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Dishonorable Discharge

Studio: French Connection » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 6/25/06

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Gay Adult Movie
James Grant
60 Minutes
CAST: Girgorio Rocca, Eric Mudd, Al Paine, Kami Kazi, Jon Salsa, Ben Dover, Joe Daze

The Good Stuff
Dishonorable Discharge is a pre-condom classic or vintage porno. They guys for the most part all have mustaches and have natural pubic hair. This was shot before pubic grooming was the norm. The men are all natural, they are fit or in shape but not ripped like most of todays gay porn performers. It is supposedly based on a true account that the director James Grant got from interviewing someone discharged from the military for being gay.

Scene 1
Roger is being interviewed by someone for the "Gay Press". That is how I will identify him for the rest of the movie. Roger is not sure he is gay so he relates all of his gay experiences to Gay Press Man. Rogers first time was while he was on break from school and walking through the park. He ran into a military man who intrigued him enough so that Roger followed him home. Back at Military Mans place they are on the floor in front of a fireplace making out. Awwe how romantical for Rogers first time. Military goes down on Roger first, while receiving his oral attention Roger just kind of lays there like a dead fish. Roger finally enlivens and goes after Militarys cock and gets mouthfucked for a bit. They swap between blowing each other before we get right to Roger fucking Military in missionary position. Thats where it begins and ends....in missionary. Roger pulls out an jizzes on Military then rubs it into his hairy chest and licks some off his hand.
[Actors: Roger, Military Man | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Missionary | Condoms: No | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 2

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Rogers second instance of gay sex doesn't even include him. He watched other guys getting it on in the barracks. Curly Hair and Straight Hair are horsing around, Curly in boxers and Straight in a button down military jacket only. Asian comes walks by and the two guys grab him and tell him they will help dry him off. Straight sucks on Asian, Asian then sucks off Curly who is the only one of the movie with shaved nuts as a side note. While being blow by Asian, Curly runs his fingers through Asians hair revealing that he was wearing a wig to cover up his long hair. I don't know why thats important but there it is. They lay Asian down and Curly straddles his face while Straight blows Asian. Switch to Curly and Straight 69ing while Asian licks Curlys buttcheek. Now Curly is on Straights chest fucking his mouth while Asian rimms Straights bung. Curly does Straight missionary they then flip flop before Straight Hair is pulling out and spooging on Curly. Straight asks Curly if he wants to take a shower. Asian says hey guys what about me? The two guys walk out laughing. Poor Asian is left unfulfilled.
[Actors: Curly Hair, Straight Hair, Asian | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking, Rimming |Positions: Missionary | Condoms: No | Dicks: Cut |]

Scene 3
Roger felt badly that Asian was left high and dry previously so he wants to console him. The two kiss then swap blowing each other followed by 69'ing. Then the editing is off, when Roger was blowing Asian you saw that he had a dark relatively skinny cock. For the rest of the scene you see Roger being fucked in the mouth by a thick white cock, a random scene of 2 white guys fucking, then the thick white cock cums on Rogers mouth. All the while supposedly being Asian. Whatever.
[Actor: Roger, Asian | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: 69, Missionary | Condoms: No | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 4
This brief scene begins with Rogers Sergeant walking in on him while he is blowing Asian. The dialog in badly dubbed in this scene, the dialog is heard then the actors mouths move. Rogers Sergeant says so you are a faggot? Faggots get kicked out of the army. Roger will do anything, to not be kicked out. In typical porn fashion the Sergeant says if you suck my cock you can stay. So Roger blows his Sergeant while military marching music plays in the background. The Sergeant jacks and cums on his hand. Poor Roger gets discharged anyway.
[Actor: Sarge, Roger | Sex Acts: Oral | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 5
The final scene is with Gay Press Man and Roger, where they actually get down to funky town. Press wants to know if Roger is actually gay because being from the "Gay Press" if they bill Roger as gay and he isn't they will look like fools. Press climbs over Roger and sits on his lap facing Roger so the two guys can make out for a bit while undressing each other. For a first in this film when Press' cock is released from the constraints of his pants it is already gloriously hard. He has the biggest cock of this film a nice thick hard, I'll guess 10 inches. The two guys take turns blowing each other and 69'ing before Roger is on his back and Press is fingering his hole to loosen him up. Press puts his meaty rod where his finger was and bangs away at Rogers hole. After banging in that one position for a while Press pulls out and flops his spurting cock onto Rogers junk. Roger quickly grabs hold and jacks the already spurting schlong for some more cum. Press sits back and tells Roger that, "Roger you are gay, I never doubted it and there is nothing undesirable about it." The movie ends with the showing of the undesirable discharge letter that Roger got which gets splattered with "cum" that looks more like Elmers glue.
[Actor: Gay Press, Roger | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Rimming, Fingering | Positions: Missionary | Condoms: No | Dicks: Cut |




For vintage porn the sound quality was good, the dialog while cheesy was clearly heard. The music selection was gawd awful. From military marching music to music that sounded like it came straight from a girls music box it was pretty bad. Video quality even though it was digitally remastered it was grainy and in some scenes there was distortion at the bottom of my screen. Also lighting was poor for every one of the scenes.



Scene Selection

Fun Vintage Trailers: Very Campy promo for the original production company. A total of 27:12 of old time promos for movies. The type that would actually have play in sticky floored wack off movie theaters.

At the End of the Night

Dishonorable Discharge was a short vintage porno. The men were all stached and had naturally in shape physiques. I found that to be rather refreshing, whereas you could tell the guys worked out, they weren't the oh so prevalent gym bunnies of todays porn. It's a pre condom movie so for guys who like sex au naturale and enjoy full pubes and hairy nuts it is a fun romp. I am going out on a limb saying that all of the guys were cut in this flick but with the poor lighting it was hard to tell. So forgive me if you watch the movie and there is a hooded willy in it. The sex scenes were pretty basic the only position for penetration was missionary so that was a little boring but the cheeserific dialog and cliché gay stereotypes I found rather amusing. I mean come on, the lines of " I work for the gay press." or "Its a Greek wine.......I love everything Greek." have to make you smile. Anywho, with all that being said Friends, for fans of Vintage pre condom porn I would say its Recommended but for my personal tastes I am giving it a rating of "Rent It".

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