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Wild in Vegas

Studio: Metro » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/4/06

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Wild In Vegas

Metro Interactive/Cal Vista

Genre: Vignette

Director: Astrux

Cast: Dani Woodward, Kris Slater, Taylor Rain, Brett Rockman, Violet Blue, Justine Joli, Randi Wright, Nadia Styles, Otto Bauer, Shy Love, Talon
Non-sex roles: Andrea Brooks, Janine, Audrey Hollander, Zolar, Howard Stern (voice), Nicole, Lloyd Banks, others uncredited

Length: 140 minutes

Date of Production: 1/5/2005 to 1/23/2005

Extras: For a double disc set, the extras weren't particularly impressive but I liked them nonetheless. The best of them was a 40.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that had everything from gals in make up, talking to Howard Stern, puffing away on cancer sticks, and showing themselves off during photoshoots. The fact that there was so much material allows many fans to see something of interest and naked gals running around is always a nice sight to see in my book. There was a similar 8 minute long feature of BTS footage at the 2005 Adult Entertainment Exposition (I've covered the 2006 AEE Show and 2004 AEE Show extensively in the past so I enjoyed it a lot; even if I wanted to see more of it). Andrea "Miss Howard Sterns" Brooks played a large role in the production, acting as narrator, assistant, and celebrity without a cause from time to time. There was also a photogallery, spam, and some trailers for those who care.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Wild In Vegas was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by an uncredited director (listed only as Astrux) for Metro Interactive/Cal Vista. The lighting for the scenes was generally decent and this kept the picture looking okay in most of the scenes. The grain wasn't bad, nor was the video noise, and I saw no compression artifacts to speak of. The composition of the shots typically favored the ladies some of the time and enhanced their looks, though there were some parts that could've been edited better to pace the scenes more evenly. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo audio was below average with the levels set improperly, causing a massive amount of distortion no matter how I set the levels of my home theatre set up. The music, when present, was equally distorted and the footage outside of the porn scenes seemed to be fraught with problems too.

Body of Review: Being a fan of porn, I have long held a degree of fascination with the yearly trade show in Las Vegas, covering it in some depth both in my 2006 AEE Show and 2004 AEE Show articles. The reason being is that it concentrates all the best (and worst) aspects of the industry in the so-called Sin City; making the trek a kind of pilgrimage for the true believers. Like most other things in porn, it is full of smoke & mirrors as the reality is sometimes an abrupt splash of cold water to our cherished fantasies but we go, and enjoy ourselves, every chance we get. Is it any wonder then that a title like Wild In Vegas would appeal to our innate sense of curiosity? The double disc DVD set was a collection of five unrelated sex scenes as introduced by the winner of the Miss Howard Stern contest, Andrea Brooks, a ditzy blonde with high pitched voice, large implants, and a clueless attitude that many men seem to appreciate. In between the scenes, she'd walk the floor (not the streets you perverts) of the convention, typically with the obnoxious Zolar (a Stern regular I gather) introducing her to some of the people in porn at their booths. The premise is sound even if the execution of it was bungled by directing group Astrux, and some of the scenes succeed in spite of the direction rather than because of it. Here's a quick glance at the scenes by cast and action, noting no condoms were used:

Scene One: Dani Woodward, a cute redhead with a lean, all natural body, was up first in a hotel room bed (at the Venetian?) with Kris Slater. There was no build up or tease, just the two attacking one another as they kissed, stripped off their clothing, and went at it. She gave him a very solid blowjob (hand assisted too) as she watched herself in the mirror; acting frantic as though she had a timetable rather than savoring the experience. She made lots of noises too and was soon actively riding his cock as though she had an itch to scratch deep inside her pussy. He eventually pulled out and popped on her chest, ending the action all too quickly.

Scene Two: Taylor Rain, the lean brunette stoner with a devoted fanbase, was up next in a much lower rent motel room with Brett Rockman. He walked out of the shower and she started sucking him off as he played with her ass. Oral has never been her strong suit so I was glad when they went to boning her pussy fairly soon. It wasn't a bad ride since she did seem to try pumping back on him a little bit (in doggy) but it wasn't nearly as enthusiastic as the previous scene's action, though this time moving onto anal as he choked her. For all the claims of her being an anal queen, she acted like he was far too large for her, barely able to wiggle even a little bit as he did all the pumping action. It ended after a few positions with him dropping a load on her ass cheeks.

Scene Three: Violet Blue, a cute brunette, Justine Joli, a hotty redhead, and Randi Wright, a lean bleach blonde, were all up next on a large couch to provide a lesbian scene. Each gal appeals to a different dynamic so the possibilities for pleasure seemed to be high as they seductively kissed and felt each other up. Their flimsy negligees and lingerie enhanced the moment but ultimately, they ate each other out and did little else. The toy use was limited to a double headed pink tinted toy that they used on each other and some anal beads but of all the scenes, it seemed most run of the mill (as opposed to either good or bad).

Scene Four: Nadia Styles, a very hot brunette with an all natural body and limited clothing on, was up next in a generic hotel room bed with Otto Bauer. I find her appealing on several levels due to her combination of physical attributes and sexual skills but his track record leaves something to be desired (I don't like his rough style and abuse talk). He was calmer than I've seen him in a long time, owing as much to the age of the scene as anything else, and this kept the scene from getting out of hand to a large extent as she playfully sucked his dick. I didn't like the large bruise on her ass but the vaginal boning was pretty good too since she actively rode him as though she enjoyed it. Her dirty talk, active ride, and plentiful oral between the positions all enhanced the action for me with this being the lengthiest scene of the bunch. She swallowed his load easily and it had some replay value.

Scene Five: Shy Love, a curvy brunette with a sweet ass and skimpy blue lingerie (black stripper shoes too), was up last in bed with Talon. It looked like a bed in the Venetian again and he spent a considerable time rimming her tight little pucker as she lay on the bed. She reciprocated with some good head and was soon getting pounded in that tight pussy of hers in no time. This wasn't enough for her so she impaled her ass with his cock, riding even harder this time to get off. The camerawork sucked (it looked like the guy turned his head on the side and made circles with it) but the extensive anal and ATM served to make it the best scene of the bunch for all the right reasons. It ended when he popped his load into her awaiting mouth like a baby bird in need of sustenance.

Summary: Wild In Vegas was a hodge podge of sex scenes woven into an incoherent look at the 2005 AEE convention. Thankfully, some of the ladies performing were talented enough to transcend the direction, keeping this one at a Rent It level or maybe even higher if you are a big fan of the cast. The levels of fuck for the buck and extras were not all that special but given that over 13000 porn titles are released each year these days, it was better than a lot of them. In short, Wild In Vegas wasn't particularly wild and the use of Andrea as the selling point of the movie a waste of time, but the stroke value of a couple of the scenes was good enough that fans might see fit to shell out a few bucks to rent it for a day or two.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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