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Ass Worship 9

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/5/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Ass Worship 9

Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Shyla Styles, Jean Val Jean, Naomi, Erik Everhard, Tory Lane, Jules Jordan, Mark Wood, Velicity Von, Mia Bangg, Jerry, Brian Pumper, Sandra Romain, Tyla Wynn, Eve Lawrence

Length: 258.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/1/2006

Extras: The two disc set was much like other such release by Jules in the past in how it offered a lengthy movie divided into two parts along with some decent extras. The best extra for me was the bonus scene starring Naomi and her magical bubble butt. I described it below for those smart enough to care and recognize that it was the kind of extra that most people fully enjoy. I also liked the 10 minute long Behind the Scenes footage but it was too much of a series of photoshoots and not enough extra sex. There was a cumshot recap, a lengthy photogallery, some filmographies, and trailers to movies like Jenna Haze Darkside, Black Owned, Ass Worship 8, Feeding Frenzy 7, Flesh Hunter 8, Invasion, Once You Go Black 4, Slut Puppies, Tunnel Vision, and Weapons of Ass Destruction 4.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Ass Worship 9 was presented in the visually appealing 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen color as originally shot by director Jules Jordan in HD for distribution by his own company, Jules Jordan Video. The lighting was presented in a very pleasing manner that lit up the action in most scenes well. So, in the scenes where the lighting was flat and strong; the picture was as good as anything from Jules that I've watched to date. The scenes where the lighting wasn't as optimal (causing over saturated colors, fleshtones off a bit, and some grain), still weren't really bad, just not as good. The grain and video noise were both typically better than usual for Jules, marking another positive visual improvement that was complimented by the compositional work Jules offered up that enhanced the look of the cast. There were no noticed compression artifacts and while the picture wasn't the best gonzo I've seen; it was a lot better than expected. I wonder what future releases using one of the true high definition formats (Blu-Ray of HD-DVD) will do for the quality of the picture given this improvement over past works. The audio was presented in a stereo 2.0 Dolby Digital offering that really didn't use any separation in terms of the vocals (there was a lot of potential to do so here too). The dynamic range was also kind of generic, an area that seemed slightly better than previous efforts and an area that Jules could easily improve to make best use of the great many home theatres in the hands of porn fans everywhere.

Body of Review: Jules Jordan has been one of the most popular gonzo directors in recent memory for a host of reasons, including how well he adds in tease footage, gets great performances out of performers, and shows just enough kink to keep his lengthy offerings interesting. Now that he has left the Evil Angel Empire, some fans have expressed concern that he would fade away or otherwise stop providing the kind of great porn he has done in the past, something others have suggested should not be the case since the company was only a distributor for his work, adding in nothing on their own. Well, today's review of his latest winning title, Ass Worship 9, shows how the sequel to Ass Worship 8 proved Jules to still be on the ball as he mumbled directions and provided some incredible ass-themed scenes to fans for repeated enjoyment. Jules is an acquired taste but if you enjoy what he offers, this will serve as the perfect example of value in terms of quality and quantity of sexual misconduct. Each scene has extensive tease that properly showcases the cast, the technical values were decent, and I seriously doubt anyone will be disappointed by the action. That said, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

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Scene One: Shyla Styles, the light haired lass on the lower right hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up first as she played porno cop in her skimpy little outfit. She spoke with Jules by the pool on the overcast day, preparing to show the perpetrator a "hard time" with her ample sample of an ass and chest. Jules wisely kept the camera on her ass as she took the lead in searching the house, pausing to play with her nightstick along the way. If this is the kind of cop you meet in porn, I promise to confess all my sins the next chance I get; but only to Shyla of course (and even then, she'll have to interrogate me with all her skills). The bad guy for the scene was pretty boy Jean Val Jean and it looked like Shyla had a good case for indecent exposure on his part as he stood naked by the window of the second story bedroom. Shyla called the shots and stripped off her flimsy top to smother his face in those gigantic bosoms, doing the same with her round ass after taking off the rest of her clothing. He was then forced to lick her boot clean, moving his tongue around before she gave him a sloppy blowjob. The titty fucking was short but sweet too and she was soon bouncing on his rod really heatedly. About a half hour into the movie, he was planking her ass as she bent over the couch, giving her more room to ride when they eventually got around to her on top. They moved into another titty fuck to pop the wad, glazing her face thoroughly in the process. They shared some chemistry and their enthusiasm was undeniable though I would have preferred she be more active in a few of the penetrative positions.

