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Dirty Dawgzz

Studio: Latino Fan Club » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/25/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:
9/1/2005 to 2/15/2006

Directed By:

Brian Brennan.

The Cast:

Mercury, Tariq, Dolo, BeBe, T.J., Luis, Omar, Mike, G.Q., Xavier, Navon, Daz.

The Movie:

There are always the Dirty Dawgzz "for when you are tired of all the good, clean fun". These Dawgzz are hot Latino dudes who enjoy smoking dope, drinkin' booze, watching straight porn, giving and receiving head, and jacking off.

The Dudes:

The twelve dudes are all good looking Latinos who are mostly in their twenties with tattoos, full and trimmed pubes, uncut and cut cocks.

Scene One:

Mercury is a tall/slender dude with a nice tight body and tattoos. Mercury is dancing up a storm on stage in a purple thong. He really shimmies his hairy butt for the camera and eventually pulls out his long cut cock and gleefully shakes that big thang for us. A spirited jack off replaces the dancing as Mercury shoots a small but thick/creamy load.

Scene Two:

Sexy photographer Tariq (closely cropped hair, facial hair, and tattoos) must talk extra hot model Dolo (short hair wearing a bandana and plenty of tattoos) into posing nude. Dolo has quite a few reservations until Tariq offers to pay him $1,000.00.

Tariq pulls Dolo's blue jeans and boxer shorts down to reveal a large uncut cock and trimmed pubes. Traiq takes his sweet time sucking that big cock, deep throating Dolo to full hardness. Tariq pays close attention to Dolo's foreskin pulling it over the knob with his lips and working his tongue under the cover. This is very hot. There are nice shots of Dolo's hairy butt crack as Tariq works on his equally hairy balls.

Tariq pulls out his own uncut cock and hairy balls and starts to jack off while sucking Dolo. Dolo pulls on his own cock while Tariq gives more attention to his balls. Dolo shoots a thick load on Tariq's neck and shoulder and Tariq cums on the floor.

Scene Three:

BeBe is a dude who looks to be in his thirties with a cool shaved head, smooth chest, and plenty of tattoos. He stares at the camera and exclaims, "I'm horny as a motherfucker" and begins to pinch and play with his hard nipples. BeBe rubs his hard cock through his boxer shorts, pulls out the big uncut tool and starts pulling and playing with his foreskin.

BeBe makes his hard cock bob up and down and slaps it against his eager palm. He spreads his hairy legs nice and wide, rubs his balls and hairy butt crack and continues to play with his foreskin. BeBe rolls over exposing his hairy butt hole and slowly rubs his hard cock and balls against the sofa. He rolls back over, really jacks that big cock, and shoots a load on his stomach.

Scene Four:

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Luis (a good looking husky dude with closely cropped hair/facial hair) is working at his desk smoking a cigarette. T.J. (handsome with dark curly hair) enters the office, rubs Luis' shoulders, and kisses his neck. Luis finally cannot resist T.J. as the neck kissing turns to full on kissing with plenty of tongue.

T.J. pulls down Luis' jeans and yanks his large uncut cock out of the fly. T.J. sucks that cock with the foreskin still covering the knob. He stokes the hard shaft working Luis' foreskin up and over his cock head. T.J. stands up and pulls his big uncut schlong out and begins to stroke it. T.J. is very into his cocksucking as he deep throats Luis and works on his hairy nuts. T.J.'s big ol' cock has a cool long foreskin, which makes a nipple at the end. Luis wraps his hand around T.J.'s cock, strokes and sucks the large foreskin covered knob while jacking his own cock. There is more making out and heavy kissing as the dudes stroke their cocks. Luis squirts a large load on T.J.'s chest while T.J. strokes and shoots on his stomach. The scene ends with a close-up of T.J.'s cum filled foreskin.

Scene Five:

Three dawgz get "dirty" while slouching on a large sectional sofa drinking, smoking cigarettes, and watching straight porn. The viewer is "treated" to a quick shot of the movie they are watching: two bleached blonde gals with big tits making out while riding on a motorcycle. I wondered to myself if this is the opening scene of "Final Destination 4" as the gal driving the hog is too busy making out to watch the road! Ha!

