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Lick It Up 3

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/26/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Lick It Up 3

Third Degree

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Samson (as credited)

Cast: Katrina Isis, Mark Wood, Jenna Presley, Mark Davis, Lisa Ann, Scott Nails, Tiffany Rayne, Sascha, Tyler Faith

Length: 135 minutes

Dates of Production: 2/22/2006 to 3/9/2006

Extras: The best extra for me was the 7.5 minute long warm up feature starring the lovely Tiffany Rayne. She's the gal on the front cover and if I need to spell it out for you why she was highlighted by the company (and myself), suffice it to say you need to go back to watching gay porn. I believe that Nate Liquor shot it as well as the also appealing 23.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, doing a good job in the process. Mike's humor is always worth checking out and the extra sex and nudity sure didn't hurt (sorry Mike, the women had more replay value) the replay value of the BTS, marking it as another entertaining aspect of the DVD. My sole complaint about the BTS was how it spent the lion's share of the time on Jenna Presley (a cute gal but not in the same league as a few of the other cast members). There was a pop shot compilation, a photogallery, a true double sided DVD cover, and trailers to movies I haven't seen.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lick It Up 3 was presented in the standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that it was shot in by cameraman/editor/lighting expert/every other production component guy Mike Quasar for absentee director Samson to be released by Third Degree. Whether the director name is just another alias or simply another in a long line of credit stealing people in Mike's career, I can't say but I can say that it looked good. The colors were accurate, the grain minimal, and the camera angles solid with decent lighting most of the time. It had few rough edges but overall, I'd have to say that fans of gonzo porn (and Mike Quasar in particular) will find the ladies looking their best. Even the DVD mastering was handled with some care so there were no compression artifacts or mosquito noise present. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital with the vocals set a bit too low for my tastes (in the BTS, I had it turned up so loudly that when the mike did pick up the audio, it blared to the point of distortion).

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Body of Review: While I may not always see eye to eye with director Mike Quasar, I can almost always count on him providing a technically superior picture in a modern porno, just like he did back in the 1990's when employed by a company that kept him fed, but also very busy shooting porn for others who weren't always on set. His latest release in my greedy little hands is Lick It Up 3, a tribute to the oral skills of gals that milked a load and then licked it up as though it were nectar from the gods. While not the most original of concepts, it served the cast well as the thematic backdrop from which to ply their trade. With gals like Tiffany Rayne and Tyler Faith in the cast, I was comfortably aware that I would have some hot scenes to enjoy, with another gal joining them in the ranks of the most worthy. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Katrina Isis, a lean brunette with the look of a stripper, was up first on a bed wearing a neon pink top, arm warmers, and fishnet stockings as she masturbated with a light blue toy. Both holes got stretched before Mark Wood entered the picture, feeding her mouth his cock like she was a baby bird. While she lacked any emotional connection to him, she then rode his cock in her pussy like she was getting a bonus for every bounce, mechanically pumping away like a champion. Lacking chemistry is not exactly a deal killer for me these days though it does limit the replay value, and the anal afterwards was even more of a passive ride for her until she got warmed up. The positive thing about her though was her all natural body so if she didn't live up to her potential here, at least she kept a place warm for better scenes. The scene ended when he popped a load onto her face and mouth, licking up the remaining spew as though it was a yummy treat.

Scene Two: Jenna Presley, a cute brunette with a boyish body, was up next as she teased the camera in her skimpy bikini outfit by the staircase with her dildo in her hand. She had pretty eyes and I can see why so many of her fans fuss at me when I describe her scenes but she is not the most consistent performer you'll find in porn. The toy was used to masturbate with, to the point of her pissing a little, and then Mark Davis stepped out of the shadows to start throatfucking her soundly. If you like gals that make glub glub noises during oral, you'll be in love with her though she seemed desperately in need of some training in the oral arts. Mark took her to the bed to go down on her in return, savoring the taste as she yelled out dirty talk (calling herself a "dirty skank" if memory serves). After the oral, he pounded her pussy to the point where it got red and puffy, him showing far more energy than she did. It eventually ended with him popping his load to her mouth, which she spit on the mirror to lick clean.

Scene Three: Lisa Ann, a busty brunette with far more miles on her body than the last two gals, showed that experience is not a bad thing as she teased the camera with her ample rump. I haven't seen nearly enough of this gal and while I hate her implants, she always seems to display the kind of energy, enthusiasm, and passion for her craft that many others don't. She might just be performing but I really don't care given how well she does it and Scott Nails seemed to agree with me as she slobbed his knob with the kind of savoring fervor a reviewer can appreciate. Her black vinyl corset looked better on her than his growing arm tattoo looked on him, yet she put her best MILF moves on to float his boat. I had hoped to see a lengthy titty fuck but she tore into her pussy with his cock instead, with her powerful legs and ass looking especially nice to me. As long as I have a face, she'll have a place to sit and this was the clear turning point of the DVD for me in terms of replay value, energy, and all the other fine qualities of a scene. It ended with a titty pop that she licked up; not her best work but certainly worthy of my attention repeatedly.

Scene Four: Tiffany Rayne, the beautiful lady on the front DVD cover, was up next in bed as she teased the camera with her sweet little body. At this writing, she was going to take a break from porn and ruin her all natural (and great) chest with some implants but even though she was in her performance "mode" during this initial part of the act, her playful nature made it all seem real. She masturbated and soon found Sascha to have what she was looking for after using a bright pink anal vibrator to ready herself for the later anal. She made those weird oral noises too but showed a fair amount of skill with a meat pipe that showed her own experience at a youthful age, getting into an active cowgirl vaginal position with him as though he were her current sugardaddy. Her vocals were over the top but I didn't care one bit as she tasted her juices off his cock, repeating the process until the anal began and she renewed her vigorous nature yet again with some oral and screwing. If she toned it down just a little, she'd be awesome but she was a great ride nonetheless, proving to be the highlight of the show to this point and saving the rating from a rental status by general estimates. She did lick up much of his large load off his stomach, though she did not seem to swallow any semen in the process.

Scene Five: Tyler Faith, the Massachusetts hotty that has wowed fans for years, was up last as she played on a couch with a cool looking glass dildo. She's another gal that knows the value of tease and experience, making the most of her chance to enhance her act with the superior technical direction of Mike Quasar before doing Scott Nails. She masturbated with the dildo and appeared to be on the brink of an orgasm when he walked in to assist her, rubbing her clitoris as he discarded the toy in favor of his hands. Her engine suitably revved up, she gave him one of her award winning blowjobs, displaying why she still has a lot of horny old (and young) men willing to shell out the dough for her work. When her mouth was not otherwise occupied, she used dirty talk to enhance the action, riding his dick like she was on fire. If anyone in the cast could prove a match for Scott it was Tyler and she certainly gave him a run for the money, competing in this virtual sexual Olympics with everyone winning in the process. This scene cemented the rating in my mind and almost boosted it up another level though the first two scenes held it down for me just the same. The scene ended when she spat out his semen onto the glass table, licking it up for effect.

Summary: Lick It Up 3 had four reasons that gave it the kind of legs I like to see in porn; Mike Quasar, Tiffany Rayne, Lisa Ann and Tyler Faith (though not in that order). The levels of fuck for the buck and quality of casting provided lots of stroke value; earning a rating of Recommended with little problem. The front cover was great looking enough to warrant a poster in my opinion, and but for the first two scenes lacking much reason to enjoy them, I'd have rated it even higher. Check this one out if you like the cast as much as I did but remember the decent extras and Mike's quality work as being the glue that held it all together.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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