Scene Two: Naomi, the bubble butted beauty on the center of the front DVD cover with the pink top on, was up next as she did some booty grinding on the concrete walkway by the pool out back. Her black vinyl top and white fishnets added to the pink thong riding up her wonderfully full cheeks, showcasing her physical attributes far better than I could easily describe them. She went inside the house to find studly Erik Everhard and Jean Val Jean ready to attack her after she put back on her white fishnet pantyhose; Erik snacking on her crack and Jean getting a handjob from the lady. Jean wanted in on her ass so the men switched places, Naomi deciding to blow both of them with the kind of cock appreciation that she has begun to show only recently in her career. Erik took first crack at her pussy from behind as Jean kissed her passionately. She rode both of them as if possessed; kind of like Erik is known for. Jean lost out on first dibs at her pussy but he certainly made a good deal since he got to tap that ass first at this point. She was busy sucking off Erik and this led to a DP by the trio. Jean put a double handed choke hold on her as they continued but gave it up for balance; each man sawing away at their respective hole. Jean gave her an anal creampie that she farted out, asking for more as Erik rubbed out the load to her face (overshooting at first but correcting his aim after the initial spurt). She cleaned their cocks and this ended a very heated scene.

Scene Three: Tory Lane, the attractive hotty on the bottom of the front DVD cover, was up next as she laced up her fetish leggings and boots on the staircase in such a way that her powerful legs stood out. The tease was sweet here too and her crawling was as good as the booty drop she did; making me appreciate her all over again. The tease was followed by Jules Jordan and Mark Wood savoring her body all over in oral fashion, Jules worshipping her ass as Mark kissed her mouth hard. The men also got in some loving on her breasts but this was secondary as they started alternating in her pussy as the chair kept her legs separated. She then went back a step to blow them playfully, going back and forth as though she were in a trance for cock; providing the kind of oral mastery that few in her field truly possess. Jules went to banging her pussy again but only as a prelude to the anal after he lubed her up good. She did her best from that point on to provide the men with as spread a set of ass cheeks as possible, giving them full access as they planked her hard and fast. She then took them on with a DP, showing the rest of the industry that a gal certainly can give an active ride this way (contrary to what some people claim). The rest of the scene focused largely on anal in the pile driver position, the men rubbing out loads into her gape for her to shit out into a small glass to drink from. I could've done without that last circus act trick since it seemed a bit gross to me (and out of step with the rest of the aggressive antics on her part) but I'm not knocking it as hard as I would since I've received several emails in support of it.

Scene Four: Velicity Von, the light haired gal with a black top and light blue pair of shorts located on the lower left hand corner of the front DVD cover, compared very nicely to Naomi in terms of how her bulbous ass looked on the patio. The difference between the two ladies is that Naomi is relatively lean by comparison though I enjoy thick gals too. Jules was tripping out at the quality of flesh she displayed, following her throughout the house after she climbed the stairs and went inside to meet Jean Val Jean by the front door. Velicity continued to call her body parts "juicy" and the couple discussed what was about to happen: her first anal scene. Given the size of those orbs, I'm surprised she didn't jump on that bandwagon long ago but he suitably warmed her up by snacking on her ass crack, tapping her pussy from behind before she could blow him. She savored his cock in her mouth quite well, taking in a bit too much and choking on it a little before he started throatfucking her. He then held her hands as she worked him over orally, leading to more penetrative sex as she sat on the barstool. She wasn't as active as I like but she did give it up in such a fashion that a lot of men are going to become fans, Jean ultimately dropping a second load into her ass after tearing into it hard. If that wasn't enough of a drain on his balls, she titty fucked him like crazy with some tip sucking for good measure.

