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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 46

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/21/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

May 2006


Ashton, Duke, Sonny, and Broderick.

The Movie:

To celebrate the Fourth anniversary of "Straight College Men", the dudes will be playing a game of sexual "Survivor". Their cell phones have been locked away and they have been whisked away to an island (judging from the scenery perhaps North Carolina? Just a guess).

The game is simple: each guy will pair up with a partner to create their own sexual scene. Dudes will be booted off the island at various times during the game. The prize for the last guy on the island: a cool, brand new 2006 truck. How far will these straight dudes go to win that truck?

Scene One:

Duke (a real hottie with dark hair, slender/tight body, and plenty of body hair) is teamed up with Ashton (a sexy red head with closely cropped hair, muscular build, full red pubes, and plenty of tattoos). Ashton is lying nude near a riverbank playing with his cut cock when Duke emerges from the water and gives him some lovin'. The foreplay is very hot as the dudes slowly feel each other's bodies, nuzzle necks, lick/nibble on ears, and kiss.

Duke works his hot mouth down to Ashton's cock and balls and has a good ol' time stroking and sucking him to full hardness. After plenty of sucking, Duke straddles Ashton as Ashton starts licking Duke's hairy thighs getting closer and closer to his cut cock and nice full pubes. After sucking Duke's cock, Ashton rubs Duke's hairy bum and teases his crack. This is some very erotic action as Duke slowly rubs his hard cock in between Duke's butt cheeks. The two finish their scene by beating off and shooting loads.

Scene Two:

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Sonny (a hot military dude with short hair, nice pecs, and plenty of tattoos) is paired up with Broderick (handsome with a husky build, dark hair, and big cut cock). They have a tough act to follow. Sonny stands next to Broderick and strokes his cut cock while his buddy does the same. Broderick has a nice bubble butt and great hairy thighs. Unfortunately, Broderick isn't feeling the vibe at this time, pulls up this shorts and announces, "This is ridiculous". Will Broderick be the first to get the boot?

Scene Three:

Sonny, now indoors, wants to finish his scene to ensure he won't get the boot. Sonny lubes up and starts stroking his hard cock, balls, and teasing his butt hole. Sonny also has a surprise for us: a very large banana he plans to use as a dildo. He rolls a condom on the banana, lubes it up, and slowly works it into his tight lil' hole. Sonny really works that banana as he fucks himself and jerks his cock. I don't want to give everything away, but one of the other cast members decides to help Sonny out to put the "icing on the cake" of his scene. Very hot!

Scene Four:

To make up for his earlier snafu, Broderick is back in the sexual mode with Sonny...this time on a sofa. The two dudes stroke their hard cocks and eventually jack each other. Broderick has a nice cock with a very large knob. The two rub their hard cocks together as Sonny is now lying on top of Broderick kissing him very gently with plenty of tongue. Broderick wraps his legs around Sonny as they start humping each other. Again, this is quite sexy. Broderick shoots his load all over Sonny's hand.



"Straight College Men 46" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen. The videography is hand-held and very smooth providing plenty of close-ups as these straight guys "go sexin'". The hand-held camera and editing keep the action moving along at a nice steady pace, as the scenes never become dull. The picture quality is nice and crisp allowing the viewer full access to these handsome dudes.


The sound is clear picking up all the wildlife noises in the outdoor scenes along with the dudes soft groans and pouts of pleasure. Sonny makes some very sexy noises as he crams that banana up his bum. Yeeeehaw!


The extras include chapter stops, "Read About the Shoot" which is an overview description of what takes place during day one on the island. There are also some very teasing previews for "Dean and Lucca" featuring the very handsome Dean with his smooth muscular chest, tanned body, and uncut cock, "Island Day 2" which is a continuation of the reviewed movie, and "Magic Shoot" featuring more hunky straight guys willing to mess around for some scratch.

A CD-ROM featuring samples from: "Hawaii Day 2", "The Island Day 2", "Dean and Davis", "Dean and Damon", "Paul Plus One", "Caleb", Paul and Dean", "Brett and Dean Bake A Cake!" , and "Hawaii Day 4". Finally, the disc contains a full-color catalogue of additional "Straight College Men" titles.

Final Thoughts:

"Straight College Men 46" is a fun watch and quite a turn-on. This is an interesting concept: let's find out just how far these supposedly straight dudes will go to win that truck. Scene One with Duke and Ashton is especially erotic as their foreplay is gentle, unhurried, and natural. This is something I do not see much in movies these days as most of the time it's all about the sucking and fucking. This scene really brought some romance to the movie.

The guys are all nice looking and seem to be good-natured. This is another plus since there is apparently no real indifference although they crack plenty of jokes to ease the tension. Beneath the machismo displayed by some of the dudes, there is a strong underlying feeling that they don't exactly mind what they are up to. The CD-ROM is a groovy addition. I recommend the movie for guys who dig amateur erotica done right.

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