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Sins in North Africa

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/22/06

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Date of Production:

November 2005


Christophe Paalatin, Cedric Mariin, Abel Ben Romdhane, Lotti Ben Salah, Rhalifa Touhami, Nabil Manjoub, Amir Kbayr, Anis Hememi, Tarek Gafsi.

The Movie:

Two dudes decide to spend their vacation in Tunisia, which is situated on the North African Coast off the Mediterranean Sea between Algeria and Libya. The language most commonly spoken is Arabic and most of the population consider themselves to be Arabs. The dudes spend their time sucking cock and being fucked in their hotel room, on the beach, and in the woods.

The Dudes:

The dudes are handsome with mostly Arab characteristics of dark skin, dark hair, and cut cocks. There is a nice age range represented here from early twenties into forties. Since there are no photographs to match these dudes with their names, I'll make up short nicknames for clarity purposes.

Scene One:

Vacationing dude with a buzz cut ("Buzz") is shown to his hotel room by a guy wearing a dark tee shirt ("Tee"). As they enter the room the two immediately start playing grab-ass. Buzz strokes and sucks Tee's cock while groovy 1960s style keyboard tunes play in the background. Buzz really chows down on that cock: deep throating and pulling on Tee's nuts. Tee rubs and slaps his hard cock against Buzz's chest and nipples. Unfortunately, the camera misses Tee's cum shot so the viewer only sees his limp cock covered with spooge. How the fuck does a camera operator miss a cum shot?

Scene Two:

Buzz, wearing a black Speedo, is sunbathing on the beach. A cute slender guy in his twenties wearing a red tee shirt ("Red") cruises Buzz, chats a while, and heads to a more secluded spot on the beach. Buzz sucks Red's long cut cock. Buzz sucks and strokes that cock in a way that I doubt he would not let go without a fight. Red fucks Buzz from behind (with condom).

A third dude ("Dude Three") spots them from on top of a high rock and quickly makes his way down to the beach to join in on the action. Buzz sucks Dude Three's cock while still being fucked from behind by Red. Buzz then sucks Red and Dude Three's cocks at the same time. Buzz is definitely cock hungry. Red shoots his load on Buzz's shoulder while Dude Three lets loose on his chest.

Scene Three:

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Vacationing blonde dude ("Blonde") is taking a relaxing shower in his hotel room when a cute dude in his twenties ("Cute Dude") sneaks in and spies on him. Cute Dude boldly walks into the bathroom as Blonde begins to kiss him and rub his bulge. Blonde sucks Cute Dude's cock and really gives it his all. Cute Dude fucks Blonde doggy style (with condom) and then switches to a side/missionary position on the bed. Cute Dude jerks his cock and shoots a large load on Blonde's stomach. This is the best cum shot in the movie.

Scene Four:

Blonde and Buzz are walking on the beach when they encounter a handsome guy lying in a comfortable looking makeshift tent ("Tent Dude"). Buzz goes down on Tent Dude's large/fat cock and really gives it a good work out. Blonde joins in on the cock sucking and concentrates on Tent Dude's balls. Tent Dude fucks Blonde from behind (with condom) and then switches to Buzz in a missionary position (with condom). There is a nice camera shot of Tent Dude's hairy hole and balls as he fucks Buzz. Blonde and Buzz stroke and suck Tent Dude to climax.

Scene Five:

Hotel room number 153 has a cool aqua door for a handsome dude ("Handsome") to sneak through. Buzz rubs Handsome's body and quickly starts sucking his cock and nice hairy balls. Buzz is an excellent cocksucker as he really goes for Handsome's cut cock. Buzz rolls a condom on Handsome, sinks down on his cock and rides while Handsome pulls on Buzz's nipples. Handsome fucks Buzz in the missionary position and shoots a load on Buzz's shoulder.

Scene Six:

Buzz and Blonde go horseback riding through the woods. They soon dismount from the horses and head their separate ways into the woods...no doubt looking for more sex. Blonde spies a good-looking dude jacking off by a tree ("Woods Dude"). Woods Dude soon spots Blonde spying on him and motions for the sneak to come join him. Of course, Blonde is quickly down on his knees servicing Woods Dude's hard cock. Woods Dude fucks Blonde from behind (with condom) as Blonde balances himself against a tree to keep from falling over. Woods Dude shoots a thick load on Blonde's back.

Scene Seven:

Buzz is taking another walk on the beach when he happens upon a hottie jacking his large cut cock with big knob ("Knob"). As usual, Buzz goes down on Knob's cock really slurping, jacking, and sucking. Knob fucks Buzz in the doggy and missionary positions (with condom) and cums on Buzz's shoulder.

Scene Eight:

Back in their hotel room, Blonde and Buzz are relaxing nude (naturally) exhausted from their sexual romps. A nice looking hotel employee ("Hotel Dude") enters their room and the two dude's exhaustion magically disappears as they suck his tool. Hotel Dude fucks Buzz from behind (with condom) as Blonde sucks on Buzz's balls. Hotel Dude fucks with some nice fast strokes. Hotel Dude fucks Blonde in the missionary position (with condom) then switches back to doggy style. Hotel Dude squirts a big load on Blonde's back.



"Sins in North Africa " is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides the basic porno camera shots with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is descent but gets a little grainy at times. The editing could be better as some of the scenes go on for too long and become a bit monotonous.


The music by Refat Asmat consists of traditional instrumentals from Tunisia and some very groovy 1960's keyboard tunes. The sound is clear featuring Arabic dialogue with no subtitles and plenty of sex sounds.


The extras include scene selection, chapter stops, web site information, photo gallery, and trailers for: "Tag! You're It!", "Banished From Heaven", "Sex in Normandy", "Ryker's Money Shot", "Animal Instincts", and "Superboys in the Fast Lane".

Final Thoughts:

"Sins in North Africa" contains plenty of very handsome Arab dudes which is a big plus as I love dark skinned/dark haired guys. There is an interesting theme of voyeurism, spying, and walking into hotel rooms without permission that runs throughout the movie. The picture quality is descent but the editing could be tightened up.

Buzz and Blonde, who appear in every scene, never cum or have a scene in which they get it on with each other. The sex scenes are rather repetitious where "Top" and "Bottom" is strictly adhered. It would have been very hot to see some of these good looking guys sucking some cock instead of the same two guys every time. Since the quality of the movie is descent with plenty of expert cock sucking and handsome dudes, I will suggest a rental.

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