Omar (beautiful dude with a nice hairy chest and stomach), Mike (hottie with long black hair), and G.Q. (handsome dude with a shaved head) are watching these gals while slowly rubbing their bulges though their pants. The booze is flowing freely as G.Q. sneaks a sly look at the other two dudes. Mike stands up and pulls his pants down revealing an uncut cock, which he starts to stroke jacking his foreskin up and over the knob. Omar now has a large tent in his shorts and pulls out his fat uncut cock to start stroking. G.Q. want to "talk" to Omar's tool: "I'll talk with my tongue and my lips" as he goes down on Omar. The viewer is once again exposed to what the dudes are watching on television: a gal with huge tits and farm girl braids spreads her pussy.

G.Q. switches back and forth sucking Omar and Mike's hard cocks while he strokes his own uncut dick. Omar asks G.Q. to "put the nuts in your mouth". G.Q. cums as a thick load oozes out. Unfortunately, the other two dudes do not cum.

Scene Six:

Three dudes are sitting around watching straight porn. The viewer is again shown a quick shot of a chick getting fucked. Navon (handsome with curly hair, tattoos, and some facial hair), Xavier (very cute with tall/slender build and curly hair), and Daz (yet another hottie with short dark hair and tattoos) are smoking a joint and commenting on the movie. The three dudes slowly rub their crotches. Xavier remarks: "I don't know if it's something in this weed yo or something in this room but I keep on fucking touching myself and I can't stop."

Navon rubs Daz'z bulge, unzips his fly, pulls out his uncut cock and starts sucking. Xavier pulls Navon's uncut cock out of his pants and goes down on him. Xavier is working Navon's foreskin up and over his cock head. Navon sucks Xavier's cut cock deep throating him down to the hairy nuts. Daz moves over as Xavier sucks his cock. Xavier strokes Daz's hard shaft and nurses on his large cock knob.

Navon switched back and forth sucking Daz and Xavier's cocks. While not being sucked, Xavier playfully makes his cock bob up and down. Navon slides his tongue under Daz's foreskin as he sucks his cock. Daz rolls a condom onto his cock and fucks Navon's hairy butt hole in a side missionary position while Navon strokes his own cock. The two dudes move to doggy style as Daz pounds away and Navon sucks Xavier's cock. Xavier shoots a thick load onto the side of Navon's face, Daz squirts a large load on Navon's hairy butt, and Navon shoots a thick load on his hairy thigh.



"Dirty Dawgzz" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The camera work is smooth and hand-held which provides plenty of good close-ups of all the action. The editing is quite good with the used of split screen and wipes in Scene one and plenty of dissolves allowing the scenes to flow naturally and never become dull. The picture quality in Scene One is a bit grainy at times but Scenes Two through Six are all sharp and clear.


The original music by Sonic Seductions is a mid-tempo Latin sounding tune with acoustic guitar. Most scenes feature the sounds of a large city: traffic, sirens, etc. There are also plenty of sex noises from the dudes as they enjoy themselves.


The extras include Behind the Scenes footage, a bonus scene of Daz jacking off in bed, scene selection, and chapter stops. The Bonus Features do not show up on the menu. The viewer can get to them by watching past the end credits or selecting them from the scene selection. The bonus scene of Daz is very hot as he exposes his hairy butt hole and strokes a nice load onto his stomach.

Final Thoughts:

Once again, The Latino Fan Club does not disappoint with its latest release. The guys are all attractive, masculine, and have the street-smart attitude I dig. As mentioned, the picture quality in Scene One is a bit grainy at times but all other scenes contain a nice sharp picture. Although watching straight porn, the guys are very into what they are doing. They enjoy having their cocks sucked and the dudes who do the sucking are very good at what they do. There is particular attention paid to the foreskins of the uncut dudes. This will be a big turn-on to all the foreskin lovers out there (me included).

I was disappointed that Omar and Mike in Scene Five do not cum. Luckily, all other loads are shot and the bonus scene more than makes up for this. As mentioned, Scene Five contains a quick shot of farm-gal's spread pussy but does not distract from the action. It can be an extra treat to bisexual folks watching the movie. The quick shot of the chicks on the motorcycle is hilarious for reasons stated earlier. I'm going to Highly Recommend "Dirty Dawgzz" as it is a complete turn-on and fun watch....especially for lovers of foreskin.

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