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Tiger Tyson - In The Heat

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 6/15/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Jalin Fuentes
Approx 1:44
CAST: Tiger Tyson, Lotus, Czam, Bandit, Ludacris, Cristion, J Rock

The Good Stuff
Tiger Tyson In the Heat is designed to highlight the cute, Latino, good-time guy that Tiger appears to be. He is in two of the four sex scenes also an interview scene with him and his friend Megabody. The rest is filler shots of Miami and a hot bathing suit fashion show.

Scene 1
Tiger and Czam. Tiger apparently picked up Czam at a tiki hut and is looking to find out what Miami has to offer. Czam is willing to show him what Miami has to offer. There is no foreplay the guys just strip naked and get to business. Czam is Latin tall and thin nice big uncut cock and shaved nuts. Tiger is shorter and ripped with his hard straight uncut cock and juicy balls. Czam goes right to town sucking on that hard cock while jacking his own meaty stick. Tiger fucks Czams mouth before lubing up his asshole and fingering it a bit to loosen up his hole. Tiger puts on a condom and starst slamming away at Czams buns in doggie style. Czam stays hard for the entire fucking scene just jacking away on his meat. Tiger fucks him deep all the way in and all the way out. We switch to missionary then back to doggie. There aren't any decent close ups of penetration but you get to see Tigers tight ass pounding away at Czam. Here is where the weird camera effects start, the scene goes black and white then to a weird blurry slow motion. They switch back and forth between the slow motion and regular and its rather jarring and pointless. Tiger takes off his condom and shoots a load on Czams back and then the moaning is added in it seems. Then both guys are on a couch jacking and they both apparently shoot a load but its missed because of the weird slow motion blurriness.
[Actors: Tiger Tyson, Czam | Sex Acts: Oral, Fingering, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary, | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 2

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Before the next sex scene there is a fashion show. It consists of several minutes of hot ripped black guys modeling banana hammock style bathing suits on a catwalk in front of more hot black guys. Too bad they didn't strip and have an orgy because all of that black hotness in one spot would have been a sight to behold.

Cristion and Jay Rock take part in the next sex scene which just starts right after the fashion show. Its the fashion show then BAM right to Cristion and Jay Rock naked on a couch with Jay slurping on Cris cock. Cristion is lighter skinned more of a caramel complexion with a shaved head and Jay is darker skinned and is sporting corn rows. There are more weird camera effects but these actually have a point, as this is supposed to be a dream sequence which you find out later. After getting blown Cristion is craving some sweet Jay asshole. He goes to town on Jays asshole munching and licking and sucking it like there is no tomorrow. This is the real deal and extremely hot! Jay is loving it too, the whole time keeping up a commentary of "Thats what I'm talking about. Oh Cristion yeah!" A briefly weird interlude of Jay putting lotion on his feet before he goes back to swallowing Cris cock like when the scene started. Jay gets mouth fucked before taking doggie then missionary over the back of the couch. Still going on with the commentary of "Thats what I'm talking about". Jay likes anything to do with his ass. Pop scene is Cristion jacking while Jay licks his nuts he shoots his load on his hand and thats it, no pop shot for Jay. The scene ends with the guys fully clothed asleep on a couch when someone knocks and comes in and wakes them up. Jay says man I just had the craziest dream.
[Actors: Cristion, Jay Rock | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking, Rimming |Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut |]

Scene 3
There is another non-sex scene before we get to the action. This one is of Tiger Tyson and his friend Megabody talking about how they got to where they are now. Starting as exotic dancers etc. The guys then pose for a photo shoot, you don't even get to see their equipment so its a little anticlimactic.