Scene Five: Mia Bangg, the curvy brunette seen on the front DVD cover under the word "Ass" in the upper left quadrant, was up next to provide some tease outside in her neon pink outfit. Jules was correct when he said how great her ass was, invoking memories of a few other gals he's showcased in the past. Her powerful legs complemented her ass too, with her flexibility enhancing her appearance too. Her partners for the scene, Jerry and Brian Pumper, made sure she felt at home by oiling up her curvy backside and stretching her holes with some digital manipulation, feeding her the fingers to prove how much she liked the taste of her own ass. They then gave her something else to taste in the form of cock to suck, taking the action inside for a dining room romp in her mouth. The blowjobs were sloppy but great with her leading them into the living room to feed the men her ass for worshiping. Brian took her ass first, then came toys, then came some enthusiastic DP work by the trio. Eventually, Jerry jerked out a load onto her gaping ass after which she power sucked Brian's load onto her face; showing how much she enjoyed these two in her energetic manner.

Scene Six: Sandra Romain, the foreign anal queen seen on the upper right hand corner, and Tyla Wynn, the gal seen on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, were up next as they wore shiny fetish outfits outside on the overcast day and teased the camera a whole lot. They couldn't keep their hands off one another and to be frank about it; I could appreciate the sentiment. Jules followed them from behind as they climbed the outdoor staircase as the gals stopped several times to get into one another even more; Jules summing it up by saying: "This is gonna be good." My saying would be similar to the old juicy fruit commercials: "Double your pleasure, double your fun", but I've watched both of the ladies many times in the past and know exactly what they are capable of doing. They went inside to start the scene roughly, getting a little over the top in terms of their performance (as they tend to do on their own in fact) before Jean Val Jean (he must've given Jules a discount for how often he was in the movie), got to worshipping their assets. He sucked ass as though he was working out a tasty turd before they double teamed him orally on their knees. Tyla got in some lesbian ass sucking as well but the oral gave way to the wild vaginal and anal rides by the ladies. This was probably Tyla's finest moment on camera and Sandra is virtually always both aggressive and passionate when it comes to actively riding cock so if you enjoy gals that completely lose themselves in sex; this will be a great scene for you too. The varied taste testing and screwing gave way to a pop shot that hit Tyla's mouth and Sandra's gape, with some post coital anal for good measure leading to Tyla doing a bit of ATM then kissing Sandra full on the mouth.

Scene Seven: Eve Lawrence, the busty babe seen on the middle of the far left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up last in the movie proper as she was let in the door by scene partner Jules Jordan. Like Velicity, this was her first on screen anal but she did not skimp on the tease footage either, carrying her suitcase along with her to change into something less comfortable (white satin shorts riding her ass crack, shiny blue PVC top, white fishnets, and stripper shoes). After more teasing on her part, Jules ate her ass and otherwise warmed her up for the showcased act. They both did teasing oral on each other and while her act wasn't as enthusiastic as some of the other scenes, it was a fine hummer to be sure. The vaginal was powerful and active with the anal less so but still a solid ride by most standards, her impaling herself as she got warmed up. She then titty fucked him after he poured oil on her chest, causing him to let loose his load in no time at all, ending a wonderfully heated scene (and movie).

Bonus Scene: Naomi, currently one of the most popular gals in porn thanks to her fine ass and increasingly skillful manner of sexual performances, was also included in a bonus scene only found via the second disc's chapter menu (an odd idea since most guys hit the play button rather than access individual scenes) that lasted 34.5 minutes as she took on Jules Jordan. The tease was made most prominent here too, including having her work out on a stair climber machine that truly accentuated her ass. This one was shot in 1.33:1 ratio full frame but it still looked good as she got all hot and sweaty. The oral on each other was decent though not particularly exceptional, but it led to an extremely energetic vaginal ride punctuated with some foot fetish action, choking, and other variations on the theme. Watching her ass pump on his rod (again, only vaginally) was a sight worth repeated watching, both of the players contributing some energy. The scene ended when he jerked out a large load to glaze her face, her sucking him some more to clean his pipes completely.

Summary: Ass Worship 9 served as a showcase for Naomi second only to Naomi: There's Only One but there was a whole lot more quality anal action by some of the finest contenders to the anal queen throne. The amounts of fuck for the buck truly meet the advertised "2 Movies worth of ass fucking" from the front cover and aside from some minor technical flaws, the action was decidedly a couple of cuts above the majority of titles on the market. For me then, this was a high end Highly Recommended that nearly elevated to the highest rating I could give thanks to all it had to offer. In summary, Ass Worship 9 will put to rest the fears of fans that Jules Jordan couldn't make it on his own. There are better titles for those in need of specific fetishes but in terms of overall passion, heat, and chemistry, Jules was in fine form yet again.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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