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Eye Candy: Camp Fuck-A-Lot

Studio: VCA » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/5/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Eye Candy: Camp Fuck-A-Lot

VCA Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Dale Jordan

Cast: Chloe Morgan, Anthony Hardwood, Jessi Summers, Lee Stone, Cindy Crawford, Sergio, Talon, Dragonlily, Leola Jossi, Jenna Presley, Valerie Herrera, Cali Cassidy, Franchezca Valentina, Cheyne Collins

Length: 84 minutes

Date of Production: 3/2/2006, 3/3/2006

Extras: Okay, most porn releases have either no extras or a fairly standard package of material that varies in quality. Well, this time, some marketing genius decided to release a copy of Jim Holiday's original Eye Candy as part of the package. For those who have never seen it, you've missed out on some great fun that epitomized why the famed director was allowed the liberty to do things a bit different then his peers; using a "sort of" formula that used the vast majority of his budgets getting top name talent (and lots of it) into his movies. I wrote a short review of it below to give neophytes an idea of what took place but sexually speaking, it was more fun than the main feature by a wide margin. I also liked the 26.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Rick Shameless since it showed a lot of the ladies getting ready for their scenes, going to the bathroom, shown before and after their make up, as well as providing entertaining little anecdotes (before Dale and partner Rick Davis paid tribute to Jim Holliday). There was a slide show, a few trailers, some spam, and a cardboard slip case on the DVD case.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Eye Candy: Camp Fuck-A-Lot was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Dale Jordan for release by VCA Pictures. This was a tribute DVD to the late, great Jim Holliday with Dale trying to dispense with his usual hardcore style in favor of emulating that of the late Jim Holliday. The minimalist settings, the light and airy music, and the general visual dynamic were indeed similar to that of the master but by no means could Dale pass this one off as a Jim flick to even the least knowledgeable follower of Jim's works. Still, the lighting was pretty good and that reduced the grain and video noise substantially from some of Dale's past works. The composition of the shots did not always favor the ladies but some care was put into most of them, even if not enough to rise above the pack like Jim used to do. There were times when I was sure Rick Davis was at the helm of the shoot (he was actually a cameraman this time) given some of the techniques used but while it wasn't like Jim's works, it was pretty good at times. There were no compression artifacts and the resulting visuals showed off some of the ladies nicely. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English with minimal separation between the tracks. The music permeating the scenes was similar to that which Jim used but left uncredited on the DVD.

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Body of Review: Jim Holliday was a guy that didn't much care for the critics, especially those at AVN, for the way they all too often treated his movies. As one of his fans, his attitude left an impression in me about the professional critics that I'd rather not go into since it would come across as extremely negative and counter productive to this review. I hope to write a Jim Holliday retrospective in honor of the legend in the near future so it made sense that I picked up a copy of Eye Candy: Camp Fuck-A-Lot to check out. The movie was a tribute to Jim by director Dale Jordan for VCA Pictures. It used some of the standard Jim techniques and added Dale's own mannerisms though if VCA really wants to start a new line of Holliday movies, all they have to do is give Jill Kelly a call (arguably the leading lady of most of his later works and gal most capable of carrying on his traditions). The future aside, the movie was about a summer camp for girls that leads to them having various forms of sex as the main way to fight boredom. It was a decent little effort and here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were not used:

Scene One: Chloe Morgan, the lean brunette with the all natural chest as shown in the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up first with Anthony Hardwood, as she shared her lollipop with her on the set. The use of subtitles to help the viewer understand his admittedly interesting accent was classic and after a brief bit of dialogue, she was slobbing his knob like an old friend. His muscular physique contrasted greatly with her tiny frame but he seemed to enjoy the standing 69 the couple engaged in more than she did. Her oral skills proving to be weak, it was a good choice for them to move onto the vaginal screwing, especially so when she displayed a solid aptitude for riding cock actively in her pussy with a sense of abandon. She did PTM between the positions as the light and airy music played on in the background, appreciating that his cock was smaller than his muscles from the looks of things. He ended it by jerking off a load to her face before her friends walked in on her.

