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Innocent Until Proven Filthy

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/19/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Innocent Until Proven Filthy

Evil Angel/Erik Everhard Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Erik Everhard

Cast: Lucy Love, Erik Everhard, Franco Roccaforte, John Strong, Robert Rosenberg, Dillion Day, Bobbi Eden, Terri Summers, Tony Ribas, Gigi, Nikki Montana, Kid Jamaica, Steve Holmes, Tera Bond, Kristine, Jean Yves LeCastel

Length: 241 minutes!

Date of Production: 5/7/2006 (box); 7/16/2004, 11/20/2004, 2/6/2005, 2/23/2005, 3/31/2005, 4/20/2005, 5/7/2005 (credits)

Extras: The best extra was the 33.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that used footage saved during the various shoots (the scenes were shot over the period of about a year). There was more tease, more sex, and some humorous anecdotes; providing a solid bit of entertainment well worth checking out. That alone would be a superior extra, especially since the movie was over FOUR HOURS LONG with no filler scenes, but I have to hand it to Erik for providing a solid value. There was also a cumshot recap, limited filmographies, a cast list, and a biography for Erik Everhard, a photogallery, and a trailer for This Butt's 4 U as well as one for Canadian Beaver.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Innocent Until Proven Filthy was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Erik Everhard for distribution by Evil Angel. The fleshtones were very accurate, the composition of the shots generally enhanced the look of the gals, and the lighting was pretty decent too in most scenes although this was definitely not the same kind of porn Erik shot for his previous company by a long shot. If you've seen any of the travelogue movies made by Seymore Butts or the Shane's World people, you'll have an understanding of what to expect, with Erik generally doing a better job of it in most ways. The lighting wasn't quite as flat as I like but accommodations seemed to be made for the variables, keeping the visual aspects of the action in line with any top line gonzo available on the market. There were no compression artifacts or video noise either so the DVD mastering appears to have been done pretty well too. The 2.0 stereo English audio was more of a basic presentation. The dynamic range was okay and the separation nonexistent but I could hear all the moans and groans well enough for my tastes (though a few scenes were kind of low).

Body of Review: Evil Angel has seen some changes in their directorial line up over the last year, with some leaving and others jumping on board, all proving that change is inevitable in the industry; even at the largest companies. One of the most exciting developments for them is the addition of director Erik Everhard, also known as the guy in apartment 634, but a keen talent when placed on either side of a camera. His latest release is the wonderfully rich Innocent Until Proven Filthy, a selection of unreleased scenes shot between 2004 and 2005; none of which were filler scenes. The idea was to show Erik's travels as he picked up gals or provided them for friends in need, shot all over the world from the comments made. There really wasn't a specific theme other than attractive women having a great time fucking and clocking in at over four hours for the movie itself, the value here was tremendous. Here's a quick look at the scene's by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

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Scene One: Lucy Love, a lean gal that most men would find appealing, was up first as she went swimming in the indoor pool, only to get out and find her lingerie missing. The tease was minimal before she took on Erik Everhard, Franco Roccaforte, John Strong, Robert Rosenberg, and Dillion Day, though the thief was Franco so he got an early bit of oral from her before the blowbang began. It's rare to begin a movie with a blowbang these days (unless that is the theme of the show) so I tip my hat to Erik for taking some chances in that regard. They surrounded her and after she had them all rock hard (except maybe Dillion), John took her ass first with a pounding bit of anal action. She continued to suck meat pipe and was soon sporting Erik's cock inside her pussy, with the other men getting plenty of gratification out of her as their turns came up. She did DP's, air tight (a DP as she sucked a cock), and taste testing with numerous positions and variations, letting the guys give her anal cream pies to close out the action. If you're a fan of gapes, she'll be your dream girl although as skilled as she was; much of the energetic action was clearly mechanical rather than based on her getting off. Still, the replay value of this ~32 minute long scene was such that fans of anal creampies will enjoy it repeatedly as she never winced to do anything they wanted.

Scene Two: Bobbi Eden, the gal with light hair on the lower left hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up next as she worked out in a home gym, showing tremendous flexibility in her skimpy outfit. The cameltoe footage gave me a boner as did the sweaty nature of the scene as she pumped iron like I wanted to pump something else. As she glistened with sweat, she removed her outfit and poured water on herself to cool down, finishing up her workout with some sexual misconduct with Erik Everhard. He peeped on her and she caught him, resulting in him servicing her body with some concentrated effort on her ass. It was a firm ass and she was dripping wet by the time he was through with her, snacking on her crack as though it was candy; much to her approval. She reciprocated with some splendid oral, working over his dick like she was sucking a golfball through a garden hose. There was some minor titty fucking before he started losing all sense of anything outside of her pussy; hammering away as though on one of his trips. They rode each other extremely actively and I had absolutely no problems with the scene being oral and vaginal only given how much they were into one another. It ended with a facial but the replay value was off the charts.

