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Chronicles of Rock, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/1/06

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Date of Production:

January 2006

The Movie:

Street wise "business" man Rock is a very hot African American dude with a shaved head, goatee, hairy chest, and large cut cock. Rock gives the viewer advise and shows us how he handles various situations with his big dick.

The Dudes:

The five dudes Rock "teaches" his lessons to are all African American guys in their twenties with smooth/tight bodies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and big cocks.

Scene One:

"I do my thing." Rock stops by an apartment to conduct business but the dude isn't home. Luckily, a good-looking dude named Eyce is. Rock pulls his "thing" out of the fly of his blue jeans as Eyce sinks to his knees to worship the dangling dong. Both dudes undress and hop into bed. Rock spreads his legs to allow Eyce full access to his cock. Rock fucks Eyce from behind (with condom) with some long, smooth strokes. Rock picks the pace up with a missionary position and finally shoots a large load on Eyce's stomach.

Scene Two:

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"I'm a business man." Rock heads out to conduct business with The Mask (a tall dude who is wearing a ski mask). Rock feeds his dick to The Mask for a while and then the two undress and head for the bed. The Mask continues to suck that cock. "Work that shit!" Rock fucks The Mask in the missionary position. "Put them legs behind your motherfuckin' head!" Rock goes crazy on The Mask's tight hole doggy style----then there is a quick cut----to Rock beating off alone and busting a nut. The Mask just disappears.

Scene Three:

"Do not fuck with my bread!" Rock is pissed of that Duke, one of his "team" members, has allowed a customer to slide by without paying the entire amount for certain "merchandise". Duke is soon down on his knees sucking Rock's schlong....stroking and licking the big thang. Rock fucks Duke from behind (with condom) and really gives it to him good. This scene is the biggest turn on in the movie as the missionary fucking is very intense. Rock dumps a big load on Duke's chest.

Scene Four:

"Don't fuck with my team." Peanut has fucked with Rock's team by robbing one of the members. Rock teaches Peanut a lesson by having him suck his tool. Peanut is happy to do so as he slides that hard cock down his throat. Rock fucks Peanut from behind (with condom) and then switches to the missionary position. Rock shoots another big load.

Scene Five:

"Very very important!" Venom (who is very hot!) has fucked with someone Rock loves. You do not fuck with people who Rock loves. Rock pulls out a gun but quickly slings it on the bed! Venom deep throats Rocks meat and Rock rewards him with a good ol' face fuckin'. Rock fucks Venom's butt from behind (with condom). "Yeah! Breathe motherfucker!" Rock switches up the positions with a fast and furious missionary humping followed by cumming on Venom's chest. Rock leaves his condom on the floor.

Scene Six:

"I'm a good dude". Rock is a cool dude and wants to spend some alone time with the viewer. He stokes and wags his cock and talks to us: "do you wanna touch it?". He points his large pink cock knob at the camera and slaps his lubed cock against his palm making wet slapping sounds. The camera is positioned from the viewer's perspective as if we are there sucking Rock's cock. Rock squirts a HUGE fucking load on our faces/camera. This is very hot!



"The Chronicles of Rock " is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is the basic porno camera shots with plenty of close-ups. The editing is basic with scenes that go on for too long. The picture quality is a bit grainy at times but not enough to distract from the movie.


The sound is clear so that we are able to hear Rock clearly as he gives us his words of wisdom and takes care of business.


The extras include scene selections and chapter stops.

Final Thoughts:

"The Chronicles of Rock" is a basic porn movie. The videography and editing are passable while each scene uses the exact same formula: Rock enters the room, dude sucks Rock's cock, Rock fucks dude's butt, Rock shoots a load. What keeps the movie engaging is Rock. He is a good-looking dude with plenty of attitude as he dishes out his thoughts and advice. Rock also knows how to use that big cock to get the job done and leave a lasting impression (like the money shot in Scene Six!)Rent it!

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