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Teradise Island: Anal Fever

Studio: Teravision » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 7/8/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

There's no plot to this one, it's simply Tera Patrick and some of her friends on a tropical island, left alone to their own devices. Though the packaging touts the anal action, there really isn't as much of it here as you'd expect, though there certainly is a bit of 'classier' back door action present. Here's who fucks who and how…

Scene 1 – Tera Patrick And Lucy Lee: This one starts off in black and white with Lucy teasing the camera and licking her nipples. From there we switch to color as Tera moves in and starts to suck on Lucy's tits, the two of them beside a scenic waterfall. They tongue kiss each other and then Lucy sucks Tera's tits for a spell before Tera gets down on all fours so that Lucy can eat her pussy out from behind. Tera then sits with her legs spread as Lucy continues to muff dive, slipping a finger or two into her slit just for kicks. Once Tera's had her fill she takes Lucy's bikini bottoms off and slowly laps away at her pussy. As Lucy's pussy starts to swell and open up for her tongue, Tera gets a little more aggressive with her style. Lucy bends over and Tera finger fucks her using two fingers in her pussy. They kiss each other pretty passionately and end what is a decent opening to the feature. The fake tit factor is through the roof in this scene which is a turn off personally but there's no denying that, implants or otherwise, these girls are sexy and Lucy's new facial piercings look good on her, which was a nice touch. Overall an above average girl on girl scene that could have been hotter but still manages to excite.

Scene 2 – Tera Patrick And Spyder Jonez: This scene starts off with Spyder licking his way from Tera's neck to between her spread legs where he wastes no time spreading her lips and going down. She fingers her clit a bit as he eats her out before he stands up and she gives him head, stroking his cock and taking her time with him. Once the oral is over with Tera gets on all fours and he fucks her pussy doggy style, pulling his prick in and out of her. After that she lies down on the rocks and he fucks her missionary style, before she lets him slide it into her ass. He goes slowly at first, and she rubs her pussy while he does it, but soon enough he finds a decent rhythm making Tera's much touted first 'all anal feature' start to live up to it's tagline. She gives him some ass to mouth head, and then he puts it right back into her 'forbidden passage.' She blows him again and then climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl anal fucking. He pulls out and she gets down on her knees and he delivers a pretty heft facial to end the scene. This one works, the sex isn't riveting but it's definitely above average and the action is certainly well shot showing a nice attention to detail and capturing the intensity of the opening ass fuck nicely.

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Scene 3 – Alexis Amore And Tommy Gunn: Another black and white intro shows Alexis showing off her ass in the water. Our two performers enter the scene and she goes down on him, working his cock with her hands and her mouth. She's smiling as she's sucking him off which is always a nice touch as she actually looks like she wants to do it, which makes the act hotter. He starts to finger her pussy while she gives him head and then soon enough they move into a sixty-nine with her on top. She gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style, rubbing her pussy as she bounces up and down on him and stopping occasionally to suck him. She gets on her side and he fucks her cunt some more, and then he slips it into her ass. After that he picks her up and fucks her ass while holding her in the air, before getting her down on all fours and fucking her ass some more. He pulls out and she opens her mouth to take him, and he delivers a pretty big load into her gapping maw. This scene again was decent, even if it isn't going to go down in the history books. Again, implants are here, obvious ones at that, but otherwise Alexis is a very nice looking girl and her enthusiasm for the opening blowjob made this a better than average scene.

Scene 4 – Brittney Skye And Kris Knight: Famous from a lot of her Ninn Worx appearances, Brittney is a nice looking girl, but again, her implants detract from her otherwise very pretty features. She starts off with a black and white tease and she lies back so that Kris can eat her pussy. He eats her out pretty enthusiastically for quite a while and they seem to get into it before he stands up and she sucks him off for a bit, jerking him and using her tongue from time to time. From there he lies down and she rides him reverse cowgirl style, after which she lies down on her side and he fucks her from that angle, this time in the ass while she uses her fingers on her pussy. She gets on top for more reverse cowgirl action in the bum, and he pulls out and finishes in her mouth. This one is on par with the last scene, decent, slightly above average but with little, if anything, unique going for it. Brittney's got enthusiasm, I'll give her that much, and the sex seems genuine.

