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Snow Adventures

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/29/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:
March 2005

Directed By:

Vlado Iresch

The Cast:

Kevin Adams, Ronny Silver, Jack Thorp, Denis Taylor, Peter Totti, Steve Rives, Thomas Tyler, Bob Oldman, Ross Costanzo, Filip Armstrong.

The Movie:

What does a group of horny European dudes do on a winter vacation? They play in the snow! Well, they also smoke dope, drink beer, suck cock, and fuck butt.

The Dudes:

This group of dudes are all in their early twenties with a variety of dark and blonde hair, tall/slender/tight and more muscular builds, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and cocks with plenty of foreskin.

Scene One:

Kevin (with dark hair and slender build) and his pal Ronny (darkish blonde hair and muscular chest) decide to spy on a blonde hunk (with buff body) while he is taking a shower. Blonde Hunk soon catches the two rascals and as a reprimand, orders them to strip. Of course, they comply showing off their uncut cocks. Blonde Hunk turns each dude over his knee and gives their butts a good spanking turning their buns bright pink. Blonde Hunk's towel falls off and his hard uncut cock is on display. Kevin quickly starts stroking and sucking it.

Kevin licks and sucks Blonde Hunk's big nipples while Ronny is busy chomping on the bossy hunk's cock really giving his knob a workout. Kevin straddles Blonde Hunk as the hunk begins to suck Kevin's cock and balls. The three pair up in every sucking combination imaginable. Blonde Hunk spreads Ronny's butt cheeks to reveal a tight shaved hole and then sinks his condom-covered tool into Ronny from behind. Kevin gets in on the anal action as he is fucked (with condom) by the Blonde Hunk in a side/missionary position. Ronny shoots his load on Kevin's face and neck, Blond Hunk squirts a large tick load on Kevin's balls, and finally, Kevin shoots a thick load on his stomach.

Scene Two:

Filip (a real hottie with blonde highlights) and a cute dude with dark hair ("Dude") retire to bed but Dude cannot sleep. He grabs a flashlight from the nightstand, gets under the covers and looks at Filip's hard uncut cock. Dude grabs that cock and starts sucking for all he is worth and strokes his own unclipped schlong. Without ever waking up, Filip shoot a load as Dude rubs the wet knob all over his face and cums on his own stomach. Now satisfied, Dude rolls over and goes to sleep. How will Dude explain the covers full of a dry nut in the morning?

Scene Three:

Thomas (handsome with a great chest) wakes up early and starts to play with his sleeping buddy Steve's (cute with slender build and brown hair) cock and balls which are tucked between his legs poking out by his hairy hole. Thomas plays with Steve's uncut schlong and gently fingers his butt crack and hole. Steve wakes up and licks Thomas' chest, pulls Thomas' uncut cock out and starts stokin' and suckin'.

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The dudes stroke their hard cocks together while kissing with plenty of tongue action. Thomas rubs his tight hole against Steve's very large cock, straddles Steve to allow Steve a go at his nuts. Steve spreads Thomas' butt cheeks and finger fucks his hole eventually cramming his cock (with condom) into Thomas from behind. The two switch to the missionary position as Steve continues to pound that ass while Thomas jacks off. Thomas squirts a big load on his stomach, chest, neck, and face while Steve shoots a small load on Thomas' balls.

Scene Four:

Jack (a cute tall n' slender dude with brown hair) and Filip (from Scene Two) are playing in the snow when they discover a snow fort. Filip find an entrance in the fort as Jack follows him in. Filip stands up through a hole in the roof while Jack strokes and sucks Filip's hard cock. Filip gets back into the fort for more privacy as Jack continues his oral assault on him. There is plenty of kissing with tongue as Filip pulls down Jack's pants, spreads his butt cheeks exposing a tight hole and eats his ass. Unfortunately, there are no good close-ups of the rimming.

Jack straddles Filip, sinks down on his condom-covered dick and begins to get fucked. I'm not sure how comfortable these two can be in such cramped quarters and in freezing temperatures but they give it their all as Filip fucks Jack from behind. Filip shoots a load on Jack's bum while Filip strokes Jack's cock to climax and takes his cum on the tongue.