Bandit & Ludacris. These two guys meet on a stairwell. Bandit is there to meet with his girl Mimi and Ludacris apparently lives there. Luda tells Bandit that Mimi is really a tranny, Bandit doesn't seem too surprised and he seems intrigued that he will be getting the best of both worlds as Luda says. Luda says if you are here for Mimi you might as well get with this. The two of them start kissing before Luda takes Bandit back into his apartment. Luda is lighter skinned and Bandit is darker and more heavily muscled. They get inside and start kissing and making out. Luda has luscious big pillowy lips that Bandit just can't seem to get enough of. The boom boom music starts and Bandit undoes his pants and starts stroking his soft cock. Bandit gets hard and Luda starts sucking on his thick pole. Bandit fucks Luda's mouth deep enough to make Luda gag. The guys are now sitting on the couch and Bandit has a condom on his curved uncut cock. Luda tries to lower his tight ass on for a ride. He has a hard time getting that cock in there but once he does he rides it like nympho. Switch to doggie and then sideways missionary position. While in side missionary position Ludas moans sound more like he is dying rather than enjoying himself. There is one disjointed scene where it looks like the guys are fucking and coming out of the ground in some kind of tunnel. Cumshot is of bandit jacking while Ludacris sucks on his nipple. The guys kiss to end the scene with Bandit saying to Luda that Mimi can't work that shit like you.
[Actor: Bandit, Ludacris | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Side Missionary, Doggie, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

Scene 4
Tiger and Lotus. Tiger is walking down the street and runs into Lotus who is selling DVD's on the side of the street. Tiger won't buy unless he knows they work so he invites Lotus back to his place. Lotus is game as long as things don't take all day. Once back at Tigers place he leads Lotus back into his bedroom and offers to show Lotus what he is working with. Tiger strips completely naked followed by Lotus. Lotus is gorgeous he has some junk in his trunk, and a smoking muscular body. Lotus can't wait to get his mouth on Tigers spectacular boner so he gets right to slurping on it. Tiger fingers Lotus asshole provoking the response from Lotus of "So this is what you brought me over her for." Tiger puts on a condom and slides that wide cock right up Lotus tight pucker in missionary. Some hot deep fucking commences and both guys are enjoying the hell out of it. Tiger fucks that tight hole all over the bedroom in missionary, and doggie and Lotus even goes for a reverse cowboy ride pounding up and down like a piston. A funny thing happens when Tiger is jacking for the money shot. Someones cell phone rings and you hear the camera man say oh shit. Tiger plays it off saying it must be his Girl calling so he has to hurry up and nut. Tiger shoots his load all over Lotus stomach. After shooting Tiger tells Lotus he wants to see him cum so Lotus is on his back jacking his cock straight up in the air until he shoots his own geyser of jizz.
[Actor: Tiger Tyson, Lotus | Sex Acts: Oral, Fingering, Anal | Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Reverse Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]




The audio was clear with all sounds being heard i.e. Sex sounds, dialog, background music. The video was OK a few scenes could have been clearer and there were a few scenes with lighting problems. The biggest detractor from video was when they added in the effects that to me made the movie look like an amateur was filming and trying out all the effects his camera could do.


Hardly anything at all.

Miami Bonus: 2 minutes of Miami scenery.

Trailers: Secrets, Take 'em Down, Love of the Dick, Tmalone, Meatwackers 5

At the End of the Night

Tiger Tyson In the Heat was a hot black and Latino fuck flick. Tiger Tyson is the star as he should be, with his awesome smile, ripped body and cock that always seems hard and ready to fuck. He just seems like a guy who is up for anything, as long as it's a good time. The remaining guys in this flick were sexy as well. Bandit in the third sex scene was the best looking to me besides Tiger of course. Bandit was tall with muscles to spare and a big black boner. The negatives I have for this flick are that in some scenes they tried to be artistic using different effects and it just ending up making the film look amateurish, not everyone got a pop shot and the "Bonus" footage is just 2 minutes of Miami scenery not really a bonus at all my friends. With that being said the sexy Tiger Tysons cute sexiness makes up for the shortfalls in this flick getting it my rating of Recommended.

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