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Safari City

Studio: Paladin Video » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/20/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

December 1999


Jean Daniel Cadinot


Jerome Galfion, Fernando Leonne, Christian Gaillac, Sylvain De Prat, Fabian Nexman, Calwin Donatello, Maxime Pavlov, Ruan Del Montes, Zachari Brovnik, Anton Elsinski, David Richer, Julien Chamfray, Frank Forest, Anthony Boyer.

The Movie:

Safari City is a public park where horny young French guys (age 18+) hang out and hook up. The sexual encounters are not limited to the park, as the village flea market and various shops also seem to be a hot bed of activity.

The Dudes:

These guys are in the nineteen to early twenties age range with a variety of tall/slender to smaller/tight body types. The guy's hair color is mostly dark brown with a couple that have blonde and light brown hair. The pubes are a mix of full, trimmed, and shaved and the cocks are all uncut.

Scene One:

Frank (cute with tall/slender build and short dark hair) is at the local village flea market shopping for some shorts. When he finds some he likes (ugly neon colors), Frank heads for the dressing room to try them on. Jerome (handsome with brown hair and tan lines)is already there trying on various clothing and hogging the mirror. The two give each other the eye, strip down, and try on the goods. Didn't anyone tell these dudes to wear underwear while trying on clothing? Luckily for us, the answer is no. The two begin to make out and feel each other up.

There is plenty of cock sucking as Frank strokes and licks Jerome's large cock (with equally large knob), Jerome sucks Frank's big dick while Frank reaches over and strokes Jerome's cock while Jerome humps his hips to the rhythm of the jacking. Obviously the guys are not worried about anyone walking in as they engage in a full sixty-nine right on the changing room floor.

Frank eats Jerome's tight butt hole and finger fucks him. Frank fucks Jerome in the missionary position (with condom) while Jerome sucks on Frank's fingers. Jerome spreads Frank's butt cheeks to reveal a tight, pink shaved hole and starts to rub and finger it. Frank continues to fuck Jerome from behind and the "sink and bounce" position. The two get quite worked up as they blow large loads on Jerome's stomach.

Scene Two:

Frank eagerly drives over to the park wearing his new shorts to watch the soccer game. He is heavily cruised by Anton (cute blonde with smaller/tight body) and Ruan (cute with short dark hair) to the point of the scene being comical. No subtlety here as Ruan gives Frank the eye and begins to rub his own bulge. Frank kisses Anton and strokes Anton's big cock (another cock with a nice big cock head) and the three begin to heavily make out.

Frank pulls out his hard cock as he and Anton engage in some playful cockfighting by rubbing their hard tools together and stroking each other. The three move over to the hood of Frank's car as the cock sucking begins: Frank sucks Anton while Ruan sucks Frank and Frank rubs Anton's butt hole. Soon Ruan is spread-eagle on the hood the car while Frank sucks his cock, spreads his butt cheeks, and plays with his tight shaved hole.

The sucking leads to fucking (still all on the hood of the car) as Anton plays "sink and bounce" (with condom) with Frank, missionary position as Anton is fucked by Ruan (with condom), and then a frenzied sixty-nine between Anton and Frank. All three guys shoot loads.

Scene Three:

Zachari (sexy with light brown/blondish hair and hairy chest) is cycling through the park when he meets up with Jerome (didn't he have enough in the dressing room?) and Fabian (cute with dark hair). The three are soon kissing up a storm, undressing, stroking and sucking hard cocks. Zachari eats Fabian's hole while Fabian sucks Jerome's cock.

These three dudes do it all and it's all there to be done: finger fucking, ass eating, "sink and bounce" (with condoms), doggy, and missionary positions. At one point, Jerome is hungrily sucking Zachari and Fabian's cocks at the same time. Each dude shoots a load.

Scene Four:

Ruan hooks up with Julien (cute dude with light brown hair) while still hanging around the park. Julien sucks and licks Ruan's chest and nipples. Shorts are quickly removed as hard uncut cocks are bobbing in the breeze. Ruan eats Julien's butt hole and sucks his large cock while working three fingers up Julien's bum.

