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Breaking the Rules

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/19/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

December 2005


Edfran Jr.


Mendes, Apollo Max, Daniel John, Alex Junior, Diego Rivera, Ken Masters, Allan Richar, Steffano Caricoca (spelled Estefano in the credits).

The Movie:

As the old adage goes: "rules are meant to be broken". Here, there are no rules to be broken unless one counts guys breaking some type of personal sexual rules (perhaps from straight sex?) in search of something different. Luckily for the dudes who are looking for other sexual "kicks", there is an "Agency" that provides them with studs to do just that.

The Dudes:

The eight dudes in the movie look to be of Latin descent with smooth chests, uncut cocks, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, hairy and shaved holes, and handsome faces.

Scene One:

Mendes is sitting in his bedroom alone when Agency dude Alex Junior arrives. Alex has told Mendes over the telephone that he wants to try "something different. Get out of the box (!) as they say." The two dudes start making out and removing their shirts. Mendes pulls Alex's pants down to find he is wearing black underwear. Mendes sucks and licks Alex's hard cock through his underwear.

Medes pulls those black shorts down and chows down on Alex's uncut cock and balls. Mendes really gets into sucking cock: jerking the rigid shaft, licking and making loud popping noises with his insatiable mouth. Alex returns the pleasure by sucking Mendes' hard nipples, pulling off Mendes' white briefs, lifting his legs, revealing a hairy butt hole, and fucking him in the missionary position (with condom).

Mendes grabs Alex's hard cock and crams it in and out of his hungry butt hole. This is quite a turn on. There are plenty of loud slapping noises as Mendes sinks down on Alex's hard cock and works himself into a frenzy. Mendes shoots cum on his stomach while Alex pops a large load.

Scene Two:

Ken Masters is relaxing on his bed when Estefano Carioca enters the room and introduces himself. "I'm from the Agency. You wanted to have an new experiment" (sic). I'm making a wild guess that he meant "a new experience". Estefano pulls Ken's pants down and strokes his large uncut cock, licking and sucking the balls. Soon both dudes are completely naked while Ken fucks Estefano's face.

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Ken rubs Estefano's hairy butt crack and finger-fucks him with one finger...with two fingers (I ain't talking a glass of wine here) "Two fingers? Do me with two!"....and finally, Ken has three fingers crammed in that tight little hole. Ken replaces the fingers with his hard cock as he fucks Estefano in the side/missionary position (with condom). Estefano happily jacks his cock while being fucked.

Estefano gets fucked from behind and then rides Ken's cock for all he is worth. "Jump on it motherfucker! Jump on it! C'mon! Do it!" I love these subtitles! "It's almost like you are riding a horse." Ken jerks his large cock and unloads all over Estefano's face.

Scene Three:

Daniel John and Diego are laying in bed talking. Kissing and body rubbing quickly takes place of the idle chitchat. Diego is wearing aqua and white underwear. Diego pulls Daniel's hard uncut cock and starts sucking him and rubbing his balls. Daniel works on Diego's nipples and moseys on down to his uncut cock licking the hard shaft.

Diego licks Daniel's hairy butt crack and hole for a short time before fucking him doggy style (with condom). "Stick it all in, c'mon." Diego fucks with nice steady strokes that start slow and gradually become faster. Daniel stokes his cock while being fucked and is quite vocal. A very hot side/missionary position follows as Daniel shouts "Fuck me. This ass is so good. Do you like it? Fuck it then!" Daniel straddles Diego, rides some cock, and lets his plump balls slap around. The bedsprings are squeaking loudly as the dudes stoke their cocks and shoot loads.

Scene Four:

Close-up: Ugly pink painting of some gal and her man in a nude embrace. Frankly, this painting isn't good enough for a "Starving Artist's" sale in a Holiday Inn lobby. Very Handsome Apollo is sitting on a sofa looking bored. Cute dark-haired Allan joins him. Apollo: "You're from the Agency." Allan: "Yes...I am." The action starts with some very sexy and slow making out with plenty of wet tongue.

Apollo takes off his sweater revealing a smooth chest and wonderful dark nipples. Allan has some very sexy dark nipples of his own that Apollo takes great pleasure in licking, sucking, and gently biting like hard little eraser tips. Apollo takes his time as he sucks Allan's dark uncut cock: licking and stroking the hard shaft, nursing the pink knob. Apollo is obviously very into sucking cock as he slurps and makes all sorts of wet sounds with his hungry mouth. As Apollo sucks Allan's cock, he is stroking his own uncut cock creating a string of precum from his sticky cock head to his hairy thigh. This is very hot.

"I'm going crazy, man. Wanna give this ass? You not only can. You should. Let's do it." Allan fucks Apollo's tight butt from behind (with condom) as Apollo loudly moans with pleasure. There are some nice shots from behind of hairy holes, gooches, and balls slapping. A very intense missionary position follows as Allan gives Apollo a damn good fucking. Apollo exclaims: "Holy fuck!" "C'mon, fuck the hell out of me!" Both horny dudes shoot nice loads on Apollo's stomach.



"Breaking the Rules " is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Edfran Jr. and Ricardo Sonza is professional providing steady shots with plenty of close-ups so the viewer feels as if he is right in the middle of the action. The picture quality is clear and sharp, and the editing by Thiago P. keeps each scene rolling along at a nice, steady pace to keep the action from becoming dull.


The music starts out with a cool bluesy guitar song and then switches to more jazzy tunes for the remaining scenes. There is definitely plenty of shouts, grunts, and moans of pleasure as these dudes sex it up.


The only extra is a slide show featuring plentiful photographs of the models alone and engaging in sex. The disc also contains a scene selection option and chapter stops.

Final Thoughts:

"Breaking the Rules" is a definite turn-on. The guys look to be Latin with sexy caramel-colored skin, dark hair, and handsome faces. The dudes are also clearly into the action they are participating in. This is one of the most important aspects of ertoica to me. Watching two guys just going through the motions is monotonous. Luckily, that is not the case here. The production quality is descent (except for that ugly painting! Ha!) providing a clear picture, nice camera angles, and editing to keep the scenes moving along at a good pace. I recommend the movie to fans of good looking Latin dudes, uncut cocks, and loud moaners.

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