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Man Whores Vol. 4

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/26/06

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production:

May 2005

The Movie:

With its stark black and white photography and minimalist sets, "Man Whores Volume 4" reminds me of early 1960s French New Wave cinema. The four scenes take place in a hotel room on a large bed. The headboards of the beds change with each scene but are all part chrome and leather. There is no cast list, so I've created nicknames to differentiate between the models. Each guy looks to be in his early twenties.

Scene One:

A cute dude with dark hair and smooth muscular chest wearing a "75" tee shirt ("Dude 75") is making out with another nice looking guy with dark closely cropped hair ("Buzz") on a large bed. Buzz rubs Dude 75's hard cock through his underwear. Buzz pulls Dude 75's large cut cock (with big mushroom head) out and starts sucking away. Dude 75 sucks, licks, and gently bites Buzz's nipples.

Buzz pulls his pants off revealing a hard uncut cock as he continues to suck Dude 75. Dude 75 slaps his wet cock against Buzz's face and mouth. Damn! I love Dude 75's big fuckin' cock knob! Dude 75 fucks buzz in the side/missionary position (with condom) and really pounds his hole. Buzz faces the camera and sinks down on Dude 75's cock. His hard uncut cock (his foreskin is still coverng the head) bobs up and down with each thrust. The fucking concludes with a bit of doggy style and missionary position. Dude 75 shoots a thick load onto Buzz's chest while Buzz shoots an equally thick load onto his stomach.

Scene Two:

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Another cutie with short dark hair wearing a baseball cap ("Dude One") and a very sexy dude with long hair and very hairy chest ("Dude Two") are kissing heavily on the bed. Dude One rubs Dude Two's chest and removes his own pants and underwear showing off his hard uncut cock. Dude One nibbles and strokes Dude Two's hard cock through his underwear. Dude Two pulls his underwear off revealing a large uncut cock with big knob (his foreskin is already pulled back). Dude One sucks Dude Two's fat shaft and big knob really giving it a good workout. Dude Two switches up and sucks Dude One's cock stroking and licking his foreskin up and over the knob.

Dude Two licks Dude One's tight butt hole and finger fucks him. Dude One straddles and slowly sinks down on Dude Two's big ol' cock (with condom). Dude One begins to bounce up and down and swiveling his hips in a circular grinding motion. Dude Two puts Dude One through his paces with side/missionary, doggy, and missionary positions as his hairy balls are heard slapping. Dude Two shoots his load on Dude One's chest and upper arm while Dude One shoots a thick load on his stomach.

Scene Three:

Two more cute dudes are making out. Dude A has short curly hair while Dude B has longer dark hair. Dude A sucks Dude B's hard nipples, licking and gently biting them. Dude A sucks Dude B's uncut cock (his foreskin is already pulled back) and works down to his toes for a bit. Dude A deep throats Dude B's cock and sucks his balls. Dude B fucks Dude A's tight hole (with condom) in the side missionary position.

Dude B continues to fuck Dude A in the doggy, sink/bounce, and missionary positions. Dude A is very vocal while being fucked. Dude A jacks his uncut cock and cums on his stomach while Dude B shoots a thick load on Dude A's closely trimmed pubes.

Scene Four:

A very cool short n' stocky dude with black hair and plenty of tattoos ("Tatt") arrives in the hotel room along with an androgynous tall/lanky guy with long hair and feminine plucked eyebrows ("Dude X"). The two are soon making out on the bed (where else? Ha!) and dry humping each other. Tatt has a large/fat uncut cock and nice pubes that Dude X gladly chows down on working that veiny shaft and large knob.

Tatt eats Dude X's butt preparing him to be reamed. Tatt gives Dude X a crash course in fucking (with condom) with doggy style, side/missionary, sink 'n bounce, and missionary positions. Tatt squirts a large load onto Dude X's chest. Dude X does not cum but appears to be happy.



"Man Whores Volume 4" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and very smooth providing a cool black and while picture that is quite crisp and clear. There are plenty of close-ups of the action and while the editing is precise and by the book, the scenes go on a little too long.


The sound is clear picking up the noises of lovin'....especially from Dude A in Scene Three who is practically howling with pleasure! The language is French with no subtitles and there is no music, which adds to the stark quality of the movie.


The extras include a scene selection option, chapter stops, and a short slide show of color photographs from the movie.

Final Thoughts:

I liked the cool black and while photography in "Man Whores Volume 4". As mentioned, the movie has an early 1960s New Wave look/feel to it with the minimal set design and French language. For the most part, the guys are appealing (my favorite being the cute stocky dude with the cool tattoos in Scene Four). The videography and editing are efficient and basic providing plenty of close-ups. The scenes go on a little too long and the sex is very routine with a shopping list of positions. Each scene is a carbon copy of the last. Personally, the film left me a bit cold as the sex looks mechanical. The guys, while really chowing down on the cock and fucking for all they are worth, seem to be in a world of their own. I'm going with a Rent It.

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