Scene Two: Jessi Summers, the attractive babe on the middle of the left hand side on the front DVD cover, started off the next scene playing with Cindy but after a short bit of titty play, they stopped and the massive Lee Stone took over to give Jessi a bit of fun. At this writing, Jessi has left the business to pursue other interests but aside from her implants, she really had a great look to her. This was another scene where the size difference between the partners was highly noticeable but after some minor oral by both of them, she showed how limber she was by jerking him off with her feet. I know Jim Holliday used to wonder what it was about foot play that some fans liked (he said this repeatedly in his audio commentaries) but I guess if it gets more people interested in the movie and doesn't alienate the few that hate this type of thing, it's a good business decision. He tore into her really hard as she screamed out in apparent pain (as well as pleasure once she got used to it) and after busting up that pussy, he popped on her toes for her to lick clean. It had some heated moments though seemed too rushed for me to fully appreciate.

Scene Three: Cindy Crawford, the bleached blonde on the front DVD cover (second row, third column), was up next in a showering scene with her little dildo and hairy bush. She got wet and started feeling herself up when Sergio and Talon came in on her. They were dressed and looked like brothers, offering up a double dose of dick that she took to far more readily than she did when under contract not long ago. The hummer action was heated and she used both mouth and hands to get them ready for screwing. Talon nailed her pussy first as she continued to suck off Sergio, but it wasn't long before they were DP'ing her as she talked dirty about what she wanted. She did some taste testing before they launched their seed upon her face, marking a good scene on her part.

Scene Four: Dragonlily (second column, second row), Leola Jossi (first row, second column), Jenna Presley (third row, first column), Valerie Herrera (first row, third column), and Cali Cassidy (third row, second column), were up next in an orgy scene on the fake forest set. The ladies discussed their anal experiences at previous summer camps, getting worked up in the process. There was a lot of extra foot fetish material here and an anal first for one of the ladies (to be open about it though, most fans don't consider it "real" anal without a live cock as the object inserted). They licked and sucked one another with lots of dirty talk in the tent, spanking, rubbing and otherwise playing with one another as they mostly seemed to get excited (and get off). The use of toys, including a strap on dildo, was well done, if not quite in the same style as Jim used to provide.

Scene Five: Franchezca Valentina, the brunette featured on the entire right hand side of the front DVD cover, and light haired Cali Cassidy (third row, second column), were up next as they frolicked in bed in their lingerie. They kissed in a playful manner before Cheyne Collins joined them. Fran sat on his face as Cali blew him, soon switching placed to let Fran get some meat in her pussy as Cali choker her. Cali then got a chance at some meat puppet member, turning a dark shade of red in her face as Fran choked her out. Fran was the better rider of the two ladies and also seemed more at home cleaning his dick when it came out of a pussy (PTM and PTOGM) but both gals joined in on the facial.

Summary: Eye Candy: Camp Fuck-A-Lot might not have been a true homage to legendary director Jim Holliday in terms of exactly copying his style but it was still fun, breezy, and well worth checking out for fans (especially to get a copy of Eye Candy discussed below). I rated it as Recommended for the quality of the entire package, with some nice fuck for the buck displayed in both movies, decent production values, and a wide range of ladies to present for fans of the genre. Jim might be gone but he's not forgotten thanks in large part to the way he offered an alternative to mainstream porn long before the term alt porn was bandied about so freely by the marketing gurus trying to jump on board the "next big thing". That said, the double disc package was a solid value and I hope to see future tributes handled as nicely as this one was.

Mini-Review of Eye Candy: Eye Candy (the original classic) was shot by director Jim Holliday on 7/17/1997 for VCA Pictures in full frame color (with a 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English audio track). It had the standard music by Reno and the Rumrunners and lasted 124 minutes. The cast included Jill Kelly, Shayla LaVeaux, Avalon, Marylin Star, Julie Rage, Nico Treasures, Randi Storm, Wynona Winter, Cara Lott, Monti, Mila, Candy Roxxx, Montana Gunn, Shelbee Myne, Victoria Basque, Felecia, Noel, Ian Daniels, Michael J. Cox, Nick East, Clay Hyde, and a non-sex performance by Jim Holliday himself. The movie opened up with an anal scene, showed a lot of lesbian action (with toys and tongues), and starred Jill Kelly as the lead gal of the flick. There were no condoms, all the usual trivia question tricks (focusing on "12 questions" this time), and emphasized outdoor sex with few frills to speak of. Until now, this one has not been available on DVD (contrary to links on a popular internet database) and the minimal plot revolved around a contest held at a Showgirls/Déjà vu strip club used for some of the scenes. It wasn't as much pure fun as some of his following flicks that have made their way to DVD but it was a superb extra to include on a newly released DVD.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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