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Dual - Taking it Like A Man

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/3/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

September 2005

Directed By:

John Rutherford

The Cast:

Carlo Masi, Skye Woods, Jake Andrews, Karim, Chris Wilde, Gage Weston, Luke Garrett.

The Movie:

The movie is a tribute to the male form. Body Worship is what these seven butch daddies get into and get off on.

The Dudes:

COLT Studios, as usual, has brought together a very nice variety of hunks with an age range in the mid thirties forward. All seven dudes are very muscular, barrel-chested, and butch with a capital B. There is an excellent variety of: hairy and smooth chests, tattoos, hard eraser tip nipples, short closely cropped hair, dark and gray hair, facial hair, uncut and cut cocks, and cigar smoking. These dudes are fucking hot! No twinks here as these guys are strictly daddies.

Scene One:

Carlo Masi (with closely cropped dark hair with full beard, wearing a leather harness, jock strap, and chaps) is standing in an alley smoking a cigar. Carlo catches the eye of beefy hunk Skye Woods (wearing leather harness and shorts) and orders him to flex. Skye gladly flexes his beautiful muscular body for Carlo in a number of muscle-bound poses. Carlo rubs his leather jock in appreciation as Skye turns around and flexes from the back. Carlo's strong arm and hand guide Skye's face down to his leather-clad bulge. Skye slowly rubs his face against the jock strap and licks the leather.

Skye takes his time licking Carlo's jock strap slowly moving up to his hairy stomach, chest, and finally to his hard nipples. The two kiss passionately as they engage in some nipple play. Skye sucks Carlo's big uncut cock, full pubes, and hairy nuts. Carlo slaps and fucks Skye's face with his large tool. Carlo sucks Skye's hard cut cock while pinching and pulling his own nipples. Skye plays with his own hard nipples as Carlo deep throats his cock all the way to his pubes.

Skye's shaved butt hole winks for the camera as Carlo licks and finger fucks the tight hole. Carlo makes love to Skye's hole with his tongue and digits. Carlo fucks Skye from behind (with condom) starting out nice and slow and gradually picking up the pace. The fucking becomes fast, rough n' tumble as Carlo bangs Skye in the missionary position (with condom). I'm talking good old-fashioned fucking here! Skye strokes out a nice load and then sits behind Carlo, reaches around and begins to jack him off in one of the hottest masturbation moments I've witnessed. Skye jacks that hard shaft with one hand while pinching the hell out of Carlo's hard nipple with the other. Carlo shoots a fucking fountain of cum. Very intense climax. While watching this scene, Joan Jett's song "Fetish" was running through my mind.

Scene Two:

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Jake Andrews (always a hunk but now more hot and muscle-bound than ever) is sleeping in a large bed. Karim (a huge hunk of muscle with sexy gray hair) watches Jake sleep and begins to rubs his own hard cock through his briefs. Jake wakes up and begins to feel Karim's bulge. The two begin some deep kissing as Jake works his way down and licks Karim's rigid member though his underwear. Karim's big cut cock is exposed and Jake deep throats it all the way down.

Jake strokes his own fat cut cock while receiving the face fucking of a lifetime. The two switch to a sixty-nine where they both chow down on cock. Karim teases Jakes tight shaved butt hole by rubbing the hard shaft of his cock against the sensitive pucker. Karim slips on a condom and slowly fucks Jake doggy style. The tempo of the fucking varies from slow to fast to slow again. Karim flips Jake over in a side/missionary and then missionary position and really fucks him fast.

Jake sinks down on Karim's stiff poll and slowly rides him up and down. Jake has a beautiful/large tattoo of a dragon that is featured prominently in this scene. Karim cums on his own stomach with Jake's big knob in his mouth. Jake jacks his cock while Karim sucks his nipples shooting a thick and plentiful load. Sweaty man sex!

Scene Three:

Chris Wilde (very sexy with dark hair) and Gage Weston (hot with almost shaved head and sexy facial hair) are making out while wearing matching red briefs. Gage explored Chris' chest, nipples, and biceps with is tongue. Gage begins to suck Chris' large uncut cock. Chris kisses and licks his way from Gage's mouth down to his chest, stomach and finally to his hard cut cock. Chris spreads Gage's butt cheeks exposing a hairy hole that he teases with his fingertips.

Gage eats Chris's hairy butt hole licking and tongue fucking him. Gage really munches that butt! Gage fucks Chris from behind (with condom) with plenty of strokes alternating from slow to fast. Gage sinks his hairy hole down onto Chris' condom covered cock for a nice slow ride. Gage cums on Chris' stomach while Gage's wad flies everywhere.

Scene Four:

Luke Garrett (sexy with shaved head and soul patch) is laying in bed watching the incredible hulk/hunk of a man Skye Woods (from Scene One) flexing and posing for him. Skye poses and pinches his long nipples much to Luke's satisfaction. Luke pulls out his large cut cock (with mushroom head) and begins to jack off while watching Skye. Skye sucks Luke's cock and engages in some deep soul kissin' with him. Luke has a wonderful bubble butt that he sticks up in the air while playing with Skye's nipples.

Luke sits on Skye's face allowing Skye full access to his tight hole. Skye licks and darts his tongue in and out of that butt hole. The face sitting leads to a sixty-nine as the dudes go to town on each other's cocks. Luke fucks Skye from behind (with condom), switching to the missionary position while Luke pistons in and out of Skye's hole, jacks Skye's cock, and pinches his hard nipples. Skye shoots a wet load on his stomach while Luke cums on Skye's pubes.



"Dual: Taking It Like A Man" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Max Phillips and Mr. Pam is professional and steady with plenty of close-ups, and a very sharp/clear picture quality. The editing by Mr. Pam and Assistant Larry Pangle is equally professional and keeps the action and scenes moving at a perfect pace. I'm already a fan of Max Phillips and I've become a fan of Mr. Pam as well. Since writing the reviews, I've noticed her excellent work in other movies.


The sound is sharp and clear. The music successfully sets a tone for each scene whether it is hard techno (Scene One) or a more quiet/soothing instrumental (Scene Four). The dudes talk to each other and are not bashful in telling what they want. There are plenty of hot sex noises and grunts of pleasure when the wads are shot.


The extras include a scene selection option, chapter stops, and a photo gallery of cast photos beautifully shot by Jeff Burton, John Conroy, Mick Hicks, Greg Lenzman, and Big Hud. The photographs include web site information for each model. There is a shortcut to all climax shots, previews for COLT releases: "Man Country", "Wide Strokes", Muscle Up!", and "Couples II", as well as COLT website/contact information.

Final Thoughts:

COLT Productions has created more top of the line all-male erotica with "Dual: Taking It Like A Man". The production quality is the best with excellent videography, editing, lighting, sound, music, and a crisp and clear picture.

All seven models are very into what they are doing. There is no acting here. I love the pace of each scene, as the guy's foreplay is just as important as the actual sex. The dudes take their time with teasing, kissing, and abundant nipple play. These hot daddies are not in a rush. Due to the editing and performances, the scenes never become dull as the sexual tension slowly burns to a full climax. These huge muscle bound dudes are butch but do not let that fool you. They can be very sensitive and gentle in their lovemaking as well as being rough n' tumble. I've been a long-time fan of Jake Andrews and it's great to see him looking so fucking hot. Carol Masi and his cigar left quite an impression on Poindexter as well!

I highly recommend the movie for not only fans of muscle bound butch daddies but for guys who enjoy well-made all-male erotica. Excellent job guys and gals!

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