many in the movie that you can see for yourself). Scott Nails picked her up in the large SUV and gave her a ride to the mansion, resulting in him buying her services in the bedroom. He was decked out in the businessman's suit while she wore a tank top and blue jean skirt, neither of which lasted very long as he took them off her; leaving only the leopard print panties as he spanked her and had her feel his bulge up. There was tease before she started blowing him, the dynamic apparently that of an inexperienced teenager (the flier said she was 19 years old), with little spoken between them since it wasn't needed. She toyed with him as though getting on the job training, slowly working his cock in her mouth to an increasing tempo with some sweet POV footage tossed in for good measure. The scene then went to her lying down and him doing her vaginally from behind, yelling out as he pounded his shaft inside her deeply before stroking out his load on her lower back. She took the money and left, leaving her teddy bear behind with her innocence (the metaphor wasn't lost on me, nor did it detract from the heat of the scene between the couple).

Scene Two: Alektra Blue, a very lean brunette with stunning blue eyes and a shapely ass, was up next as she pranced through the house in her red top and black thong in her stripper shoes. The tease footage was appealing and the POV angles soon gave way to Scott Nails getting in on the action by fingering her perfect pucker of an ass. This led to some heated oral with all the gagging noises some of you favor, her masturbating in the skirt she put on for good measure. The POV material worked best for me but she gave such an enthusiastic mouth ride that I don't think she could've done anything to change my mind that she's one of the best new cocksuckers in porn. Standing oral isn't easy so that added some extra excitement with her getting a huge toy in her ass to stretch herself out for his coming penis. She did ATM and was a moderately active ride, skipping the vaginal altogether and taking one of Scott's largest loads in memory all over her face and body.

Scene Three: Nikki Benz, barely dressed in her tiny pink outfit, gave a different sort of scene with Robbie feeling her up (can't mistake those freckles buddy) and showcasing her implants. The music was kind of droning but her ability to tease has long been one of greatest assets so out of all the ladies present, I can see why she was chosen for this kind of fun. I just wished it lasted longer.

Scene Four: Michelle Maylene, an exotic cutie in a skimpy green & black outfit on a bed, was up next as she allowed Scott Nails to take a series of polaroids of her strip for him. Even though she is cute enough to have been one of DVD Talk's spotlight performers in the recent past, I can't say that I've seen her do a lot of hot scenes since the youth factor she relies on hasn't made up for the mechanical manner in which she has performed in the past (at least the ones I've watched). I didn't have much hope for this scene either but gave it a shot to find that her tease has improved tremendously (maybe it has to do with whom she works with) and the sense of chemistry enhanced the action too. There was some oral by both of them but the emphasis (other than the tease) was the vaginal romp. I'm happy to report that she was decidedly more active here than elsewhere, with far less rough edges in her act, even if she still has a way to go. It ended with a frosty facial and the polariod theme continued on as the scene faded away.

Scene Five: Valery, a sexy brunette playing the step sister of Scott, who Robbie was waiting for, played an obnoxious teenager dressed in a white shirt and plaid skirt. She had just gotten out of school and the youth angle was firmly established by the time Scott Nails joined them. There was lots of up-skirt action at work here and this was the first scene where Robbie talked, scamming a feel off of her in an effort to do what men do best (or worst, depending on which way you look at it). This led to her taking her top off and giving him more of a feel than she bargained for as he continually pawed her all over. Scott surprised them and using their masculine ways, the scene continued with Scott doing a full out sex scene with the semi-reluctant lady. The "not quite incest" theme was a bit twisted and the overall pervert factor was high, the couple had some serious fun with all the playfulness of the situation enhanced by the voyeurism approach proffered. She gave a decent blowjob and had the nervous energy to pull off the act better than any of the others would have been able to do. They screwed vaginally in several positions and she was the least active of the cast in the penetrative parts of the scene but she was so fine that I doubt if many of you would care one bit. It ended with a pop shot to her face though it took too long for him to jack off considering the appealing nature of her look.

Scene Six: Ashley Roberts, a skinny gal with light hair and particularly garish make up, was up next as the first scene of the second disc. It was another solo/tease scene, taking place on a couch with her wearing a black & white bikini as well as wrist restraints. This solo scene was far longer and more comprehensive but she spent little time masturbating in favor of tormenting the camera with a variety of moves.

Scene Seven: Naomi, a gal with a wanton look and superior bubble butt, was up next as she played pool in the game room. This caused her to have to lean over a lot and reveal her body parts in such a way that the tease was once again a great part of the scenario. Her tossed hair gave her the look of a gal willing to do it all and not care about her looks too, making the action work for me almost as much as it did for her scene partner Chris Charming. Her eyes lit up when she saw his manhood a few inches away from her mouth, the drool almost forming as she wrapped her lips around his shaft and worked him into a state of frenzy. She made quite a show out of sucking him off passionately, savoring the taste and using her mouth to get him rock hard. At some point, the oral carried on for so long that I came to the conclusion this would be an oral–only scene and I was right in my guess. Still, as much as I've seen this gal take of late, the fantastic blowjob was far from unsatisfying and I could have easily popped when he stroked off into her mouth.

Scene Eight: Holly Wellin, playing a dominant lady in sexy lingerie, sported her riding crop as though she was going to use it if not taken really good care of in the next scene. The tease gave way to her taking charge of Scott Nails, who was blindfolded in a chair for her personal amusement, hands handcuffed behind his back. She felt him up and unleashed his penis for some power sucking after he was made to go down on her pussy, her stroking him rapidly to keep his interest, and cock, up. She offered him her titties to suck as she rode his rod, doing PTM and grinding her hips along the way. Freeing him to do even more, the couple rode in several positions for a very long time before doing anal and enjoying toys. She was equally active with a cock in her ass as she was with it in her pussy, doing ATM and taking the mouth shot to close out the movie with a technical DP. In all, it was a superior scene to enjoy, standing out with a few others among a field of heated entries here.

Bonus Scene: Jenaveve Jolie, a playful vixen and sultry Latina all rolled into one hot package, described me as her perfect man ("sweet and funny": that's me folks) before showering and donning some neon orange fishnet stockings to tease in the bed. The partner for the scene was muscular Tommy Gunn and the two of them went at it for the better part of 27 minutes if you count the interview at the front of the scene. In any case, the oral and vaginal sex was very heated, even though Robbie barked out orders from time to time like he was imitating Chi Chi LaRue.

Summary: Control 3 provided a similar, if slightly different, package of scenes from previous volumes in the series (Control 1 and Control 2 in case you weren't paying attention). The voyeurism elements were all still present as were the role playing and power exchange factors that elevated the heat so frequently in the past. The bonus scene added to the levels of fuck for the buck with a terrific cast making this another title worthy of being Highly Recommended for fans of hardcore gonzo sex. The action was not the typical cookie cutter gonzo though with plenty of other things going on to address your mind as well, without needing to rely on gimmicky special effects as others do these days. To sum it up, Robbie D.'s Control 3 is one of the most strokable releases in recent memory for all that it offers fans.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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