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Rear Guard Soldiers

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/15/06

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Date of Production:

April 2006


Bernado Arony, Andrey, Felix Lins, Rena Fabregati, Bruno Ferraz, Gabriel Samyer, Alessandro, Alex Bad Boy.

The Movie:

"Rear Guard Soldiers" is the tale of four soldiers (or "Cornholt's Commandos" since they love to fuck) sitting around a tropical "military" base swappin' sex stories.

The Dudes:

These eight sexy dudes all have beautiful olive complexions with dark hair (although one has blonde highlights). I cannot tell what nationality these hot dudes are. Their body types are very toned with one guy having a hot husky/college football player build. The pubes range from full to trimmed and shaved. All the cocks are large and uncut. Since there are no pictures to match the dudes up with the names, I'll use short nicknames.

Scene One:

A very handsome dude with brown hair and blonde highlights (now known as "Blonde") is making out with a hottie who has closely buzzed hair (now known as "Buzz"). Buzz unbuckles Blonde's belt and pull down his pants to reveal some bright aqua underwear! Is this standard military issued underwear? Buzz sucks Blonde's large uncut cock while a dog continuously yaps in the background.

Blonde soon unleashes Buzz's big uncut dick with very large knob. Blonde strokes the stiff shaft while concentrating on that big succulent cock head. Blonde is busy stroking his own weenie as he gives head. Blonde fucks Buzz's hairy hole from behind (with condom) while Buzz continues to jack off. Buzz fucks Blonde's shaved hole (with condom) doggy style providing a nice shot of Blonde's big low-hangers swinging in the breeze.

The butt pounding becomes fast and furious as Buzz puts Blonde through his anal paces: sinking down and bobbing up and down and in the missionary position. Buzz shoots a load on Blonde chest sending love juice flying every which way. Blonde shoots a thick load on Buzz's sexy hairy chest.

Scene Two:

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A hottie dude with short hair and pierced eyebrow (now known as "Pierce") is playing around with an equally attractive dude wearing a red tee shirt and baseball cap (now known as "Red"). Pierce licks and sucks Red's nipples and licks his way down Red's stomach. In exchange, Red sucks on Pierce's nips for a while. Pierce strokes and sucks Red's large uncut tool and devours his balls making loud popping noises as he sucks 'em. Pierce obviously enjoys sucking Red's cock: licking, stroking, deep throat, and teasing the knob with his quick tongue.

Red slaps his cock head against Pierce's willing tongue. Red fucks Pierce from behind (with condom). Subtitle: "Gosh. Your ass is so tight." Pierce is busy pulling on his own nuts as his butt is being worked over. The two switch to a groovy side/missionary position and fucks nice n' steady. Position switch time again with some sinking down and rockin' back and forth while Red really pounds that butt. Pierce jacks off and lets go with a thick load on his stomach while Red squirts a plentiful load on Pierce's face.

Scene Three:

Two attractive dudes are feeling each other up. Dude One unbuckles Dude Two's belt and unleashes a hard, throbbing, and big uncut cock. Two's cock is practically like a Jack-in-the-Box when it pops out! Two face fucks One with his large cock with equally plump knob. Two slaps his knob against One's ever-willing tongue.

Two slides his cock (with condom) into One's tight hole for some doggy style. Thankfully, the dog from Scene One has stopped yapping. There are some very cool close-ups as Two fucks One in the side/missionary position really pounding his hole. Subtitle: "Oh! This is so good. Do you like it? Love it, it's delicious!" One shoots a copious load onto the ground while Two squirts a big load on One's face...mostly hitting his nose.

Scene Four:

A very handsome dude ("Dude A") is kissing and playing grab ass with husky/football player type dude ("Dude B"). Dude A sucks Dude B's smooth chest and nipples. Quickly, these guys are down to their underwear. Dude B is wearing traditional white briefs while Dude A is wearing aqua and bright green. Dude A sucks and licks Dude B's cock through his Y-Fronts finally releasing his big uncut schlong. Dude A strokes that hard cock and kisses/licks those nuts.

Dude A is busy working on the plum-sized knob giving devoted oral attention. Dude B pulls Dude A's briefs down, slides his condom covered prong in from behind and starts fucking away. Very loud slapping noises are heard as Dude B slams Dude A's butt. Dude A sits on Dude B's cock and starts a slow circular motion giving the viewer a nice look at Dude B's hairy gooch. Subtitle: "C'mon let me fuck that asshole!"

Unfortunately, this is where the hot action stops dead in its tracks. There is something wrong with the disc, as the next frame is of some gal in cheap plastic shoes having her "Mound of Venus" filled. After the frozen shot of the gal, the disc skips back to the menu. Major disappointment as this scene was a real turn on.



"Rear Guard Soldiers" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides plenty of nice close-ups and smooth shots getting right in on the action. The editing keeps each scene moving along at an enjoyable pace. The picture quality is for the most part nice and clear with just a few short moments of a bit of grain.


The music is generic easy listening jazz one may hear in a dentist's office or motel cocktail lounge. The music is mixed with the natural sounds of these dudes expressing their sexual pleasure vocally. At some points, the music drowns out the moans. At any rate, the sound is clear.


The extras include a scene selection and model gallery featuring some nice photographs of each model alone as well as some hardcore stills from the movie.

Final Thoughts:

Argh! I am very disappointed that this disc fucks up during the last scene! I tried the disc in both of my players with the same unfortunate result. The guys are all nice looking and the sex is quite hot. The videography is good providing plentiful close-ups of the sex and the editing is cool keeping the scenes fresh and never dull. I was going to advise a "Recommended" rating but with the disc problem, I'm forced to go with "Rent It". So guys go ahead and rent it for the 3 hot scenes if you dig sexy dudes with olive complexions, dark hair, large uncut cocks, and big loads.

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