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Julien switches to sucking Ruan's cock, finger fucking his tight hole, and finally eating that hole. Luckily, there is a picnic table available so the two don't have to get down n' dirty on the ground. Ruan fucks Julien in the missionary position (with condom). Ruan slides his hard cock into Julien's hole as smooth as a hot knife in butter. Of course, there is a game of "sink and bounce", some very sexy heavy kissing and switching up on the fucking as Julien fucks Ruan (with condom) missionary style. Ruan shoots a load on his stomach as Julien cums on Roan's balls and pubes.

Scene Five:

Maxime (cute, tall/slender with dark hair) has been hanging around the park looking for some action and openly rubbing his hard cock. He is cruised by an un-credited construction worker wearing a yellow hard hat (I'll call him Hard Hat). Hard Hat heavily cruises Maxime at the outdoor urinal while Maxime is "making water". Hard Hat begins to stroke the foreskin up and over his slick knob as Maxime finishes up and begins to stroke his hardening cock.

The two engage in some hot mutual masturbation as Hard Hat spreads Maxime's butt cheeks to look at his tight little shaved hole. They decide to head back to Hard Hat's apartment. Hard Hat happenes to have numerous pictures of naked gals on his wall. The two make out and Hard Hat licks Maxime's hairy armpit, sucks his cock and rubs the hard shaft all over his face. Hard Hat fucks Maxime in the missionary and doggy positions (with condom). These dudes are really into it, jack off together, and blow loads.

Scene Six:

Jerome (Again! Luckily for us, he is very cute!) is in the market looking at the wine selection when he catches the eye of employee Calwin (very handsome dude with coffee colored skin) and follows to the storage room to "check the stock". These two cut loose with plenty of moans as they kiss, feel each other up, and strip totally nude. Jerome sucks Calwin's big cock (another cock with a big knob). Jerome rubs his hard cock between Calwin's legs from behind as he strokes Calwin's cock. This is very hot!

Calwin sucks Jerome's cock, Jerome eats and fingers Calwin's tight shaved hole. Jerome is totally into eating butt as he really munches down and tongue-fucks Calwin. Calwin fucks Jerome really hard doggy style (with condom). The sound of Calwin's balls slapping fills the air. As he is being fucked, Jerome strokes his cock and rubs his nuts. The two really get into some heaving soul kissing as they jack off and shoot their loads. Calwin cums on Jerome's neck and chest.

Scene Seven:

Christian (tall/slender with dark hair) is roller-skating just like "Tootie" when he zooms by and hooks up with Fabian and Julien (do these guys ever leave the park?). Fabian borrows Hard Hat's bedroom for a threesome. The three horny dudes make out and really get into some heavy kissing. Nude photos of the gals are still on the wall.

Julien eats Christian's shaved hole as Fabian fingers and eats Julien's hole. These guys do it all: rimming, cock sucking, finger fucking, kissing, sixty-nine, and fucking (with condoms). Maxime knocks on the door and turns the action into a wild foursome. In the end, the dudes jack their cocks and squirt their loads.

Scene Eight:

Jerome (Again and always welcome) rides the bumper cars at a local carnival. Fernando, the sexy dark-haired dude working the ride, catches his eye. When the ride is over, Jerome follows Fernando to his trailer for a different kind of ride. Fernando stands in the open door of his trailer, smiles, pulls his big dick out, starts to stroke, bends over and actually licks his own foreskin! Very hot! This is all of an invitation Jerome needs (who could blame him?).

Jerome strokes Fernando's hard cock as they kiss and such each other's tongues. Jerome sucks Fernando's cock working the foreskin back and forth over the pink knob while Fernando spreads Jerome's hole and finger fucks him. Fernando replaces his fingers with a hot tongue as he munches down on Jerome's butt hole.

Fernando continues to finger fuck Jerome and then fucks him from behind (with condom). While Fernando is fucking Jerome in the missionary position, there are plenty of nice camera shots of Fernando's hairy hole and balls. Jerome shoots a large load on Fernando's chest, neck, and face and licks it up. Fernando shoots a big creamy load as well.

