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Twinks Fantasy

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/2/06

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Date of Production:

May 2005

Directed By:



Dion, Ronny Wilson, Martin Benrath, Jovanny Motta, Arny Zlin, Gabe Gomez, Milan Reissnauer, Otis Stenko, Luke White, Nick Slavik, Bobby Long, Akos Sem, Iija Smirnov.

The Movie:

Thirteen Eastern European twinks suck and fuck bareback in unrelated scenes strung together with footage (obviously from another movie) of a blonde dude walking around the marketplace and streets of Prague.

The Dudes:

These twinks are for the most part appealing with smooth chests, a variety of full/trimmed/shaved pubes, tall/slender and shorter builds, mostly dark hair with one blonde, and all but one cock is uncut.

Scene One:

Three dudes are making out and rubbing each other's bodies. Iija and Akos suck, lick, and kiss Nick's chest and nipples. Nick unbuckles his blue jeans pulling his large uncut cock out for Iija to suck as Akos goes to work on Nick's balls. Iija pays close attention to Nick's pink cock head as he nurses it. Nick is soon sucking Iija's uncut tool while Akos sucks Nick. Iija becomes busy switching back and forth sucking Akos and Nick's hard cocks.

Nick fucks Iija from behind as Iija sucks Akos' uncut cock. Iija jacks off and cums on his stomach, Nick squirts a large watery load on Iija's face while Akos adds to Iija's facial with a thick load. There are numerous ugly/funny carnival-type stuffed animals in the room.

Scene Two:

Martin and Jovanny are engaged in some deep kissing with plenty of tongue while sitting on the sofa. Jovanny begins to suck Martin's uncut cock bobbing up and down, licking the knob, and jacking the foreskin. The two dudes move to a sixty nine position for more cock sucking which eventually leads to Martin sinking his hairy butt hole down on Jovanny's hard cock for a bouncy ride. Martin's hard cock, with foreskin coving the knob, bounces up and down to the beat of the fucking. Jovanny fucks Martin from behind and in the side/missionary position...eventually pulling out and shooting a thick load on Martin's hairy bunghole while Martin squirts on his stomach.

Scene Three:

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Arny (very cute with short dark hair) is making out with Gabe in a restaurant. They seem to be the only two around as there are no other diners or even a waiter. Arny pulls off his shirt and pulls out his large uncut cock for Gabe to suck. Gabe is more than happy to comply by slowly stroking and sucking the rigid dick. Gabe releases his hard uncut cock from the confines of his pants and Arny is right there take care of it. Arny wraps his hand around Gabe's hard shaft and suckles his pink cock knob.

Gabe eats Arny's hairy butt hole (nice close-ups of Gabe's tongue flicking over Arny's hairy crack and tight pucker). Gabe fucks Arny from behind sliding his hard cock slowly in and out. Arny sinks down on Gabe's cock for a ride while his uncut cock flaps around. Gabe cums on Arny's hairy hole and Arny shoots a thick load onto his stomach.

Scene Four:

Milan (a tall/slender blonde with plucked feminine eyebrows) is kissing dark haired Otis as they get into some deep tongue action and feeling each other up. Otis pulls Milan's large uncut cock out, stroking the shaft and nursing the knob. Milan sucks Otis's cut cock deep throating him and then eating his hairy bum. Milan fucks Otis from behind switching to the sink/bounce and missionary positions. Otis shoots a thick wad onto his hairy stomach while Milan dumps a large load on Otis's rosebud.

Scene Five:

It's time for another three way! This time we have Martin (from Scene Two), Nick (from Scene One), and cute dark-haired Luke. Martin jacks and sucks Luke's large uncut schlong while Nick makes out with Luke. Martin is really stroking and sucking Luke's dong! Martin face fucks Luke while Nick slobbers up and down Luke's hard cock. Luke begins to suck Nick's cock while stroking Martin. Luke switches back and forth sucking Nick and Martin's cocks.

Luke munches down on Martin's hairy butt and begins to fuck him from behind while Martin sucks Nick. Nick sinks down on Luke's cock for a ride as Luke sucks Martin. The fucking continues with a three-way side/missionary: Luke fucks Martin who is fucking Nick. Nick shoots a big load on his stomach, Martin cums on Nick's hairy asshole, and Luke squirts a large load on Nick's face and neck.

Scene Six:

Dion (the blonde dude from unrelated footage between each scene) now has dark hair and is naked and making out with Ronny on the sofa. Dion licks and teases Ronny's hard nipples, grabs his uncut cock and begins to suck the knob. Ronny grabs (there is a lot of grabbing in this scene) Dion's fat uncut tool and goes to town sucking that thang for all it's worth. Dion fucks Ronny's hairy butt from behind and then allows Ronny to sink down on his cock for a nice ride. After some missionary-style fucking, Dion cums on Ronny's hole, Ronny shoots on his stomach, and Dion jacks/shoots another load all over Ronny's face.



"Twinks Fantasy " is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography consists of very basic camera angles and editing providing plenty of close-ups. The lighting can be harsh at times bleaching the picture a bit. The picture quality is grainy at times with some pixel problems while the footage that pads the movie between scenes is utter crap. The movie looks like the frame has been blown up or there is something wrong with the aspect ratio. In some shots, the models look too tall/slender. Even with these problems, the movie is still watchable.


The sound is clear with some non descript music accompanying each scene. There are plenty of moans and gasps of pleasure escaping from these twinks to please one and all.


The extras include scene selection and chapter stop options. There are two trailers ("Boys Like It Just Bareback" and "Kevin's Naughty Boys"), which directly follow the closing credits. The viewer cannot access the trailers from the menu.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, I do not condone barebacking in porn movies. I think it is downright stupid to play such a dangerous game. That said, "Twink Fantasies" is a simple/basic movie. The twinks are for the most part appealing and seem eager to suck cock, munch butt, and fuck without condoms. The quality isn't that great (as discussed above) but the movie can still be easily watched and enjoyed. I suggest a Rental for fans of Eastern European barebacking twinks.

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