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Works, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/30/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

February 2006

Written and Directed By:

Chad Donovan

The Cast:

Antonio Madeira, Patric Ross, Jason Tiya, Ben Campezi, Simon Angel, Josh Carter, Corbin Michaels, Jason Longh, and Adonis Exclusive Damon Phoenix.

The Movie:

Anonymous sexual encounters in a bathhouse/sex club. This is what these nine hunky dudes are in search of and find in abundance. The movie was filmed entirely on location at The Zone in Hollywood, California.

Scene One:

Josh (a hot Latino dude with short hair, smooth chest, dark nipples, and tattoos) is rubbing the bulge in his blue jeans while watching Simon (cute with short hair, smooth chest) rubs his own crotch through the prison type bars separating them. Josh and Simon are soon kissing with plenty of tongue through the bars. Simon pulls his large uncut cock out as Josh strokes and sucks it.

With the bars no longer separating them, Simon goes down on Josh's uncut cock, licking his nuts, and stroking his rigid shaft. Simon eats Josh's shaved butt hole. "Fuck! Eat my ass, man!" Simon really works that tight hole with his tongue. Simon responds by fingering Josh's hole and fucking him from behind (with condom). There is a very nice camera shot of Simon's hairy butt crack as he now fucks Josh in the missionary position. Simon pulls his cock all the way out and then plunges right back in. Josh shoots a small but thick load on his stomach as Simon shoots a load that flies everywhere.

Scene Two:

Ben (very muscular hottie with curly dark hair and smooth chest) is having his uncut cock sucked by Damon (a very muscular corn-fed dude with a cute boyish face, smooth chest, and short dark hair). Damon is really giving Ben's cock a workout as he strokes, licks, and deep throats. "Fuck yeah! Suck that dick!" Again, there is a very nice camera shot from behind of Damon's tight, shaved winking butt hole.

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Ben goes down on Damon's cut cock while stroking his own member. This scene contains my favorite camera shot in the movie (thank you Mr. Pam!!): from Damon's perspective, Ben lowers his tight shaved hole onto Damon's waiting mouth. Ben is sitting on sort of a spring-loaded bounce seat, which makes butt munching quite easy. Damon fucks the hell out of Ben's butt hole with his tongue. Ben fucks Damon from behind (with condom) with fast frantic strokes. Damon fucks Ben (with condom) in the missionary position with the same fast strokes. Ben shoots a load on his stomach and Damon squirts a large amount of cum on Ben's stomach and nuts.

Scene Three:

Corbin (cute with slender body, smooth chest, closely cropped hair, and soul patch) is heavily making out with the very hot Jason Longh (Latino with short hair and smooth chest). Handsome voyeur Antonio watches the action and rubs his crotch. Corbin is down on his knees sucking Jason's uncut cock while Antonio is still watching and stroking his cut cock. Corbin licks Jason's balls and deep throats that big dick with nice red knob.

Corbin pulls out his fat cut cock (with large mushroom head) and strokes it while sucking Jason. Jason grabs Corbin's big tool and deep throats him. Corbin is really into being sucked and begins to fuck Jason's face. Jason fucks Corbin from behind (with condom) as slapping/fucking noises fill the air. There are some cool camera shots of Jason's hairy butt crack and balls as he fucks Corbin full steam ahead. Antonio watches stroking his cock faster and faster until he shoots a nice sized load onto the floor. This brings the other two dudes over the edge as Jason sprays his load all over the place and Corbin shoots a large frothy load on the floor.

Scene Four:

Jason Tiya (a beautiful African American hunk with a huge uncut cock, smooth muscular chest) is in a room that has three glory holes in the wall. Three dudes are above him sticking their hard cocks through the holes as Jason goes to town sucking and stroking each cock: sucking one and stroking two with his busy fists and hungrily paying attention to each schlong. An anonymous dude with a huge cock shoots a big load through the glory hole splattering his cum on Jason.

The other two dudes Antonio (the sexy voyeur from Scene Three) and the very handsome Patric join Jason down in the room where they are free to engage in all sorts of sexual match-ups without the constrictions of the glory holes. Antonio sucks Jason's big uncut tool while Patric is busy chowing down on Antonio's cut cock. Antonio really crams Jason's thick cock into his mouth. This is a definite two-fister! Jason is soon busy switching between eating Antonio's shaved butt hole and sucking Patric's cock.

Three-way fuck time! Antonio fucks Patric's hairy hole from behind (with condom) as Jason fucks Antonio's butt with condom from behind. Antonio is obviously enjoying being in the middle of this fuck sandwich as he loudly grunts and groans. Jason yells "Take that fuckin' dick, man!" Antonio is soon in that groovy spring-loaded seat bouncing up and down like a caffeine-fueled brat on a bouncy horse being "done over" by Jason while sucking Patric's cock. Antonio shoots a huge load all over Jason's muscular thighs as Jason shoots on his stomach, and Patric squirts a big ol' load on Antonio's chest.



"The Works" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Mr. Pam is very professional and smooth providing plenty of intimate close-ups of the action. The editing by Mike J. keeps the scenes and action moving at an enjoyable pace. The picture is sharp and clean allowing the viewer to enjoy every bit of these horny dudes and their time spent in the sex club.


The sound is clear with cool music that is a variety to techno, and one very cool tune with neat-o 1960s sounding keyboards. The music is kept in the background, as the heated sounds of these dude's escapades is loud and hot.


These are some of the best extras I have seen on an adult disc: A Behind the Scenes featurette featuring interviews with the models, shots of Mr. Pam, who is actually an attractive blonde and busty gal with cool glasses and a fun personality. A Blooper Reel features some hilarious moments as well as a quick shot of Writer/Director Chad Donovan licking his own big cock.

Model galleries with extensive photographs (by Mick Hicks and Anthony Duran) of each dude, trailers for additional Adonis releases: "Running Wild", "Lust Counseling", "Bed Heads", "Thirst", "Star Crossed", "Inn Over His Head", and "Bonesaw", website information, and the safe sex public service announcement/music video "Wrap It Up" starring the luscious Miss Chi Chi LaRue (who I recently read loves one of my all-time favorite bands The Runaways!)

Final Thoughts:

Adonis Productions has another winner with "The Works". The production values are quality with excellent videography, sharp/clear picture, sound, and editing. The models are all attractive/appealing and I can tell they are really enjoying the sucking, butt eating, and fucking. There are some interesting uses of light and shadows in Scene One with the prison bars, and Scene Three with the use of a bit of red light ("Roxanne! You don't have to put on the red light" Ha!). "The Works" is a complete turn on and a great viewing experience. I highly recommend this disc!

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