Scene Three: Terri Summers, the lean brunette on the upper right hand corner of the front DVD cover (in black & white), was up next as she was presented as a gift to a depressed Tony Ribas (he had split up with his wife at the time) by Erik Everhard. He was made to wear a blindfold as she kissed him in her fluffy outfit, disrobing him as though she were burning up to jump his bones. At this point, I was glad that Erik considered me a friend, wondering how best to let him know about my own depression that'll come up sometime around the show in Vegas next January. Seriously though, the dynamic of the scene was such that she playfully teased him endlessly; allowing him to feel her up and taste her, becoming wetter as time went on. When he removed the blindfold, his expression was priceless, showing the same kind of attraction to her as she was showing towards him. The oral was as slow as the tease, providing plenty of time for fans of savor the moment as much as she was doing, resulting in a bouncing ride on his cock inside her pussy. Her nipples were erect, skin flush, and breathing erratic enough that I thought she was enjoying the scene well beyond the "sex for pay" angle, with Erik joining in for some fun too. They then took turns pounding her pussy with their puds, to the point where it was inflamed (as well as engorged with blood), eventually ending with the men rubbing out loads to her mouth. As a point of interest, Tony started jack hammering almost as fast as Erik during one part of the scene though no one is quite like "The Master" at work.

Scene Four: Gigi, the "pretty awesome" looking gal on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover, was the last scene of the first disc, wearing a sexy outfit and skimpy panties as she came calling on John Strong and Erik Everhard. She had her luggage but they were more attracted to her perfect ass and body (not to mention that beautiful face of hers) as she claimed to want to make it in the business. She took the time to put on a sparkly pink outfit (the one on the cover) but the camera work had lots of up skirt shots too. The voyeur theme continued as she went to the bathroom to change, reminding me of what I want for Christmas from my good pal Erik but showcasing her very nicely at the same time (too many directors rush the tease, limiting the heat, but not Erik). Once changed, she went downstairs to suck off Erik, putting on that pouting face of hers I find so appealing sexually. The noises she made were a bit much at times but her sense of playfulness enhanced the scene to the point I needed to take a break. The lighting wasn't optimal during the boning here and Erik did most of the work but once she learns the power of riding a cock actively, she's going to be awesome. My only other complaint was that John should've been in the scene with the couple sexually. It ended with her taking the load to her face without wincing or cum dodging, marking the end of the first DVD of the set.

Scene Five: Nikki Montana, the hotty bent over on the upper middle of the front DVD cover spreading her ass cheeks, was the opening scene of the second disc. Her ass was great as was the rest of her body, a fact not lost on Kid Jamaica, Steve Holmes, and Erik Everhard. She climbed into bed with Steve (who was asleep) and the scene faded out until it reopened with Jamaica going nuts over not getting laid, probably figuring Erik could hook him up quickly. Steve's sleepy response was hilariously understated and Jamaica went right to work on her tasty ass as soon as they gave him the green light. She was even kind enough to slob Steve's knob for his trouble with Jamaica sharing her as the two pounded her mouth and pussy. They spanked her and then went into anal mode, her riding them very enthusiastically, eventually ending with some anal creampie action and Erik getting in on round two. He got to sample all three of her holes, with her doing most of the work as he shot in POV fashion; filling up her ass yet again with semen.

Scene Six: Tera Bond, the hot brunette on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up next as she took on Erik Everhard. This took place after she got cranky on the cell phone, getting back at her boyfriend by doing Erik after flagging him over (he was hanging out with his cameraman, Jimmy Scaffnetti, from Red Light in Budapest). The guys got a cab to follow her cab, resulting in a porn chase set to Flight of the Valkeries (I could be wrong, with all the blood going to my penis during this movie, my musical knowledge suffered as a result). Erik caught up to her and had public sex in the back seat, initially going down on one another and then screwing vaginally. This continued as the cab drove through the city with lots more sex once they got back to the room. There was great energy, chemistry, and passion displayed and it provided one of the most active rides of the show. Wow!

Scene Seven: Kristine, the redhead on the middle of the front DVD cover (between Bobbi's ass and Gigi's head), was up last as she masturbated to get off by using large anal balls in her behind and a large metallic vibrator on her very wet pussy. Her maid outfit was great and Jean Yves LeCastel assisted her after company came over in the form of Robert Rosenberg, Erik Everhard, and what appeared to be Jimmy Scaffnetti. Jean assisted with the toys and then used his dick on her ass, pounding away like he took lessons from Erik, bringing her into the front room for all to enjoy soon after that. They DP'd her and worked her over nicely, never getting to rough for her though I wish she had said something more than "oh yeah" repeatedly. Still, she clearly enjoyed the workout with the men, emphasizing the anal more than anything else, and it made a pretty good closing scene to the movie. She gaped, took large loads to the mouth, and swallowed them down easily, marking a good end for her scene as well as the movie itself.

Summary: Innocent Until Proven Filthy was yet another great release by the DVD Talk Spotlight Performer/Director also known as Erik Everhard. If you enjoy hardcore gonzo sex with all sorts of variations (rather than the usual formulaic sex most companies provide), you will find this one not only a great value (with sweet levels of fuck for the buck), but full of quality women as seen on the front DVD cover. Many of you will find my rating of Highly Recommended a bit on the low end given the overall entertainment factor but it really did stand out as a great release by one of my favorite directors in porn today. There was more hardcore sex, with limited amounts of circus act sex, than almost two full gonzo releases by other companies so check this one out as a title you'll be able to stroke to for a very long time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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