Scene Five:

Champagne is opened and flows freely as Jack (from Scene Four), Denis (a cute blonde with muscular pecs), Thomas (from Scene Three), Bob (very cute tall and slender dude---my personal favorite in the movie), and Filip (does he ever get tired?) get the party started. There is plenty of techno music, suggestive grinding dancing, cock grabbing, kissing, and booze to satisfy even the most hardcore of partiers.

Bob shakes his groove-thang (a very long/slender cock with long foreskin) as all the cocks flop in slow motion to the throbbing beat of the music. A circle jerk is formed around Thomas as each dude jacks off and busts his nut giving Thomas a cum bath. The scene ends with a nice cum shot by Thomas.

Scene Six:

Denis (the cute blonde from Scene Five) and Thomas (from Scene Three and Five) drink, eat, and rub each other's crotches. There is plenty of hot kissing with tongue as Denis works his way down Thomas' wonderful chest and begins to suck his nipples. Denis pulls Thomas' cock out where is there a very nice close-up of Thomas' abundant foreskin as Denis pulls the skin back and starts licking the shiny knob. Denis fucks Thomas' mouth with his large uncut cock and the two are soon locked in a sixty-nine.

Denis rubs Thomas's butt crack and hole and sticks his thumb where the sun doesn't shine...much to Thomas' delight. Denis fucks Thomas in the missionary position (with condom) providing a nice camera shot from behind of Denis' tight shaved hole. Thomas sinks down on Denis' rigid member and rides up n' down while jacking his weenie. Thomas shoots a descent load providing close-ups of his cum drenched foreskin while Denis shoots a disappointing load on his stomach.

Scene Seven:

It is now time for beers in the game room! Denis, Peter (cute with dark hair), Ross (beautiful with dark hair and big eyes---my second favorite in the movie), and Bob (again, my favorite dude) are sitting at a table drinking some brews. Ross begins to play footsy against Denis's bulge under the table. Ross is barefoot so Denis better watch out for sharp toenails as Ross works his big toe against Denis' foreskin. Bob plays copycat by doing the same thing to Peter.

Ross climbs under the table and chows down on Denis' cock while Bob, again the copy cat, makes his way under the cramped table and goes down on Peter's uncut cock. Ross pulls his own uncut cock out and begins to stroke it as he sucks Denis as Bob licks Peter's balls. Finally the foursome move away from the table as Denis strokes Ross's cock working his foreskin up and over the knob. Peter jacks Bob's long slender cock, which had plenty of foreskin with a nipple tip. There is plenty of kissing with tongue as the four stroke and suck each other, switching up for numerous combinations.

Denis eats Bob's shaved hole, finger fucks him, and fucks him from behind (with condom). Peter follows this lead and fucks Bob from behind (with condom). Peter fucks Ross missionary while Bob sucks Ross's cock. Bob happens to still be getting fucked by Denis at the time. Ross shoots on his red tee shirt, Denis squirts everywhere (making up for his cum shot in Scene Six), Bob fucks Denis' face and cums on his chest, and Peter quirts a large load on Ross's face. Ross immediately sucks Peter's cum-slick knob back into his mouth.



"Snow Adventures" is shot directly on video and presented in wide screen (the opening title sequence is in full screen). The videography by Vlado Iresch is hand-held which provides plenty of close-ups of these dude's winter sex hijinx. The editing by Tom Barnz and Vlado Iresch is quite good allowing each scene to move along at a perfect pace. The picture quality is a little bit grainy during parts of the movie but is no way bad enough to distract.


The sound is clear with original music by Felix Tau. The songs are a variety of soothing new age, techno, and a groovy sort of James Bond sounding guitar. There is a voice-over in German (no subtitles), and of course, plenty of noises of passion from the vacationing hunks.


The extras include a scene selection option, a slide show of photographs from the movie, and web site information.

Final Thoughts:

"Snow Adventures" is a fun and horny viewing experience. Each dude is appealing in his own way, playful, and looks to be enjoying the sexual activities. Some movies with this many scenes can sometimes become dull but not "Snow Adventures". Thanks to professional camera work and editing, the movie moves along at an enjoyable pace and never becomes monotonous. While the picture quality isn't as good as some other movies I've reviewed, it is descent enough and does not distract from the movie. The sex is very hot and plentiful. As mentioned, my favorite is tall/slender Bob who has plenty of foreskin. I recommend the movie for fans of European dudes and of course, uncut cocks.

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