Scene Nine:

Maxime looking very nervous (not sure why since he has the nerve to jack off in public) arrives at the park while Sylvain (cute with brown hair) and Ruan are kissing. Heated words are exchanged and Ruan angrily leaves. Maxime and Sylvain drive over to Maxime's apartment. Maxime and Sylvain make out on the sofa, which leads to Sylvain sucking Maxime's cock. Maxime eats and finger-fucks Sylvain's butt hole and then fucks him doggy style (with condom). The twosome finish by jerking off and getting their nuts. The scene is short but very hot.

Scene Ten:

Frank (from Scene One) assists Anthony (short dark hair) in purchasing new running shoes. As Frank is measuring Anthony's shoe size, Anthony's cock hangs out the leg of his shorts. Frank enters the back room to locate the proper shoes and naturally starts to make out with another employee David (dark-haired cutie). Quick customer service is obviously thrown out the window as David begins to suck Frank's cock.

In a fit of passion, David clears everything off the table with one fatal swoop of his arm, lifts Frank's legs up, and eats his asshole with wild abandon. Naturally Anthony begins nosing around the store, finds the two dudes lovin' on each other and joins in. Anthony and Frank suck David's cock, Anthony sucks Frank and David's cocks, Frank face-fucks Anthony. Frank fucks Anthony doggy style (with condom) and sucks David's cock. David fucks Anthony (with condom) as Frank fucks David. Fuck! That's hot! All three guys explode in the back room. I hope they clean up the mess.

Scene Eleven:

Ruan (still angry from Scene Nine) is arguing with Maxime, which escalates into physical fight. Of course the fight turns sexual as the two swing at each other and end up in a small pond. The fight reminds me of the fights the gals on "Dynasty" used to have! The guys are soon kissing in an apartment which features a sofa with lil' stuffed animals sitting on it. Perhaps the stuffed animals were won at the carnival?

Ruan's large cock plops out and Maxime is quick to go down on it. Ruan and Maxime make out and rub their hard cocks together. Ruan sucks Maxime's tool, Maxime rubs and toys with Ruan's tight butt hole. An enjoyable sixty-nine is up next for these two followed by some missionary, doggy style, and "slide and ride" fucking (with condoms). Ruan strokes Maxime's cock to orgasm while Ruan dumps a load on his stomach.



"Safari City" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is professional providing steady shots with plenty of close-ups to please the voyeur in us all. The picture quality could definitely be better as there is some momentary grain throughout the movie. The picture is clear but not as crisp as many other movies I have reviewed. This does not distract or take anything away from the movie. The editing keeps the scenes moving along at a steady pace keeping the action fresh and never dull.


All dialogue is in French without subtitles (frankly, one does not need them in this case). The music by Anton Elsinski (who also appears in the movie) and Jan Snelders changes styles from scene to scene: cool drumbeats, synth, classical, and a groovy space-age tune in Scene Nine. There are also plenty of sounds from the dudes as they pant, grunt, moan, and cry-out in absolute pleasure.


The disc contains a scene selection option, chapter stops, photo gallery, web site information, and "Hot Shots" (cum shots only option).

Final Thoughts:

Whew! Eleven scenes of nonstop man-on-man lovin'! "Safari City" is a big ol' turn-on to watch. Counting the un-credited dude in the yellow hard hat, there are fifteen handsome French guys to enjoy as they engage in a buffet of sexual activities. Editing is very important in a film with this many scenes. Fortunately, the editing in "Safari City" moves each scene along at a descent pace and keeps the movie from becoming stagnant and dull.

Also important is for the models to enjoy themselves. The horny dudes in "Safari City" are really into each other and the kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking in each scene. A number of the guys appear in more than one scene and that is fine with me as they are all handsome, ready, and willing. As mentioned, the picture quality could be a bit better but does not distract from the action. For the above-stated reasons, I'm going to highly recommend the disc. It's a damn hot time!

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