Scene 5 – Tera Patrick, Alexis Amore And Spyder Jonez: Spyder and the two ladies frolic in the surf before getting down but once they do the action starts fast. The girls strip and Alexis gives him head while Tera sucks her tits and helps out by putting his balls in her mouth. They then take turns sucking his dick, before he starts to fuck Tera missionary style while Alexis rubs her pussy on Tera's face. Tera gets on top of Spyder and he fucks her reverse cowgirl style while Alexis rubs Tera's clit and plays with his balls. From there Alexis sits on his face and the girls rub up against each other while they share Spyder. He pulls out and they get down in front of him to take his wad in their mouths. This one was decent as well, but it would have been hotter had the girl played with one another more rather than just service Spyder. Regardless, it's another above average scene that's well shot with some nice location work adding to the ambience.

Scene 6 – Nikki Benz And Tera Patrick: Nikki starts things off right but rubbing Tera's tits with her hands up under her shirt before stripping her down and putting her tits in her mouth. Tera rubs herself a bit and then they switch up and Tera's playing with Nikki's big fake boobs. After a fair bit of titty play Tera kicks things into high gear by going down on Nikki and eating her out. After she laps her up she gets down on all fours so that Nikki can rub her pussy and then take down her pants and tongue her asshole, rubbing her pussy and her asshole with her fingers a bit. From there Nikki sits on Tera's face and slaps her pussy while Tera licks her, and then Tera stands up so that Nikki can fuck her pussy with a dildo. Tera sucks the dildo and then gets Nikki with her legs spread on the ground so that she can fuck her cunt with it. They kiss each other and the camera fades out and ends the scene and the feature. The hottest thing about this scene was when Nikki ate Tera's ass as at least it was a little different and something we hadn't seen before. Fake boobage aside, both girls look nice here and again, this is a well shot scene and a well edited scene that should please fans of either one of these ladies.

Tera Patrick fans will enjoy this. She's in the bulk of the scenes and she looks nice, the little bit of belly that she's got here not hampering her looks in the least, just adding to her voluptuous qualities. This reviewer openly admits that he's not really in the target demographic for this release, not being a fan at all of fake tits, it's still impossible to deny that this is a well made feature. The camera work is good, the locations are nice, and it's a well put together package. If you're a fan of Tera and her material or the more traditional 'Vivid Girl Look' then this one will likely be right up your alley.



This shot on video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable (sadly) non-anamorphic 1.85.1 widescreen presentation which has been shot on high definition video and down-mixed accordingly. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks but other than that, there's not a lot to complain about. Skin tones look nice and natural especially during the lesbian scene, the compositions are dead on and the cinematography looks great, and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything looks good but the lack of anamorphic enhancement is disheartening. Overall, this is a good transfer, though it could have been better.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The soundtrack is mixed in properly at a respectable level throughout and bass response is nice and lively. Overall, for a porno movie, this is definitely a better than average effort.


All of the extras in this set are on the second disc, and all that's available on disc one is a scene selection option.

The main extra on the second disc in this set is a Behind The Scenes segment that clocks in at a few seconds over twenty-eight minutes in length. In here we see the girls getting ready for their scenes and we get a good look at the tropical island locations used for the shoot (it was shot in Hawaii). There are some funny candid moments in here such as Tera asking for water while having her ass fucked and Spyder Jonez getting hit with a wave while servicing the two girls in the penultimate scene. Tera is interviewed, Lucy talks about what she likes in bed, and Nikki covers what her new fetish is and why she loves anal and facials and how women who do those things are obviously confident in themselves. Plenty of clips from the movie are in here, as are a few that aren't such as Tera sucking a dick while getting fucked from behind and Brittney fucking Tera in the ass with a strap-on, leading one to wonder when this footage is going to come out (a sequel or follow up is obviously on the horizon as no good pornographer lets footage to go waste!). All in all, not a bad look at the making of the movie though it probably didn't need to be put on a second disc. The fact that it's anamorphic while the feature is not is also quite puzzling.

Rounding out the extra features on disc two are trailers for Appetite For Destruction, Test Drive, and Desperate as well as a weblink and a still gallery which includes a generous amount of professionally shot glamour and action shots of the cast doing their thing.

Final Thoughts:

While for a two disc set the extras should have been more plentiful, Teradise Island – Anal Fever is a decent entry, even if Vivid is more or less sticking to the formula this time out. This feature doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it doesn't try to either, and it delivers the kind of classier hardcore you'd expect from Tera Patrick at this point in her career. It's well shot, well made, and should work well for her legions of fans. Recommended.

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